10 Sew Christmas Gift Ideas (Sew Christmas Stocking Pattern)

Its never too early to start your Christmas sewing projects. To get them done right you need to do them before your other Christmas duties take over and crowd your free time. There is no law stating you can’t start working on Christmas projects in the Fall

Sewing may seem to be an old fashioned hobby, but it is a great way to say I love you at Christmas. There are thousands of great sewing Christmas projects you can do to let your family and friends know how much you care. The personal touch is always the best way to go.

To learn more about the different sewing projects you can do for Christmas, just continue to read our article. It is filled with different ideas just to get you started on the right path. Make sure to tailor your Christmas projects that are practical and something the receiver can truly use.

What Can I Make With Christmas Fabric?


The internet is full of Christmas gift ideas and sewing projects but you should let your creativity and situation help you make the right decision. After all, not everyone needs a teddy bear, a fabric gift pouch, or even fabric coasters.

The best thing to do is look at what is important to your family and friends and design a fabric gift that they actually need and can use. You do not give an overnight duffel bag to someone who does not travel.

To help you get started you may make someone who uses their iPhone a lot a nice leather iPhone carrying case. Or for the handyman in the house, a nice fabric tool belt or apron.

Special pillows are always nice to help decorate the home or to just use when someone needs a nice nap. Then you can create stockings to hang over the fireplace or even to wear to those many Christmas parties everyone attends.

Table runners are festive with Christmas fabric, gift bags, tree skirts, and even nice fabric wreaths that do not make a mess. To get the right gift for someone else it will take a little thought but the effort is worth it.

Sew Christmas Ornaments And Decoration

There is just something special about hand made items for Christmas decorations. The store-bought kind can get fairly expensive and do not convey the true meaning of the season. Then if you wait till they go on sale, you have to wait till the following Christmas season to use them.

There are lots of tiny ornament and decoration projects out there that will help anyone decorate their home. For example, you can cut green felt fabric into the shape of a Christmas tree and then glue on embellishments to look like a decorated tree.

Or you can take some cotton and fashion it into a nice snowman with a felt cap, button nose, and so on. Some scissors, cotton a little thread and glue are all you need for that quick project.

Dark brown fabric and a little cotton stuffing can be turned into a nice gingerbread man. Just sew on three sides and use the fourth to insert the cotton then sew up the final side when you have the right shape. Then add little colored fabric pieces to make the eyes nose, and buttons.

This project can be done for mini stockings, stars, hearts, reindeer, as well as round ornaments and even fake candy cane. If your talented enough you can even create a little gingerbread house to hang on someone’s tree.

Sew Easy Christmas Table Runners


It is a given that you will have guests coming to your home and you will be serving them your special Christmas treats. Or you will be visiting someone’s home to eat their Christmas offerings.

Spruce up yours or your host’s table with a nice easy to make Christmas table runner and one easy table runner you can make is a candy cane motif. All you will need is enough fabric to fill a 45 by 12-inch design and you can use red and white to create that large candy cane look.

Some backing fabric is necessary as well as some binding fabric that blends right in with the red and white design. Once you have cut your pieces, lay them out, leaving yourself with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Then baste the layers to make sure they do not move on you as you sew.

Then sew like you were quilting and the project should be done in no time. If you do not like the candy cane theme, you can put fabric ornaments over a red or green fabric, or use your leftover Christmas fabric and design something cheerful, holiday-themed and nice to look at.

The size you make will depend on the size and shape of the table it is made for.

Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

To start, you need about 1 1/2 yards of the right fabric for a 53-inch skirt. The size will depend on the size of your tree. Then you will need ribbon, color appropriate thread and ribbon as well as some string, a marker, a cutting tool, and an iron. Hemming tape is needed if you want to go no sew.

To prepare the fabric, wash it to make sure it is clean and won’t shrink. Your goal is to have the skirt as wide as the bottom row of the tree branches. To square the fabric, fold in half to make a rectangle then fold in half again to make a square.

Now take the string and tie one end to the marker and hold the other end at one corner. Make a semi-circle mark and cut inside that line. Next, cut a little hole in the middle of the fabric to allow the tree pole to fit through and reach the stand. This is done on one corner of the fabric.

