Michaels vs Joann vs Hobby Lobby (Find Out The Best)

Fabric sources do not come in a one size fits all fashion. The different fabric stores all have their good points as well as their faults. The good thing about having multiple sources for fabrics and accessories is that when one is not up to par, you can always visit the other ones.

There is an objective way to measure which one is better than the other. It takes comparing prices, stock and customer service. But the problem is that each store has its specialties that help make them attractive to different groups of people.

To find out more about which store comes out on top of the sewing and craft store wars just continue to read our article. It brings the information you need for you to make your own decision on which one is best overall.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Fabric by the Yard?


The answer to this question is yes they do. The Hobby Lobby store would not be much of a fabric store if it did not offer its customers that sewing option. Although its selection may not be a very large one.

There have been observations made over the years that Hobby Lobby could stand to upgrade their selection and offer a more of a variety of fabrics than they already do. Another observation is that this fabric outlet may not have unique products that set them apart from other fabric chains or local craft stores.

That opinion may be due to some bias against the owners of the Hobby Lobby chain as we found other customers that have said if you can’t find it at Joann’s or Michael’s then you can find it at Hobby Lobby.

Of course, every store in the country cannot carry everything available.

Does Hobby Lobby Have Upholstery Fabric?


The good news here is that they do. Now what varieties or colors, etc., they carry and in which quantities can only be found when you visit their stores. Due to sales and other business strategies, they may not have the fabric you want in stock at the moment.

When this situation arises you can or should be able to ask them to order some in for you. One of the good aspects about Hobby Lobby is that their fabrics are competitively priced and often beat those of their competitors.

A lot will depend on the store’s location, the employees that work their and other business factors. Also, Hobby Lobby may not prioritize fabrics as much as Michael’s or Joann’s so their selection may not always be the best. But at least they have upholstery fabric when you are in a difficult spot and need some right away.

Is Hobby Lobby Fabric Good Quality?


The answer to this question will also be a depends answer. For some people, they have found the fabric selection to be on the low to medium side of quality. Others were not impressed by the quality of fabrics offered by Hobby Lobby.

On the other side of the coin, some customers find a few of the fabrics offered by Hobby Lobby to be of high quality. The fabrics they highlighted were ones used for quilts and upholstery.

What helps Hobby Lobby to stand out is that their salespeople provide good customer service and they are very knowledgeable. But that too depends on the store and which people they hire.

Another business practice they have offered in the past is for their customers to fill out a more fabric to make your requests for fabrics known to the company. One customer had a response the same day.

Is Hobby Lobby Cheaper Than Joann's?


This is going to be a yes and no answer. In some areas, the store chain doe shave lower prices than Joann. In other areas, Joann beats their competition and has lower prices.

Prices change from year to year and the price you pay will depend on what you are looking for. Hobby Lobby seems to have a sale every week lowering their prices on certain fabrics to a very low price but we have not heard the same for Joann’s.

It seems that Hobby Lobby routinely places top item son sale to make sure their customers get the best deals. One of the problems that Joann's has is that their employees are not always knowledgeable and they do not seem to have top math skills.

Those factors help determine if someone is going to shop at a given store over another one. The lack of customer service at Joann’s helps people justify paying a higher cost at Hobby Lobby.

Who Has Better Prices Michaels or Hobby Lobby?


This too will depend on which store you visit and which city those stores are located in. Some cities have a higher cost of living which influences prices at both stores. Sometimes one is left judging apples and oranges as the product lines at both stores, while similar, are of different qualities.

In one head to head comparison, Michael’s did not have lower prices on a majority of items they had in stock. On easels, they were about $10 more but Michael’s carried a greater selection than Hobby Lobby did.

Also, Micheal’s products were higher-end items that tend to cost a little more than the lower end products that Hobby Lobby carries. Sometimes Michael’s has a 70% off section whereas Hobby Lobby’s clearances are around 50% off. Yet Michael’s section was not neat and tidy at all.

