Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter Review, Price, and Problems

When you only have one machine to use to quilt, you are stuck with all the nuances, the problems, and other issues that come with that specific machine. But when you have a larger selection to choose from, you can avoid certain problems and issues and make your quilting time better.

When you can get one of these quilting machines on sale, they can be quite a bargain. One sewer found hers at the is the last one sale and it only cost her $500. Prices will vary as this may be a good machine to use when you quilt a lot.

To find out if this is a good sewing machine to use for quilting or not just continue to read our review. It explores all the major issues surrounding the Mega Quilter and gives you the most pertinent data possible.

Our Husqvarna Mega Quilter Review


When you want a good quilting sewing machine, you need to consider this model. First, it has multiple speeds that allow you to go from slow to medium to fast and back just by sliding the speed control switch.

Once you reach the fast speed this sewing machine will sew at 1600 spm. Its 9 by 6 inches working area is large enough to handle the biggest quilts you want to work on. Then if it isn’t you can add the 24 by 16 inches extension table to help you maneuver and sew the way you want.

In addition to those features, there is a built-in thread cutter, a knee lift function that lets you keep both hands on what you are doing, and a needle threader. All of these features and functions and ones we have not mentioned yet are powered by a quiet motor that does not vibrate the machine and interfere with your work.

If that is not enough to convince you to buy this top quilting sewing machine may be the up and down needle button, the large reverse lever, and the lengthy 6 mm stitch size should.

You have the features and the Husqvarna Viking reputation behind the machine to make sure you are purchasing one of the top quilting sewing machines at an affordable price.

Standard sewing and quilting accessories are included with your purchase and there are additional optional accessories if you need the extra help in your different sewing projects.

Viking Husqvarna Mega Quilter Price


There is a little bad news to start with. First, we found that eBay has not listed one Mega Quilter for sale right now. That doesn't mean there won’t be any in the future but it does mean that it is hard to get a good fix on the price.

Second, we checked Husqvarna’s website and they have a web page that gives you the amount of money you will be credited for if you trade in different models and the value is not good. If your machine is only 2 to 3 years old, the company will give you $200.

If your machine is 3 to 4 years old you will get $100 and older than 4 years you will only get $75 by trading your old machine in. That is not very encouraging, to say the least, and here is the link to double-check those figures.

We have seen prices ranging from $500 to $750 through private sales and that should give you an idea of what your machine may sell for if it is in good condition. One forum has several people selling their machines for $600 and $1000 if it comes with the frame.

The price you are going to pay will depend a lot on where you find it. Flea markets may be more expensive than used outlets or classified ads. Those sellers are generally not motivated to sell their products and they can hold out till the right customer comes along.

Since this model has been around for over a decade or two you should not have to mortgage the farm to buy one if you really want it. There should be enough deals out there where you can find a great machine in top condition for a reasonable price.

Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter Pros and Cons

Every seeing machine no matter who makes it will not please everyone. There will be those good points they like and those bad points that make them wish they had bought a different machine. Here are some pros and cons for this quilting machine:


  • Can be affordable
  • Can work with a frame or an extension table
  • Sews at up to 1600 spm
  • Comes with lots of standard features
  • Long stitch length
  • Side loading bobbin
  • Great for free motion quilting
  • Has a light for better viewing
  • Sews multiple layers
  • A large 9-inch harp
  • Reverse switch is large and easy to reach
  • Has the Husqvarna Viking reputation behind it


  • Only has a straight stitch
  • Limited needle options (usesHlx-5 needles)
  • Only comes with two feet, the straight stitch and darning options
  • Feet do not snap on, you need a screwdriver to change them
  • Difficult to thread, you need to watch the enclosed DVD
  • Can be very heavy to lift
  • Needs a very stable table to sit on
  • May shred the thread

What Husqvarna Mega Quilter Reviews Say?


While the 9-inch harp is supposed to be very good when working on full-size quilts some users felt that it was a little small still. This opinion was in the minority, of course, as most users felt that the 9-inch harp was just the right size for their projects.

