How to Tie a Drawstring on Sweatpants Easily (Hoodie, Dress)

Embarrassing moments happen. There is always some sort of fashion flub that can take place and you do not have to be a performer at the Super Bowl to be publicly embarrassed by it. These flubs always seem to take place at the wrong time especially when on a romantic date.

How to tie a drawstring on sweatpants: Believe it or not, there is a correct way to tie a drawstring. A single loop drawstring just needs 3 loops on each side to be tied properly. It takes a little work but it can be done and you can avoid any embarrassing moments.

To learn how to tie a drawstring on sweatpants, hoodies or a dress just continue to read our article. It is filled with instruction material so you can be securely dressed when wearing those clothing items using drawstrings.

How to Tie a Drawstring on Sweatpants or Shorts


We do not want to insult anyone’s intelligence as we go through the different methods of tying a drawstring. We are well aware most of you know how to do it and have been doing it for years.

The instructions given here are for those people who have had trouble in the past or have never worn clothes with drawstrings before. Avoiding that dreaded knot is something everyone needs help with.

For a normal way to tie a two end drawstring, you want to use a knot that most people use on their lace-up shows. First, pull both ends of the drawstring till the sweatpants or shorts are snug but not too tight.

The object isn’t to cut off your breathing or make you look 5 pounds slimmer. You want a nice tight but comfortable fit that allows you to move freely without those items falling down.

Once you have the correct tightness, you cross the two ends and pull one end under the other one. Then pull till that half knot reaches your waist. After that, you form a loop with one end of the drawstring and wrap the other end around the loop.

When that is done, you just gently pull the string until you have two nice bows fitting snugly on your waist. That is all there is to it. A nice bow knot and you have your sweatpants or shorts at the right tightness.

To avoid the knot, pull the string end that moves the easiest. Pulling the other string only turns the bow into a knot that can be hard to get undone.

How do You Tie a Loop String


Tying this style of drawstring takes a little work as you are not working with any free ends. The first step is to pull the drawstring away from your body a little distance. This should get you the snug fit you want. Just do not pull too tight.

The second step is to grab the middle of both sides of the drawstring. Pull them apart but keep the drawstring close to your waist. When this is done right, you should have two loops to work with.

The third step is to cross the two loops right over left, then fold the loop going underneath through the outside gap of the top loop. After that is done, pull the drawstring and the base knot will form.

The next step is to take the left loop and twist it so it looks like a badly drawn U. Then take the right lop and wrap it around both parts of the U shaped left U. Don’t pull tight just yet.

After wrapping the right loop around the left U pull the middle of the right loop through its own loop that you just created. That is the gap between the base knot and the right loop string.

Do not pull the ends of the loops through or you will have a big mess and not a nice looking bow knot. When done you should have 3 bows on each side and this style of a knot can be adjusted if you need it to be.

If you need pictures to help you do this method, click on this link. There is also a video at that link to show you how it is done.

How do You Tie a Hoodie String to a Bow?


The weather usually dictates if a person is going to tie their hoodie up and keep the elements away from their body as much as they can. Or you just might want to protect your new hairdo from the wind.

Either way, it is not a hard or complicated process to do. It is just like tying your shoelaces without looking at what you are doing. Or if you are not confident enough to do it that way, you can always stand in front of a mirror and watch your movements till you get the bow knot tied right.

Don’t laugh. Some people can’t tie a Windsor knot when the tie is around their neck and after being shown many times how to do it. Not everyone is given the gift of co-ordination.

The process is quite simple. Put your hoodie on and pull the drawstring till you have the tight fit you want. Then cross the string ends and fold one end under the other. Pull till you have the base knot where you want it and then form a loop with one of the draw strong ends.

Wrap the other drawstring around the bow and pull the one end through the gap to make two loops. Continue pulling till the bows reach the base knot. To avoid the knot when trying to get out of your hoodie just pull the correct string gently and slowly.

You should be left with the base knot which is easy to undo.

Ways to Tie a Camilla Drawstring Dress


There is good news and there is bad news here. The bad news is that we cannot teach you all the ways to tie a Camilla drawstring dress. There are just too many options you can choose from to get the task done.