The price comparison will also depend on the time of year as both stores try to clear out a product to make way for the new season of products coming in for sale.

Is Hobby Lobby Better Than Michaels?


This is hard to say as it is a very subjective decision to make. One customer refuses to shop at Hobby Lobby because of its charitable contributions do not go to organizations that customer favored.

Others do not like Hobby Lobby because they do not see it as a good fabric and sewing store to shop at. Plus the fact that Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays doesn’t help those people who need to find something fast and are not churchgoers.

If you are looking for quality over savings then possibly Michael’s is better than Hobby Lobby in that category. Hobby Lobby helps people save money while Michael’s helps them get better quality products to use in their different projects.

Then Michael’s usually has more of a selection on different items. That makes them a little better than Hobby Lobby as you may find what you want in stock at the former and not in stock at the latter.

No one we found during our research for this article really complained about Michael’s customer service. They had a lot of bad things to say about Joann’s version of customer service. Most praised Hobby Lobby as they felt the customer service at that store was superior to both.

They also liked the nice music that plays in the background at Hobby Lobby. So depending on your criteria to compare both stores, Hobby Lobby may come out the better of the two despite the differences in quality in their stock.

What is Better Michaels or Joanns?


The same perspective as the previous section applies to this comparison as well. Joann’s seems to carry a lot of variety of products like Michael’s does and keeps their prices lower than Michael’s.

But that situation does not bother Michael’s as they will meet their competitor's actual prices for the same product and then cut another 10% off. The same cannot be said of Joann’s.

The clearance section for Joann’s is hard to find and is at the back of the store. It is also not well maintained and looks as bad as Michael’s clearance section. Joann’s will take returns with or without a receipt while Michael’s does not. Michael’s gives you a 2-month return window but no word on how long you can return items to Joann’s.

One area that Joann’s tops both Hobby Lobby and Michael's is in the fabric and sewing selections. That company just has more than either store making them a very good place to shop when you need something in a hurry.

The only drawback is that Joann’s staff does not come with a stellar reputation for customer service. In the end, the store you shop at will depend on you and your experiences or personal views of each company.

Joann Fabrics vs Michaels Prices


Joann’s prices are said to be lower than Michael’s and on par with Hobby Lobby. They are trying to beat their competition through lower prices. But that fact doesn't mean the products you buy will be the best quality.

Michael’s prices are higher than Joann’s but the company takes the time to find high-quality products for its customers. That makes the difference between the two stores. But while Michael’s is higher in price, they also have a store policy that keeps them competitive.

They will match their competitors’ prices and then deduct an additional 10%. That is impressive so we mentioned it twice. Being flexible on pricing helps make Michael’s the better store to shop at than Joann’s.

Another thing in Michael’s favor is that when they stock an item, they make sure there is a very good selection for you to choose from. The other stores do not have the same size of selection even though their prices are a little cheaper.

Now, this is not to say that every store in either chain is going to be this way. Unfortunately, chain stores do vary within the chain and they may not be as good as the ones we used for these comparisons.

A Word About Hobby Lobby


There has already been some mention of the personal dislike for this craft chain and while it is understandable it is a bit unfair to the owners and the employees. To judge them according to their personal religious beliefs or their charitable contributions is painting everyone in the store with the same brush.

Sure the Hobby Lobby owner built the Museum of the Bible but that is no reflection on the store or its products. The owner’s religious beliefs do influence what goes into the store, how their customer service works and so on.

So far, we have not found too many complaints about Hobby Lobby’s business practices except for the long lines and lack of fabric selection. Their business practices are designed to give their customers better shopping experience as well as save them a few dollars.

That is a good reason to shop there. They know how to treat their customers.

Some Final Words

When you are bypassing the locally owned craft stores to do your fabric and other shopping it pays to check out the big 3. Each chain store, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s & Michael’s have a wide range of products for you to choose from.

Which one is best is up to you to decide. The facts are in and recorded above. A lot will depend on your personal preferences, project needs and how much your budget is. Each store has something to offer including good fabrics to sew with.

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