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10 Thick Fabric Types and How To Thicken Fabric

Not all thick fabrics come with great colors and cute designs. Sometimes you have to turn to thin fabrics to get the look you want. That is where having a little experience and a few tricks up your sleeve

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Michaels vs Joann vs Hobby Lobby (Find Out The Best)

Fabric sources do not come in a one size fits all fashion. The different fabric stores all have their good points as well as their faults. The good thing about having multiple sources for fabrics and accessories

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What to Use Instead of a Zipper? 20 Fabric Fastening Options

In sewing, you always have lots of options to choose from. If you do not want to use a zipper then you can pick from one of many alternatives and still have the dress look ideal. You are not stuck using

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Gripper Silicone Gel For Clothing: Options and How To Use

Women have it lucky. Not only do they have a variety of clothing items to wear, but they also have a variety of ways to make sure those items do not malfunction and cause them any embarrassment. Some of

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Sewing Machine (How to Pack)

The price alone may be heart-stopping. But when you add the cost of shipping onto the price you may need some medical care. Shipping sewing machines is not going to be that cheap. At least when you do

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What Fabric to Line a Silk Dress? (8 Best Options)

Getting the lining right is one of the more important aspects of making a nice dress. That is because it is the lining that the wearer will feel every time you or she take a step. Also, the lining helps

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How do You Pronounce Janome Sewing Machine? (Singer, Juki)

What is in a name? A lot of if you try to pronounce a sewing machine maker’s corporate brand name. How you pronounce the terms will go a long way in communicating with others and finding the right sewing

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Where to Buy Fabric in San Diego CA: Our Top Fabric Stores

Sewing is fun. It can also be a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon. What makes it even more relaxing is when you know all the good stores to go to in order to purchase the fabric you need. Having

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Waist vs Hip: What is The Difference Between Waist and Hip?

If you don’t know your anatomy, then you might be in big trouble when it comes to sewing your clothes. Also, sewing for men might be a bit difficult as men have larger waists than women but smaller hips.What

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Hem Pleats: How to Shorten a Chiffon Pleated Skirt Easily

Size matters when it comes to fashion having the right length and other dimensions matter. Your look will depend on if you get the length just right. Even with chiffon pleats, the size matter and getting

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