Others were impressed by the 3 speeds that came with the machine. The lowest was 800 spm while the highest was 1600 spm. One user said that it is taking her a while to get adjusted to the fast speed of the machine.

Then one reviewer said the lighting was not that great on the sewing machine but that issue was minor and overcome by all the benefits she found when she worked with it. But not everyone is happy with their Mega quilter as they did some research and found that the Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter, the Janome 1600P QC, and the Pfaff Grand Quilter are all made in the same factory and are basically the same sewing machine.

Overall the reviews are fairly positive even though the machine does experience thread and other problems that frustrate them. When the machine is working it is a fine sewing machine that makes quilting more fun.

When you have to stop and re-thread or replace your thread due to those sewing machine issues then quilting is not so much fun. The positives that come with this model of sewing machine certainly overshadow and outweigh the negatives which you will read more about in the upcoming section.

The model has been around for quite some time and if you buy used, remember you are buying someone else’s problems.

Common Viking Mega Quilter Problems


Some of the more common problems you may find that come with this machine is that the thread may break quite often on you. Even re-threading does not solve the issue and it takes a bit to get the tension adjusted to the right level to stop this from happening.

Then sometimes the tension unit as a whole needs to be replaced but even with a new unit the problem is not solved and the thread will break or shred on you. next, you have to watch out for the type of needle you use. it can break easily on you or help the thread to break.

You may also find that the machine will skip stitches or just stop stitching. These are issues you may have to go to a repairman to find out the cause. This sewing machine seems to be a bit touchy when it comes to thread and needles.

Also, this model of sewing machine is not immune from the common problems most sewing machines endure. You still have to place the needle in correctly, watch the tension, make sure the bobbin is in the right position, and so on.

Of course, you also have to maintain it regularly cleaning it out, and putting a few drops of oil inside. You can’t avoid these two tasks. Then you should have it serviced once a year by a qualified repairman to make sure you did not miss anything or that nothing has fallen deeper into the machine.

Finding a Husqvarna Mega Quilter for Sale


Normally, we would send you to Amazon as one of the go-to spots to find what you are looking for. But the bad news here is that marketplace doesn't have one of these sewing machines on sale at the time of this writing.

We found one at eBay and it may be a bit overprices at just over $1000. Private sales are going to be your best option and you should find the price more to your liking. As we reported earlier, private sales have had these sewing machines selling for about $600 to $800 give or take $100.

To get your best deals you can check for sales as one owner paid $500 for her new model as the store wanted to get rid of it. Then you can check flea markets, garage sales, repair shops, and so on to see what kind of price you need to pay for a used Mega Quilter.

The classifieds may bring the most motivated sellers to your attention so do not forget to check those options when you want to own a Mega Quilter. Some online outlets were selling these models but one said to contact their local dealers to get the price.

We did not see many of these machines on sale at this time.

Mega Quilter Manuals and Parts


Your search for these items should be a lot easier than finding a model for sale at a reasonable price. Owner’s manuals are on sale at eBay and you would have to check that website to see their selection and price. Each seller will be different.

Then our go-to manual locations, at this link, has them on sale and you can search the site to find the one you need. Husqvarna has one online that you can read without downloading or paying for. You can find it at this link. Finally, this link should have some for you to look at.

As for parts, the search may be even easier if you go online. Since the Mega Quilter is a modern machine there are still tons of parts available throughout the internet. Depending on the model you own there should not be a problem finding spare parts to fix your sewing machine.

One place is found at this link and you should find even more at this location. Space does not permit us to place a lot of the parts options you have but a search term Mega Quilter parts should turn up dozens of more outlets where you can find spare parts.

You can also check with the Husqvarna Viking dealers or reps to see what parts they have in stock as well as the usual sewing machine repair shops in your city.

Some Final Words

It may be an older sewing machine but it still works well. many users love their Mega Quilter and won’t trade it in for anything. The features are there to make your quilting go smoother, plus, this sewing machine has the speed you want if you are on a time limit.

Check one out today as you may get a great machine at a very affordable price.

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