After that, hem your fabric 1.4 of an inch in from the edge and then cut a little slit at the back of the skirt and attach your 8-inch ribbon pieces. These hold the skirt in place. Once those are in place, you can wrap the skirt around the tree and tie the ribbons. 

Sew Christmas Tree Ornaments


One handy little project would be turning twine into a Christmas tree ornament. To do this you would need enough twine, balloons, glitter nod podge, and a little thread or glue. Just inflate the balloon to the size you want. Then wrap the twine around the balloon, crisscrossing as you go leaving a little space between each lap you do.

When you are finished wrapping the twine around the balloon, sew or glue the ends together to it keeps its shape. Then paint the glitter mod podge on the twine avoiding hitting the balloon. Pop the balloon after letting it all dry.

Or you can gather all that scrap ribbon you have been saving and use the green-colored ribbon to create a nice ribbon tree. You can attach the ribbon to a little stick by gluing it in place or tying a knot around the stick.

Next, you add a little twine to the top of the stick to hold it on a tree branch or nail. One way to spice up any Christmas tree is to turn scrap red and white fabric into little fabric candy canes.

Just make sure to have enough fabric as you need to cut the shape in one go. That curve may give you a little difficulty to draw a design on the fabric and follow it. The design can be striped or criss-cross as long as you have red and white colors, you will have a little fabric candy cane.

Just make sure to leave a very tiny seam allowance when you hem the fabric together.

Christmas Placemats

Christmas is a time where almost everyone in your house is excited. That emotion tends to make family members less careful and spills happen. One way to protect your furniture is to have some festive Christmas placemats under plates, cups. Serving bowls or the punch bowl.

To make 4 Christmas placemats all you need is 1 1/2 yards of 45-inch width Christmas themed fabric; 1 1/2 yards of non woven 22 inches double-sided fusible interfacing, matching thread, and the right sewing tools.

Now cut 8 pieces of fabric 13 by 19 inches and 8 pieces of 12 1/2 by 18 1/2 inches of the interfacing. Place the interfacing between the wrong sides of the fabric and iron. Leave about 3/8 of an inch for sewing and hemming.

You can sew or glue the edges together. You should fuse one side of the fabric pieces at a time and sew the hem until 6 inches are left. This leaves you room for turning. Line up the other 4 pieces right sides together and pin in place before sewing. Once that is done, turn the placemats and use a pencil to push the corners out.

Remove the paper backing of the interface then iron to fuse it to the wrong side of the second piece of fabric. Use a whip stitch to sew up the opening or glue it shut if you want a no-sew result.

Sew Christmas Napkins


Cloth napkins are soft and absorb a lot of spills. What makes them even more special is that they do not fill up the trash can or harm the environment. You just toss them in the wash when they get dirty and use them again when they are clean.

What you need is 2 1/4 yards of 2 Christmas themed fabric, 40 weight cotton or polyester thread for piecing, and a decorative thread for topstitching. Just make sure all your supplies fit the Christmas theme.

Now cut 8 20 inch squares from those two fabrics and put the right sides facing each other. Give yourself 1/4 inch seam allowance and sew all the edges except for about 1 inch. That inch gap allows you to turn the napkins. Do a backstitch at both the beginning and end of your sewing.

Trim a small triangle off each corner, then turn your napkin right side out using a chopstick to push the corners out. Next, iron the fabric so it is flat and then topstitch around all the edges closing that 1-inch gap. Feel free to use decorative stitch patterns to help make the napkins look even better.

Sew Christmas Gift Bags

Instead of wrapping presents in Christmas wrapping paper, you can sew some nice gift bags to place your gifts inside. The bags add a decorative touch as well as be reusable when the season is over. make them look good as you may get them back the following year.

The materials you will need are enough Christmas themed fabric to cover all your gifts and enough 1/4 inch ribbon for the drawstring. Measure the material to make sure it will be large enough to hold the gift and add in about 1 inch for a seam allowance.

Turn the fabric over and fold the first two inches over and sew in place. Do this for all corners. Then fold 1/4 of an inch and use a straight stitch to secure that fold in place Once that is done create your drawstring tunnel and sew most of it in place.

