Buying Notre Dame Fighting Irish Fabric by the Yard (Cotton)

One way to show school spirit and your loyalty to a school is to make different sewing projects out of the fabric that represents your school. The trouble you may run into is if the school no longer licenses those colors or logos anymore. Then you will have a more difficult time showing your school spirit.

This may be a very difficult task to fulfill. It seems that Amazon, eBay, and other college fabric stores are not carrying any Notre Dame Fighting Irish fabric nor selling it by the yard. There may be one place you can check and it is found here.

To learn more about this fabric and the difficulty in obtaining it just continue to read our article. it has the information that may explain why it is so hard to buy that material and make your own Notre Dame clothing, etc.

Why Can't I Find Notre Dame fabric?


There are many reasons why you can’t find the cotton Notre Dame fabric anywhere you look. The school is very protective of its logos and other items associated with their school.

One reason for that protective nature is that there are too many people who would place those logos and other colors for Notre Dame on very insulting projects. Another reason is that Joann has said the fabric never came out in cotton. That was 9 years ago.

Our search today produced the same results and found that the material is released only in fleece, just like 9 years ago. One sewer found out the hard way when they tried to buy Notre Dame fabric with a leprechaun on it. Once the school found out, they had the store pull the material and threatened to sue both the store and the sewer.

The school is very strict about how their icons are used and they will sue schools as well as individuals if used without proper licensing or permission.

Where to Buy Notre Dame Fabric by the Yard


The best we can say here is good luck. We found one store that seemed to have good Notre Dame fabric by the yard and linked to it earlier. Etsy advertises that they have the fabric but when we looked at it, these were not true Notre Dame fabrics but close representations.

We searched both eBay and Amazon and it seems that there s something neither marketplace will sell. They did not have any of this material, except maybe in fleece only. The item at Amazon is made from fleece and already made into a throw blanket.

You can check overseas and see if any countries have this type of material. If they do, it won’t be official and you may have a hard time getting it shipped to you at a reasonable cost.

Notre Dame Blanket Fabric


Right now, the only material we found that carried any school colors that would be good for blankets was fleece. There does not seem to be any other material available for blankets and you would be lucky enough to find it by the yard.

Even the school’s bookstore only sells pre-made Notre Dame blankets and other souvenirs. Those items may come in different fabrics and at least one is made from a cotton-poly blend.

If you want to check for yourself, here is the link to their book store. Then if you want to cheat you can always buy the blanket and fashion it into a sweatshirt or some other exterior clothing item.

The best suggestion we have, and unless things have changed, go to spoon flower, linked above, to see if they can help you.

Notre Dame Fleece Material


The only outlet we have found so far that carries anything to do with Notre Dame and in fleece, is Amazon. But as mentioned earlier, it is only a licensed fleece blanket they are selling and not the fabric by the yard.

Even an online outlet specializing in college colors and fabrics does not carry anything with Notre Dame on it except for some stickers. if you want to double-check, here is the link to that outlet.

We will re-link to Spoon Flower as they seem to be the only online store that has more than a passing mention to Notre Dame and the different fabrics associated with that school.

Finding anything fabric related, especially by the yard, is a difficult assignment even for James Bond. The school does not like its name or its logos, icons, or school colors used for just any purpose. You may be luckier than we were in your own searches and we wish you good luck.

Notre Dame Cotton Fabric


Not by the yard and not in this lifetime or so it seems. For the past 20 to 30 years, you were lucky to find Notre Dame fabric by the yard in fleece only. Why that fabric is anyone’s guess.

Then, as we have already stated, the fabrics used to create the Notre Dame souvenirs are limited. We have found one cotton-poly blend, lots of fleece materials but 99.99% of those items were pre-made into souvenirs.

The school may have used other fabrics and only a time-consuming search would find out the answer to that issue.

Some Final Words

It is not wrong nor unusual for different schools or corporations to be so protective of what they call their own. Logos, colors, icons are often protected by patent or copyright laws as well.

Notre Dame seems to be one of those schools and you may need to contact them directly to one, get permission to use their icons, and two, get permission to make different items out of Notre dame fabrics.

The stores are not violating the will of Notre Dame on this topic.

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