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How to Alter a Tank Top Easily (Resize, Crop, Twist, Tips)

Resizing a tank top isn't a complicated business. Before starting, work out exactly what you like about the top (perhaps the length is hitting just the right spot. Maybe there are some graphics that you

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What Fabric Are Grow Bags Made of (How To Sew Grow Bags)

When you want to feel good and build your confidence, you need to go with the best. Doesn’t matter what it is, you always need the best if you are going feel that sense of accomplishment. Making grow

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How Many Bandanas in a Yard of Fabric? How To Make Bandanas

Knowing your project helps you decide how many of any 1 item you can make from a single yard of fabric. That knowledge helps you plan and makes sure you buy enough fabric to get the project done without

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How to Add Breast Support to a Swimsuit (Sewing a Bra Tips)

For many women, the lack of bust support in off-the hanger swimsuits is a constant source of frustration. No matter how lovely the suit, a lack of support in the crucial area can let you, and the suit,

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Rip Skirt Hawaii: How to Make a Rip Skirt (Pattern DIY)

Necessity is the mother of invention. It seems that the Rip Skirt Hawaii was invented by an over-scheduled mom who wanted something to cover her rear end as she left the beach to do errands, like pick

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How to Make a Split Corner Bedspread (Helpful Guide & Tips)

There is rarely one size fits all in sewing. You have different sewing machines to do different tasks, different fabrics to create wonderful garments and you have a different style of bedspreads to fit

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Recycle Sewing: What to Sew With Old Clothes

The days of disposable fashion are behind us. Gone are the times we’d throw anything old, saggy, baggy or grey away with the trash… if this year is about anything, it’s sustainability, and when it

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Sewing With Old Sheets: What Can I Sew Out of Old Sheets?

We’ve all got one- a cupboard full of bedsheets whose best days are behind them. To throw them out would seem a shame (and in these days of eco-awareness, very possibly a crime). Sewing With Old Sheets

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