How to Paint Suede Shoes Easily (Acrylic, Angelus, Spray)

When you want to hide something or make it look nicer, paint does a wonderful job. It covers many scrapes, blemishes, and nicks without working too hard. Then paint can go one coat in some instances but use two to make sure everything looks nice.

How to paint suede shoes easily: The easiest way to paint suede is by using top-quality spray paint. Not only does the paint go on evenly it may be the only option that does not ruin your suede items. Acrylic paint may work but it is not a long-lasting coating and you will have to paint again.

To learn more about painting suede just continue to read our article. It delves into the topic so you know what to do and come away with top results. Painting suede may not be that easy to do.

Can You Paint Suede Shoes?

It is possible to paint suede shoes but you may not like the results you get. It is said that spray paint is the easiest and best option. You do not get a lot of liquid on the shoes and the paint can dry quickly without making a mess.

The only thing you have to watch out for are the runs. Those happen when you overspray one specific spot. Acrylic is also said to be known to work but like shoe polish, it does not last. Once you paint with acrylic you may have to do a lot of repainting to keep that good look.

A lot of information may be lost concerning this topic as there seems to be some confusion. Many people confuse the dyeing process with painting and give you the wrong information. Be careful when researching this topic to make sure the people you read are actually talking about painting not dyeing.

How to Paint Suede Shoes


You will need a steady hand to make sure the paint goes on evenly. That is why spray paint works so well. If your hand is moving at just the right speed you can get a coat of paint on the shoes without ruining the shoes.

The only drawback to this and other painting methods is that the suede will lose its flexibility and become stiffer. The same can be said about acrylic paint. The drawback to liquid paints that you brush on is that the liquid could and can soak deep into the suede material.

You would have a very difficult time removing the paint and left with a lot of stains to clean if they can be cleaned at all. It is more likely that once you paint suede, it is a one-way street only. The paint goes on and does not come off.

What to Paint Suede With?

It is always best to go with a darker color over a lighter one on the shoe. That way you know the original color will be hidden and not show through when you are finished painting.

When you use the acrylic paint option you should mix it with a fabric medium. This combination helps retain some of the flexibility. You would need about a 50 to 50 blend to make that paint option work for you.

You can try real fabric paints to see of those alternatives will adhere to suede but you may have the same problem with this option as you would using regular paint. To make the paint last, you need to make sure the colors soak down and bond properly with the suede surface and interior.

Once that happens though, you cannot go back to regular suede look. You are stuck with the paint and would need to buy new shoes if you want the regular suede look again.

What Paint Works On Suede


You can try just about any paint you want but make sure you do a test on a scrap piece of suede to see if you like the results you are going to get. Then make sure you are ready to paint as any mistakes you make can’t be erased.

The best paint options you have are acrylic, spray paint, and fabric paint. What makes the latter so good is that even on suede materials it remains flexible and tougher to crack.

When you go to the stage of drawing the design on your suede items, use white eyeliner instead of a pencil or charcoal. The eyeliner washes off with a little water.

Can You Spray Paint Suede?

Yes, you can and this option is one of the recommended alternatives when it comes to painting suede. You can use stencils, draw your designs, and cover the parts you do not want to paint as well as doing other techniques.

The key to spray painting is not to get too much on your suede as it may ruin the nap. Also, if you stay in one spot too long you may ruin the look by all the runs that appear. Running pant is not going to come off and like using fabric paint, mistakes remain forever.

Before you spray though, make sure you are going to be undisturbed as being startled unexpectedly may cause your hand to shake and ruin your project. Take a lot of care when spraying and cover those areas in your work area you do not want to cover in spray paint.

Best Spray Paint for Suede Shoes


The best spray paint is not going to be by brand. There are a lot of good brands of paint makers out there and they almost all make top quality spray paints. Your best brand is the one you trust the most.

As far as spray paint goes, you should buy the can that is made specifically to cover suede or fabric materials. The metal covering spray paints most likely will not work. They are designed to bond with metal, not fabric.

