How To Make a Bookcase Quilt (Bookshelf Pattern Download)

You may not be a reader but you can look like one. All you have to do is make a realistic bookcase quilt and put some good book titles on the fabric. That way your guests will get the idea you love books and do so much reading you immortalize your books in a quilt.

The first step in making a bookshelf quilt is to decide on the size, the type of colors, and how you want the books to look. The next step would be to get some graph paper and help measure out the sizes of the shelves, the books, and other details. having a plan makes things easier.

To learn more about making a bookshelf quilt just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about in order to make a great quilt. Take a few minutes and see if this is something you want to do for your next sewing project.

How to Make a Bookcase Quilt Block


If anything making a bookshelf quilt block is time-consuming. The goal here is to make 12 1/2 inch blocks and you need to use a variety of fabric scraps to create the illusion that those scraps are books.

Then those decorative scraps are sewn onto a black fabric to provide the bookshelf look. you will want those patterned scraps to be different heights and widths to create the actual bookshelf look. The black fabric should be made into the same widths as each scrap strip.

You can place those decorative scraps vertical or horizontal in order to show upright books or stacked books. Thus, you will need enough black fabric and decorative scraps to fill up a 12 1/2 inch block. The rest is just sewing all the pieces together.

To get free patterns for these blocks here are a couple of links you can click on and see if they work for you-- #1 and #2.

Bookshelf Quilt Pattern Download

There are great books on how to do one of these unique quilt styles. There are hundreds of different designs you can tap into. Some have cats and vases and other decorative items to make it look like a realistic bookshelf.

But if you can’t afford to buy those books or are too far from the library, we have listed a few internet places where you can get a free download. The first one is at this link. Here is another but you have to read a lot and scroll down before you get to the pattern.

A third one is at this link and it also has step by step instructions to guide you through the process. The final link we will provide is not free but you can download a few in one bundle by clicking on this link.

If you do your own search you should find a lot more options that will fit your plans and be just as easy to make. Just make sure to have your printer online so you can print off those patterns and get right to work.

Bookcase Quilt Pattern for Sale


This is not going to be too difficult if the following locations actually have them in stock. The first place to look is Amazon. That marketplace has lots of options for you as well as non-bookshelf quilt patterns. Just click here to get started on your Amazon search.

Then you can fly on over to Etsy as they have quite a few on sale as well. Just click on this link to get to their selection. Pinterest is another option and you may get some for free as well as being able to check out the ones on sale. Click here to see what that website has to offer.

Then you can always check Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, JoAnn's, and your local department stores to see what they have in stock. If they don’t have what you are looking for see if they will order a few in for you.

Finally, you can check your locally owned fabric shops and sewing supply outlets. They may provide you with better customer service than the other options. It pays to support your locally owned fabric outlets.

Bookshelf Quilt Pattern Free

Pinterest is one location where you should find some free bookshelf quilt patterns for free. Their advertising says there are both free and for sale patterns so check out the link we already gave you.

Then you can check the links we provided in the download section. Most of the few we placed there were free and free is always a good price. This link has some you can access for free and the good thing about that link is you can see what other patterns they have.

You never know when you will come across a quilt pattern you need to make. As this link provides you patterns for bookshelf quilt blocks and myriads of other blocks you can make. Again a thorough internet search on your part will turn up lots of more free options you can explore.

Or check with friends and relatives to see what patterns they have on hand. You may be able to use one of theirs when you can’t find any at other locations. Do some asking around to see if the ladies at your church have any on hand as well.

Harry Potter Bookshelf Quilt Pattern


Harry Potter seems to be a popular option when making quilts in general. There are lots of different designs available including one for the book series. Here is a link to one that has a bookshelf quilt pattern and many other Harry Potter themed quilt ideas.

This link takes you to another website that has a few Harry Potter themes. It should not be that hard to adapt them to a bookshelf motif. Then you can check this Pinterest link as it has some good designs available for you to use.

