Ironing Board Leaving Marks on Clothes: Remove and Prevent

Laundry is supposed to remove the marks on your clothing not add to them. But id does happen and the solutions are simple and easy to do. When you see marks, don’t panic, just go with the simplest solution first and save yourself some energy.

Removing the marks will depend on the type of marks your ironing board left on your clothing as well as the type of fabric that got the marks. To prevent those marks from appearing, just add a pressing cloth or more padding over the ironing board before you place your clothes on it.

To learn more about preventing and removing marks from clothing left by the ironing board, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about. Take a minute or two to see if these solutions will help you.

Ironing Board Grid Marks


The downside of modern manufacturing is that materials are not always produced using the highest standards. The quality of the ironing board, its cover, and pad tend to be on the thin side. The reason for that is always the bottom line.

However, the marks made by the ironing board through the thin pad and cover are not usually permanent. Either time will allow the fabric to loosen up and naturally get rid of the marks or you simply have to re-iron the clothing on a better ironing board.

Or, you can just add more padding to your current ironing board and that simple maneuver should spare you the trouble of getting marks on your newly washed clothing.

That option seems to be the favored solution and there are different ways to avoid those marks from appearing. The padding available comes in many forms and whatever you have around the house will aid your fight against these marks.

It will only take a few minutes to find a good solution

How to Avoid Ironing Board Marks


One way to avoid ironing board marks is to not press very hard. This may seem like an obvious answer but many women, and men do not know their own strength. They may think they are pressing lightly when in reality, the pressure they place on the iron and ironing board is immense.

The extra padding will help in that and other situations. There are lots of padding options available and you do not have to go to the store to buy ironing board padding to solve this issue. Also, you should avoid the silver ironing covers that come with many ironing boards.

Those covers only reflect the heat back onto the cloth and can cause more ironing problems. There is, if you decide to buy at a store, a warm and white product that should help you with the marks and any reflective heat issue.

The last resort will be to buy a new ironing board that comes with thicker padding and a thicker cover.

Preventing Ironing Board Marks


One good way to prevent ironing board marks from appearing on your clothing is to go a little old school. All you need is a nicely shaped piece of plywood and put that over the ironing board under the padding and the cover.

Any thickness will do the trick but you do not need to go above 1/2 inch thickness. If you do the board may get too heavy for lifting, moving, or the support legs. Then trim the plywood to the shape of your ironing board and place it on top.

Just make sure the top of the plywood is smooth and does not have any cracks or splinters on it. have your spouse sand it down a little bit to make sure it remains nice and smooth.

Or you can use a piece of thick vinyl, laminate, and similar products. Just make sure they can be trimmed to fit the shape of the ironing board. Also, you do not need to be more than 1/8th to a 1/4 inch thick here.

If you want, you can turn to plexiglass to do the same task or simply ditch the ironing board and use a good smooth table or other smooth hard surface.

How to Get Ironing Board Marks Out of Clothes


One solution would be to use the steam function on your iron and steam the marks out. The hot steam, if the fabric allows the heat, should loosen the fibers and help get those marks out.

Or you can use a handheld steamer to do the same thing. Just hang the clothes up and let the steam rise and loosen those fibers. You do not need to be too close when you do these two methods.

Then you can rewash the clothing item, dry them again, and then re-iron them if you have the time. Just make sure to add some padding between the clothing and the ironing board.

For that shine look, some clothes get after being ironed, you can use a little vinegar to handle those marks. Just dab a little on and then wipe with a clean cloth. It may take more than one pass to get the shine out.

When you get a few scorch marks, rewashing the clothing item works as does treating the mark with some hydrogen peroxide. You can also add some ammonia to the peroxide to give the latter cleanser more cleaning power.

Some Final Words

The solution to iron board marks on your clothing is a simple one. Just add more padding and you should be fine. or simply cover the ironing board with a piece of plywood, laminate, or thick vinyl. All of which should be smooth on the top.

Also, watch the heat of your iron. If it gets too hot it may help the ironing board leave those dreaded marks. Finally, watch the pressure you use when ironing. Too much may help create those marks.

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