Make sure to cover those parts of your suede boots that you do not want to cover in paint or that particular color. Also, you do not want to use the kind of coverage that allows for bleeding through.

Then try to get a can of spray paint that uses a good spray nozzle. The last thing you want to see take place is sputtering of the paint or clogging of the sprayer. You know what your shoes will look like if those mistakes happen.

How to Paint Suede Shoes With Acrylic Paint

The first step in this process is to make sure the shoes are nice and clean. You need to brush the suede, then wipe then with white vinegar and then let then dry before you add the paint.

Next, while you are waiting for the shoes to dry you can mix the acrylic paint with a fabric medium. This blend will help the paint adhere to the shoe and be a little bit more flexible. When the paint is ready and the shoes are dry you can start painting.

Use a clean cloth and dab or wipe the paint blend onto your shoes. A paintbrush can scratch the suede or leave brush marks that are hard to get rid of. Once you are done leave the shoes to dry but you shouldn’t leave them in direct heat or apply direct heat. Let them dry naturally.

Can You Use Angelus Paint On Suede?


It is possible to use this brand of paint on your suede shoes. Just make sure you buy the one that is made to be used on that fabric. Any other style shouldn’t do as good a job as the paint made for suede.

This brand of paint maker makes sure you are getting top quality paint to handle your suede project. Like other forms of painting, you need to be careful when applying the paint. Mistakes are very difficult if not impossible to erase.

Then Angelus paints are made to be modified except for the suede line of paints. If the store is out of those paints then you are out of luck and have to go to another store to find the right paint.

How to Paint Suede Shoes With Angelus

There are several ways to paint with this brand of paint. If you want to use an airbrush, you will have to thin the paint down with water to get the right consistency. There is also a product called 2 hard, 2 soft, and 2 thin that adjusts the thickness and quality of the paint.

Take the same precautions you would if you were using another paint brand and cover those areas you do not want to alter. Follow the instructions so you get the right consistency and application. There is no reason to add to your work by making avoidable mistakes.

Read the labels carefully to make sure you get the right paint for the project you want to be done. Double and triple check or ask the clerk for help. Avoiding mistakes allows you to enjoy your newly covered shoes better.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Suede?


Yes, you can and besides the Angelus brand of acrylic paints, you should be able to use Jacquard style of paints. This brand is similar to the previous brand and does a good job on your suede items. That is if the paint is made for the suede articles you want to paint.

Plus, you can alter the paint by adding the same thinners, etc. Mentioned in the last section. Although, the best way to apply the paint is to get the right paint to begin with.

Jacquard paints are as flexible as Angelus paints and should not crack if the type you use is designed to work on suede materials. Check to see if you should use some primer before applying the final coat or not. Primer helps the paint adhere better as well as cover any uneven spots.

How to Paint a Suede Chair

In this situation, you can try using a paintbrush and liquid paint but do not expect the results to be fantastic. To start, clean the chair completely and let dry. Wet fabric does very little to bond the paint to its surface.

Now if you are using a dye to paint the chair, make sure to follow all the instructions carefully and accurately. You can prep the chair by using a deglazer and leather preparer solution. You can get those from Angelus if you want.

Use a sponge or a sponge brush and use slow steady and smooth strokes. Put thin coats on and let the paint dry in between coats. Then seal the chair when it is finally dry.

The technique is like painting a wall or a ceiling. Just make sure to be careful and use the right materials.

How do You Paint Faux Suede?

This is going to be a little easier to paint as it is not as porous as suede and it is made out of plastic construction materials, not real leather. The only thing you have to watch out for is not to confuse painting faux suede and buying a paint that creates a faux suede look to your walls.

Then make sure to not confuse dyeing with painting as those two words are often used interchangeably. When it comes to painting you can do a dry sponge application using a pressed powder pigment.

Sort of what you will find in pastels. Then rub the pigment on with a clean brush.

Some Final Words

It is not hard to paint suede if you are using the right paints. The trick is making sure you want to do this before you start. Like polish, painting suede can be irreversible.

There are a lot of good paint brands you can use. Just buy the type of paint that is designed to cover suede.

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