The good news is that you have an unlimited number of options when it comes to tying the dress. You can wear the Camilla dress in any way you want and then tie it up in the most convenient way possible.

Here are the instructions for one of those unlimited methods available to you. This method is for the halter neck with a waist tie.

  • 1. Untie the tie at the back of the Camilla dress.
  • 2. Next get your arms through the armholes. Once that is done spin the dress to the side.
  • 3. Now put your head through the armhole and adjust the dress so that there are no gaps in the fabric.
  • 4. The next step is to cross the ties and wrap them around your waist till the ends reach the middle of your back. Then tie in an attractive manner giving yourself a beautiful knot that is easy to undo.
  • 5. Finally, tuck in any loose ends that may undermine your look and the look of your dress.

How To Tie a Drawstring Backpack or Bag


Tying a drawstring bag or backpack will depend on what type of drawstring that comes with either bag. If it is the single loop drawstring you can use the method already described above.

Or it is a drawstring that has two ends, you can use the tying your shoelace method also described above. There is a lot of flexibility in tying a drawstring bag or backpack. You are going to have to pick the method that is just right for you and your upcoming activity.

When you tie the backpack or bag you want to make sure that the item is very secure and easy to hold onto. You do not want anyone coming up behind you and accessing the contents without your permission.

What makes these bags so popular is that they are very accessible, they only have one compartment. You can easily customize them and they are easy to grab when you are in a hurry. They also can be manipulated so that their shape can fit into a variety of small places.

How to Tie a Drawstring Bracelet


The simplest way is to get a friend or family member to help you. It is hard to tie a drawstring bracelet with just one hand. Doing it yourself may involve using your teeth if you get frustrated enough.

This method will assume you have two ends to work with and not a single loop drawstring.

First, you should form a loop on one of the ends of the drawstring. Once that is done you should wrap your bracelet around your wrist holding onto the non-looped end.

Second, you should slip the drawstring in your hand through the loop. Hold your arm close to your body to keep the bracelet from falling off your arm. Pull the unlooped drawstring tight so that you get the fit you want to have.

Finally, tie the unlooped drawstring with the looped end to make sure the bracelet doesn’t fall off. If you are not making the bracelet with a tight fit, you can always use two hands to tie the drawstrings then slip your hand through the bracelet.

After you get that done, you can tighten the bracelet till you get the snug fit you are looking for with the other hand.

How do I Keep My Drawstrings From Coming Out?


Everyone is usually careful when they pull on the drawstrings that tighten the waist of the sweat pants, shorts or the neckline of your hoodie. But your washing machine and dryer are not so careful.

Now and then you may find a pair of clothes missing its drawstring. Fortunately, there is a way to keep this from happening again. The simplest way for hoodies, sweatpants, and shorts is to tie a little knot on both ends.

Just make sure that those knots are too big to go through the drawstring openings. It is not a hard procedure to do and it should only take a minute or two to get it done. There is another way that is also not that hard but it takes a little longer to get done.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you pull the drawstring ends even with each other. Next, find the center back of the drawstring casing and the drawstring. A seam is on your hoodie or sweatpants, etc., in most cases so this should be easy to locate.

Now sew across the drawstring casing and over the drawstring. Make that stitch secure yet a bit stretchy to accommodate any movement you may have while wearing those clothing items.

That is it. Your drawstring should not go anywhere even when tossed about in your washer and dryer.

Some Final Words

Drawstrings are a comfortable clothing item. They let you adjust your sweatpants, shorts, dress, and hoodie without any trouble. You can tighten them as much as you want or let then hang loose while tied.

Drawstrings provide you with a lot of comfort options that traditional clothing does not do. Tying them is easy. If you know how to make a good bow knot then you can tie a drawstring as easy as you tie your shoelaces.

You can also use different knots for different styles of drawstrings. You have a lot of flexibility at your disposal. The key to it all is to make sure you get those drawstrings tied just right.

That way you can avoid any embarrassing situations when they are not tied properly. A good drawstring is as effective as a zipper and button combination. They are also faster to use unless you get a knot in them at the wrong moment.

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