Where Can I Find a Sewing Machine Repair Shop? (Helpful Tips)

In a world where nothing is perfect, it is a smart move to learn the locations of the best sewing machine repair shops in your area. This information is vital to have as it can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

Tip #1: make sure to become friends with your repair shop owner. That way you get better service and better personal treatment.

Where can I find a sewing machine repair shop? The best place to look for local sewing machine repair shops is in the local yellow pages. Letting your fingers do your walking for you eases your burden and makes finding a repairman a lot simpler.

To learn more about finding a repairman for your sewing machine, just continue to read our article. We cover the generic and the brand-specific sewing machines so you always have the help you need when you need it.

Tip #2: always call first to make sure the repair shop has an opening and the time to handle your sewing machine issue without a long delay.

How to Find Places That Fix Sewing Machines Near Me


As we just stated one of the best places to find a good repairman for your generic sewing machine is in your local yellow pages. These shops advertise to make sure you can find them fast.

It doesn’t take much time to see if the sewing machine repair shops are conveniently located to your home. The next place to look is on the different sewing machine forums.

A member or two may be able to recommend a top-quality shop that is not too far away from your location. Plus, they can give you some words of warning on who you should avoid.

Also, you can contact the Better Business Bureau or use your computer to do a local search. Local fabric shops may also have a good line on who can repair your sewing machine without costing you an arm or a leg.

Finally, the local cheap or free classified newspapers that dot the different cities usually have ads from sewing repair shops. These can help find someone when you are in a pinch and need help right away.

Tip #3: you can always ask their hourly rate so you can compare with other local shops to see if you are getting the best deal. Hourly rates do not include parts and other non-labor expenses.

Locations of Sewing Machine Repair Shops


Finding the location of a local repair shop is not going to be that difficult. Especially if you do an internet search. Some websites have the locations for you if you live in one of the major cities it places on their website landing page.

This link to Angies list brings the locations of different sewing machine repair shops in 86 major cities. If you live in one of those cities, your search for a location should not be that difficult. Your toughest decision will be which one to contact first.

In fact, an internet search brings up a variety of local sewing machine repair shops located around the country. This is the fastest way to get to a shop when your machine is down and you have a lot of sewing to get done.

Just keep in mind that when you start your search the cost of your repair may not be that cheap. Some shops charge as much as $59 for a simple cleaning. Others may charge you $79 per hour just for their labor.

Those are minimum figures, not the top end. So when you search make sure you get the cost information before making a decision.

Tip #4: Sometimes local independent sewing machine repair shops are superior to the service and quality of repair you get at a brand-specific repair store. Brand repair stores are not always a guarantee you will get top quality repair work at good prices.

Kenmore Sewing Machine Repair Shop Locations


It may be getting harder and harder to find a good Kenmore sewing machine repair shop. Sears has been closing quite a few stores lately and we are not sure how those store closures affect their repair service.

But if you own a Kenmore sewing machine and you need some repairs or cleaning done check this link out. It takes you to the Sears Kenmore repair page for sewing machines. On that page is a 1-800 number to help you out.

Also, the page has a 1-888 number to help you find a local repair shop near you. We cannot vouch for the validity of these services due to the recent turmoil surrounding Sears and K Mart stores.

Tip #5: If you are not under warranty then you can get your sewing machine repaired just about anywhere. BUT if you are under warranty make sure you get the location of an approved repair shop by the company. This protects you and your pocketbook.

Joann Sewing Machine Repair Shop Locations


This may be a little bit more difficult to find a repair location for a Joanne sold sewing machine. It seems that the stores that offer repair service are the ones who sell sewing machines at those particular branches.

The word is that Joann’s contracts out and uses a traveling repairman to handle their service calls. We cannot confirm that as their website carries no information about repairs or where to take your machine.

The best advice we can give is to use this contact form and ask Joann directly where to take the sewing machine you bought from them.

Singer Sewing Machine Repair Shop Locations


This company has been around for a very long time. During that time, Singer has been able to establish a few repair centers in all 50 states. There is not an equal amount of repair centers but more than enough to help you solve your sewing machine issue.

To help you find one that is near you all you have to do is click on this link and you will be taken to their repair shop locator page. Once you are on that page, you just click on the name of the city to get the name, address and phone number of the repair shop or shops located there.

It is a very simple and easy process to follow.

Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Shop


With this company’s machines, you would not expect them to break down but they do from time to time. If you are under warranty, you should contact an authorized dealer to get the name of a local sewing machine repair shop that is approved to handle those repairs.

Bernina’s website has an authorized store locator on it and you can start your search there. Just click on this link to get to that page. Make sure to place your city and state in the search box to get accurate results.

Once you have pushed the button your results should include a map, a button for the store’s website and their phone number, email and address.

Tip #6: If your Bernina sewing machine is not under warranty you may find the tips given on this web page very helpful. Before spending a lot of money letting a repairman fix your machine, you can do it yourself and save.

Brother Sewing Machine Repair Shop


This company is like Singer. It has its repair shop locator page with the names of the cities they are located in under the State name. You just click on the name of the city and you will be taken to the page that contains all the Brother repair shops’ names and addresses and so on.

The link for that web page is found here and again, like Singer, it is a very easy process to go through. What is interesting to note is that New Jersey has the most cities with authorized Brother repair shops.

More than New York and California. The trick is to make sure you use a Brother authorized repair service while you are still under warranty.

Tip #7: Doing your repairs yourself is not hard as most repairs can be quite simple and the result of a lack of cleaning. Many sewing machine companies post information in their manuals giving you tips on how to fix your machines yourself.

Honorable Mention: McDougal Sewing Centers seem to offer repair service. Check them out at this website location

Some Final Words

It can be frustrating when your sewing machine does not work like it is supposed to. The good news is that the sewing machine companies are prepared for these events and have established a network of sewing repair centers around the nation.

Or they have authorized local repair shops to handle their machines and get them back in great working condition. With the information above, you should be able to get your sewing machine repaired quickly and by a professional.

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