The Singer 5050C Sewing Machine Review (Year, Price, Manual)

Everyone knows the name Singer. This company has been around for so long and its models copied so much that you can’t travel anywhere in the world without finding someone who knows what a Singer sewing machine is. Now if they only knew what the model 5050C was all about.

To learn more about this old but not so old sewing machine, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need in order to determine if the sewing machine is a good fit for you or not. Take a few minutes and learn all about it.

What Year Was the Singer 5050C Made?


The closest we could come to finding the original production years was the 1990s to 2000ish. Without a real serial number to work with, finding that year will be difficult. Singer makes a lot of sewing machine models, and has made a lot ever since the turn of the last century, and tracking down production years can be difficult.

If you have an owner’s manual, you can try looking in that to see if there is a date for its production. Or the service manual might have it or look on the machine for the serial number and send it to Singer to get the exact date your machine was made. You can contact them through their website

That would be the best way to go about it or you can always check at Ismacs website which does have a comprehensive serial number list and the date they were issued.

Our Singer 5050 Sewing Machine Review

Not every machine Singer made or makes will be golden. They tend to have a few lemons from time to time but this model is neither. It is a handy machine but it does have flaws that interrupt your sewing and makes you hustle to find the parts you need.

Also, the tension can be finicky, and if your child fools with the reverse button you may have trouble with the stitch length and width. Curious hands rarely know what they are doing to machines.

It is a nice-looking machine with all the controls facing you and in convenient locations. That makes it easy to handle. All in all, it is a middle-of-the-road machine. Not perfect yet not a lemon either. Some people are pleased with it and others just got tired of fixing the common errors that occur.

Singer 5050C Price

Unlike some models of sewing machines from other brands we have recently written about, there is quite a few of this model on sale at eBay. The prices of each range a little bit with the lowest at $63 approx and the highest at $160.

It is not a lot of money and certainly nothing to get excited about. These prices are just a little bit higher and lower than they were roughly 10 years ago when the average price was $125.

You should be able to pick some up for cheap and make sure you have the parts you need. Or they make a good gift to a beginning sewer, No matter which way you go, you won't break the bank when you purchase one.

Neither will you get rich if you try to sell the one you have. There is a lot of this model still around so prices will not vary in the coming years.

Other Singer 5050C Sewing Machine Reviews


Reviews are mixed with the majority having a so-so attitude about the machine. they are not overly excited about them nor do they create a desire to own one at all costs. One owner isn't happy with her purchase as one day it caught fire and it was being left alone.

The other reviewers have the same laissez-faire type of attitude and no one really is jumping up and down shouting good things about its features, etc. It is a basic sewing machine that is not made that well in some cases.

The main complaint from other reviewers is that there is a problem with being able to use all the stitches that are built into this machine. If you want something cheap to teach a novice then this machine may be the right one as you will lose very little if the novice breaks it.

Downloading the Singer 5050C Manual

Because it is recent and it is a Singer sewing machine, you should have no problem finding a website that has this manual. Our go-to website has at least one and then Singer itself has placed their manuals online to help them go green. Whether they have many from the earlier models remains to be seen but you can try at this link.

Pinterest has some advertised. How good the quality is anyone’s guess. Check out their selection at this link. Then this link has a PDF version that is supposed to be free. There seems to be quite a selection at that last website.

With a quick search, you should be able to find a lot more download options from websites you trust. There seems to be a myriad of options available to you.

Finding Singer 5050C parts

Like download and hard copy manuals, this is not going to be a problem either. There are Singer parts companies all over the world and you can start your search with because the machine is about 30 years old we won't make any guarantees which parts you can find through the company itself.

Then there is this website. It specializes in sewing machine parts and they should have something for your 5050C when you contact them or go through their web pages. Another place to check would be this website. It is about as famous as the previous one and it also has a lot of sewing machine parts to sell you.

Our search turned up many online options but you are not limited to that option only. You can check Singer dealers, repair shops, and other places to find the parts you need. It is easy to get Singer parts and you won’t have to work very hard at doing it.

Singer 5050C Bobbin Size


It is possible that this model, being as recent as it is, would take a class 66 bobbin but is made from plastic, not metal. If you are a novice there is a difference between the two construction materials and you should never use them interchangeably.

If your machine comes with a plastic bobbin, then you have to stick with a plastic bobbin or you could create some common sewing issues that rob you of your sewing time. To be more specific about the bobbin size, it is the Apollo class you want.

All these details do make a difference and if you let one of them slide, then those common sewing issues will appear and you have to correct the mistake and even delay sewing until you find the right bobbin size. If you are not sure which one to use, or where to find them, Singer does have them on sale at their website.

5050C Bobbin Tension

About the only time you have to change the bobbin tension is when you change thread thicknesses. It is a smart idea to do so as too much tension or too little will create some sewing issues for you. The standard tension for the bobbin thread is fine for the standard size thread you use.

For the top thread, usually, the middle of the dial is the standard-setting and if you have too much tension or too little, you just move the dial one notch at a time in the right direction until you find the right tension setting.

A lot of the times you may never touch this dial but when you change fabrics or threads, you may be turning it often until you get the right setting. This is usually a trial by error situation as the tension can change on you or it may remain the same for a long time.

Singer 5050 Warranty


The 5050C warranty may have expired already depending on the exact date the machine was made and the terms of the warranty at that time. it is a lot easier to find the modern warranty for its latest models than the terms set out 30 years ago approx.

Some companies give 25-year warranties on some aspects of their sewing machine but it is hard to say with the 5050C. We are looking at their warranty page now and Singer’s modern machines are given a 25/5/1 term warranty with all those numbers representing years.

Here is the link to their warranty page so you can check all the terms out for yourself. There are several classes of warranties along with some being in English, French, and Spanish.

The term you get if you are buying used will depend on the person or store you are buying from and not Singer unless Singer is where you bought the machine.

Singer 5050 Weight

The overall weight of the 5050C sewing machine is about 16 to 20 pounds. The 5050 is 16 on the nose so we will use that number as a benchmark for the 5050C as we did not find weight in the owner’s manual when we checked.

That is still a nice weight but one that is manageable making it possible for you to move it on your own without help. Just remember to bend your knees when you pick them up.

The size of the machine is roughly 16 by 7 by 12 inches which should make it fit on many cabinets and sewing tables without crowding you or taking up a lot of space.

How to Thread a Singer 5050C Sewing Machine


This is an easy task as this machine is not a complicated serger that needs to have 2 to 5 threads threaded before you can start your work. The first step is to raise your take-up lever to its highest point.

Then you need to raise the presser foot to release the thread tension. The third step has you putting the thread on the spool pin and sliding the spool cover on to secure the spool in place.

Now take the thread and snap it in place at the first thread guide you come to and then move over to the side of the machine facing you and place the thread in the slot after going under the next guide.

Fifth, you need to bring the thread down and around the tension dial then lift the spring so the thread slides into the thread guard. Continue up till you get the thread to the take-up lever and going right to left, put the thread through that part.

Come back down to the 5th and 6th thread guides bring the thread through them respectively and then head over to the needle. Going from front to back, thread the eye of the needle pulling at least 3 inches through. That is all there is to it.

Some Final Words

Not every sewing machine can be a winner. Some are just middle-of-the-road machines which do their job quietly and efficiently. The Singer 5050C is one of the latter not the former.

Don’t pay too much for one as it is a flawed machine at times and you may have more trouble with it especially if it has been in service for 30+ years.

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