What is a Sewing Machine Used For? (8 Common Uses)

Sewing machines save hours of work. They are great machines to have around the house as they help you save money when clothes get ripped or torn. These machines get the sewing job done fast so your kids can go out and play with the right clothes on.

What is a sewing machine used for? There are two main uses for a sewing machine. One is that they make or repair clothes by attaching fabric with thread. The other is that they save you a lot of time when it comes to doing those tasks.

Those may be two of the most important uses a sewing machine has. Their time and cost-saving capability is second to none. To learn about more sewing machine uses just continue to read our article. It has those uses and more inside.

Sewing Machine Uses and Functions


With the cost saving ability in mind, a sewing machine lets you do so many activities that you once had to pay top dollar to have a professional or business do for you. Another sewing machine use is that you can make stuffed toys for your children or their children.

Then, you can put attractive, delicate or intricate thread designs on your fabrics in minutes. These tasks used to take you hours by hand sewing and the machine relieves you of that eye fatigue that comes with hours of sewing by hand.

A third use is that you can be creative and produce some very interesting sheets, comforters and a lot more. The sewing machine’s use helps you tap into your innovative and creative juices and let you make things you will be proud of for years and years.

All the functions on the sewing machine, bobbins, thread designs, stitches and more, all work together to make sure your fabrics look like a professional did them. These functions are too many to list here but they make your sewing life a lot better and lets you have more free time to spend with your loved ones.

Serger Sewing Machine Uses


One of the top uses a Serger machine has is its ability to trim and sew hems or seams. That is one of the best uses you get when you buy a Serger machine. Another use is the machine’s ability to use more than one thread color.

Sergers can use up to 4 or 5 different threads at the same time and make your fabric look elegant and very detailed. On top of that, the Serger lets you adjust the feed. With feed options, you can make ruffles or other fabric designs that will complement your home or fashion sense.

Finally, a Serger sewing machine can do a cover stitch. This ability is almost standard on Serger machines and makes sure your sewing projects are durable while looking great. A double-needle capability is also part of the Serger giving you more uses than a regular sewing machine can.

While a Serger cannot totally replace your traditional sewing machine, all of its abilities and uses certainly will make your sewing hobby more convenient and easier to complete. That brings us to another use. They get tough sewing jobs done professionally and quickly.

Handheld Sewing Machine Uses


With handheld models, you get a portability that cannot be found anywhere else. Your sewing can be done no matter how difficult the situation and location of the fabric.

While a handheld can do a lot of things traditional sewing machines do, like sew fabric together, they have a useful advantage. They are very convenient to use and lets you keep the drapes hanging while you repair them.

Also, they are very versatile as they can go where you go. They take care of those simple sewing tasks that would be too time consuming to do on a traditional sewing machine.

Another good use for hand held sewing machines is that they can travel well. You never know when rips and tears happen and having one in the trunk of your car or in your suitcase saves you time and money. There is no need to go out and buy new clothes when you can turn to one of these machines and get the job done right away.

Commercial Use of Sewing Machines


If you want to mass produce your sewing creations, then you need to use a good commercial or industrial sewing machine. Mass production is their top use and these machines help you get a lot of clothing and other articles ready for marketing and sales.

Then when you need a good lock stitch, these machines provide it for you. They are there with a variety of ways to help you get your sewing done right. A good flatlock machine comes with a hem use that shortens the tie it takes to create a durable hem. They usually have 2 to 3 needles in action at one time.

Another use is sewing the shirt side seam as well as the underarm. You can get the job done easily and without looking like an amateur did the work. Then there is the button sewing task that these machines handle without complaint.

Their button sewing use makes this tedious chore a lot more enjoyable to do. Finally, the stitch patterns you get make using these machines worthwhile. Giving you a choice is another top use these machines offer you.

Some Final Words

Sewing machines of all stripes, shapes and power have a lot of uses. Most are similar with each other and tend to make your sewing life a lot easier to handle. We probably mentioned more than 8 uses for sewing machines but that is okay.

What is important is that you get a lot of versatile use that lets your sewing talents shine through your work. Having an easier time sewing also makes time for those important moments in your life.

That is probably the best use overall.

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