Add the ribbon by using a safety pin to help bring it through the tunnel. Take a second piece of ribbon and do the same, making sure to knot both ends on the same side together. And you are done. If you need to see photos of this project, click here.

What Can I Sew For Christmas Gifts?


To tell you the truth, you can sew just about anything you want if you want to add that personal touch to your Christmas gifts. The list of projects is innumerable and there is bound to be something that will fit your sewing skill level.

To get inspiration, just think about who you are making the gift for and the things they like or like to do. The hardest part of this process is deciding which project you will do. Unless you want to challenge your sewing skills, stick to projects you can do easily and do not necessarily take up a lot of time.

Ow, you do not have to use just Christmas fabrics when making your project. Use different Christmas related colors or just any color, especially the receiver’s favorite, and you should be okay.

The key is not to make something you like and want but what the other person likes and wants.

Sew Christmas Gift Ideas

We have already named a few good Christmas gift projects you can do. If you are going to do table runners you should be tasteful as some people do not like non-classy items covering their nice tables.

Plus, you can make them a variety of sizes because your recipient can cover end tables, side tables, hallway tables as well as their dinner tables. Other ideas can be shirts, pants, jackets made from regular fabric. Kids hate them but they help you stay within your clothing budget.

There are book bags you can sew for your school-age children, wreaths, ornaments, pillows, or even crochet a nice blanket. A good crochet dog sweater helps the family pet stay warm when it gets cold out.

The trick is to use your creative talent and think about what someone doesn’t have and will help them out a lot. Just make sure you have the free time to do a good job and not be rushed. Sewing Christmas gifts is not a last-minute idea or project.

How To Sew Christmas Stockings


To do this project correctly, you will need 2 different fabrics and 1/2 yard of each. You can use any Christmas themed material or color you want and even fur at the top of that is how you want the stockings to look.

To create the hanger, you will need a strong ribbon to hold all the weight the stocking will have inside. Buy or print your pattern making sure they are 100% to size or your miscalculation may cut someone short of Christmas treats.

Place your patterns on the fabric and cut your 4 pieces you will need for one stocking. Take two pieces and sew with right sides together. Oh, and when you cut, leave yourself a seam allowance.

With the right sides still facing each other, take the two pieces of the inner fabric, and sew them into place. Next, turn the inner fabric right side out and pin the top to the wrong side of the outer fabric. Sew in place, making sure you have a nice opening.

Turn everything right side out and sew up the little opening that allowed you to do that and leave the mouth open so you can fill the stocking up. Add any embellishments you want and you are done. Photos are at this link.

Finding Sew Christmas Stocking Pattern

There is no shortage of patterns you can use to make stockings. You can find them just about anywhere and you can even make your own if you have the talent to do so. A quick Christmas stocking pattern search turns up more patterns than there are Christmas gifts under the tree.

One place to look for patterns is at this link. It is only one but it is free. Another place to go for stocking patterns is found on this website. Large or small, you should be able to be inspired by what they have to offer. These are also free.

Then for 22 more ideas, there are the ones at this location. Don’t forget your local sewing or fabric stores. They should have some in stock that you can choose from.

Or go to the big box stores or your department stores who like to sell Christmas items early. These options usually have a good supply or can order some in for you. Finally, you can try Amazon if you do not want to face the traffic.

What To Sew For Christmas Craft Fair


This is a difficult project to consider as you want to be unique and not bring what someone else has already thought of. You can ask around to see what other women are making so you do not duplicate.

Or you can just wing it and go to the myriad of websites that have lots of Christmas craft fair ideas. The projects we listed above will work as there are always people who need table runners, wreaths, ornaments, and more.

If you live in a cold region of the country, Christmas wool hats usually go over well, as do wool mittens for kids. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating good Christmas craft show items.

The key is giving yourself enough time to get them all done right. Just like Christmas gifts, making fabric crafts for the Christmas craft fair is not a last-minute project.

Some Final Words

This year we would like to encourage you to make some extra fabric Christmas gifts and projects. Then hand them out to those who can’t afford such items or are living in senior citizen homes or can’t leave the hospital. A little kindness goes a long way especially when people are alone for the holidays.

Then before we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the coming holiday season we would like to thank you for reading our website articles. The time you spend doing that is very appreciated. Have a good holiday season this year.

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