Is Satin Vegan? (What Is Satin Made Of?)

Different Lifestyles favor different fabrics. The old west type cowboy likes leather, denim, and a good plaid shirt. For the city dweller, they may prefer cotton, silks, wool, and other fabrics. For the vegan community, their fabric choices may be a bit limited.

Is satin vegan? For the most part, satin is a good fabric for vegans. Their only concern is if that satin fabric is made from silk fibers. If it is, then it is not a good material for vegans. Satin is made from silk, polyester, and nylon.

To learn about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about if your lifestyle limits the types of fabrics you wear. Only a few minutes of your time is required to obtain that information.

Is Satin Vegan Friendly?

When made from nylon or polyester products then the fabric is very vegan friendly. it is not vegan friendly when it is made from silk. Keep in mind that satin is a type of weave style and not an independent fiber like cotton or other fabrics.

Different fabrics can be used to create satin so if you do not want to wear any clothing taken from plants, animals, or insects then you have to check the labels to make sure. To make satin, you have several warp threads going over 1 weft thread before going under the next weft thread.

Unlike other fabrics, satin can be made from different fibers so you really should be checking those labels or asking the sales clerk which fiber the satin fabric was made from.

Why is Satin Not Vegan?


The best reason we can give is that most satin fabrics are created using synthetic products. That means those versions of the material are more like plastic than they are like silk. Even though the material may feel like and look silk.

One reason why vegans do not wear silk or satin made from silk threads is that an animal rights organization claims that 3000 silkworms are killed to make 1 pound of silk thread.

Many people may think that silk and satin are the same fabric but that is only if silk is used to create the material. Satin was created to mimic silk, and nylon and polyester are used to help make the same material more affordable. (check our vegan fabrics list)

Is Satin Cruelty-Free?

Yes and no. if you calling killing silkworms cruel then no some forms of satin are not cruelty-free. Your determination of silk satin will be made according to how you view the processing of silk and how you view silkworms.

When satin is made from polyester and nylon fibers then yes, satin is cruelty-free. All nylon and polyester materials are made using petroleum products and other chemicals. No animals are harmed in any way when those fibers are created.

If one views the environment as something that can be treated cruelly, then no fabric would be considered cruelty free. Your view on this topic will also depend on your perspective of a variety of issues.

What is Satin Vegan?


It may be just a label to help vegans top identify the fabric and help them find what they want a little quicker. No one is talking about that phrase construction so it is hard to say if there is anything unique or special about satin vegan.

The vegan objection to silk extends beyond the killing of the silkworms to harvest the silk. Most vegans do not like the domestication and exploitation of certain animals thus on grounds of principle they refuse to wear those clothing items.

In obtaining silk, the silkworm has to be bred for production which is another reason why vegans do not like silk That breeding process, in their minds, provides for no well-being of the insects.

There is a non-violent way to produce silk but it holds a minute market share at this time.

What is Satin Made Of?

If you are going to buy the material and you are not vegan, then the majority of satin fabric that is made from silk is from the Bombyx mori silkworm that is bred on silk farms. To get one gram of silk thread 15 silkworms need to be killed.

If you are vegan then you will be happy to know that satin is also made from petroleum products which are then spun into nylon or polyester threads. Then if you are not allergic to the different chemicals used in the making of those threads, then you should have plenty of clothing options.

This may create a problem for some people if they are allergic to those chemicals and they are vegans.

Are Satin Pillowcases Vegan?


One reason people prefer satin pillowcases over other types of fabrics is that satin seems to be naturally cool and it does not absorb your hair’s or skin’s natural moisture. It also helps prevent breakage and other hair issues.

But not all satin pillowcases will be considered vegan. The good news is that there are enough vegan satin alternatives on the market that you do not have to worry about. They should have the same properties and hair protecting qualities that silk satin has.

If you are really worried about this issue, then make sure you check all labels and tags to see what fibers were used to create the pillowcases you want to buy. It won’t take long to read those labels and tags.

Is Silk Satin Vegan?

No, silk satin is not vegan. Silk is classified as unfriendly to vegans merely because the vegan individual may not like how the silk fiber is retrieved and how the silkworms are treated.

But there is a silk alternative that does not kill the silkworm to retrieve the silk fiber. The process may be more attractive to vegan. The Samia ricini silkworm spins cocoons and when it changes into a moth, it leaves that silk cocoon behind. This type of silk is called Eri or peace silk.

Then the cocoons of the Bombyx mori silkworm and it is called Ahimsa silk. The moth chews its way out of its cocoon leaving behind both broken and whole threads. The production of this alternative is costly so the material is even more expensive than regular silk.

Is Charmeuse Satin Vegan?


When this material is woven into a satin fabric, it is not considered to be vegan. The reason behind that decision is that the fibers for the charmeuse material come from animals. Those animals include the silkworm, cattle, sheep, and so on.

There is one exception to this ruling and that is if the charmeuse material is made from 100% synthetic materials. Like other versions of satin, it will depend on which products are used to create the material.

Again, you should check the labels to see what fibers were used to create the charmeuse satin fabric.

Is Cotton Satin Vegan?

You may be getting tired of the yes and no answers that come with this topic but that is the best that can be done. Cotton if it is not organic is not usually considered vegan friendly.

If it is organic, there is a lack of chemicals and fertilizers in the product thus it is considered to be vegan friendly. Do not take out word for it, just click this link to find some vegan-friendly fabrics, and organic cotton is listed as #1.

Other fabrics you may want to consider when buying vegan are nylon, and polyester, recycled or not, pineapple leather, hemp, linen, lyocell, and modal. The problem with many of these and other vegan-friendly fabric option is the harmful chemicals used in their processing. More so for pineapple leather than the other products.

Best Vegan Satin Pillowcase


There is a long list of good satin pillowcases you can buy and be happy that you got the best. this brand got a 9.8 rating at one website Amy Sia Champagne Satin Pillowcase Pair and it may very well be the best.

Then for second and third choices, you may want to check out Madison Park Essentials Teal Satin Pillowcases or Empcore Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin. Which one is the best will be up to you to decide.

Your preference and your sleep results will be the final determining factors as to which one is better than the other.

Some Final Words

When you choose a lifestyle you consider to be healthy, you do limit your fabric choices. When you go shopping for vegan-friendly clothing, you need to read all the tags and labels in order to find clothing that will fit your idea of a healthy lifestyle.

Just be careful which satin fabric you pick up at the fabric store. If it is made from silk, you may not want it and not just for the price it is sold at.

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