One thing is for sure, you are not going to be running out of ideas. Plus, you can use your own creative talents and create a few of your own. It may take a little work but adapting one of the block patterns should not be too hard to give your bookshelf quilt that unique Harry Potter touch.

One final option is at this link. It is a video you need to watch but it may have some helpful tips and tricks you can do. All it takes is a little time and searching to find the right pattern for you.

Reversible Bookshelf Quilt

Making a reversible bookshelf quilt doesn't have to be a struggle. Nor doe sit have to have the same design on both sides. One side can have your bookshelf filled with the titles of your favorite books.

The other side can be any design you want. When you are n the mood to look studious, flip the quilt over, and display the books. When you are not in that mood, flip it again and display the other side.

That reversible side can show your warm, caring side of your personality or just be decorative and show your fun side. Here is a link to one pattern over at Etsy that is reversible. To get ideas just look at some of the normal reversible quilt patterns you find at the locations we have already provided.

Amazon should have more than enough options to fill the reverse side of a bookshelf quilt. use your imagination and create something that fits in well with books, or make a record quilt filled with old LPs or use modern CDs and DVDs. The sky is the limit when you go to design that second side.

Bookshelf Quilt Ideas


Getting ideas for how to make your bookshelf quilt look is not the most difficult part of the job. The sewing and cutting are going to be the hardest part. This is why you add a lot of thick books to your overall design.

This link will take you to a lot of images on the internet that can help provide you with new ideas. They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words and giving you hundreds of images just saved us writing a few hundred thousand words.

Also, you can let your artistic nature take over and create some fascinating designs yourself. There is the captain's quarters on a ship, a library motif, a half-moon decorative style, and much more.

Then Pinterest seems to be the place to go to get a lot of good bookshelf quilt ideas. Our search turned up about half a dozen links to that website alone. Or you can make a trip to your local library and see what quilting books they have.

Those books are full of ideas and you may be able to photocopy the instructions and patterns. One final place you can look to get ideas is around your home, your neighborhood and one good idea is a local bookstore that is filled to the ceiling with books.

Just do some brainstorming with friends to get those creative ideas flowing and then pick the best ones. There is nothing wrong with wrapping a fireplace with a nice fire with bookshelves filled with books.

Bookshelf Quilt Pattern With Cat

Some of the same links we already gave above are filled with cats in their bookshelf quilt patterns. cats seem to be a fan favorite and they look so comfortable lying there among the different sized books.

Then you can try this link, and this is not the only one to come from Pinterest. Here is another link to a photo of a pattern you should be able to follow easily. Then you can pop on over to Etsy and see their selection.

The following link takes you to their search engine and the results we got when we asked for cats on the bookshelf quilt. Once there use the search function to find more patterns and options that are available through that website.

If you search Amazon, you may not find a lot of bookshelf quilt patterns but if the ones you do find do not have a cat, just add one. Your talent and experience should know how to do that.

Cats on bookshelf quilts seem as natural as real cats on actual bookshelves. Just make sure not to make one for a dog lover.

Where to Buy a Bookshelf Quilt


While this article has been about making your own bookshelf quilt, there will still be people who are not advanced enough to make their own. Or they have a disability that prevents them from making one. here are a few places to look to find one that has been made for them.

The first two places on a quick search were Amazon and Etsy. you should be able to find one with ease at either marketplace. If you like internet shopping, then their checkouts are usually easy to use and shipping doesn’t take that long.

Or you can have one commissioned and get a friend or relative to make one for you. The only problem with that is some people just do not want to pay a fair price for having their friends and relatives create something nice.

Another place to look would be the different local and individually own fabric shops or sewing supply outlets. if they do not have them in stock they may know someone who will make one for you at the right price.

Some Final Words

Making a bookshelf quilt is time-consuming. The reason it takes more time than most normal quilts is all the extra cutting and sewing you have to do. But the end result is usually worth the effort. Especially when you see the smile on the recipient’s face when you give it to them.

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