The Singer 6212C Sewing Machine (Review, Manual, Value, Year)

For many people, the older Singer sewing machines were the go-to machine to use and purchase. They were solidly built and it was easy to get parts when something went wrong. Not every model had a lot of built-in stitches but as long as they had the straight stitch and the zig-zag option, your sewing projects were covered.

There seem to be a few negative qualities to the machine. It did not work well with heavier fabrics but it was made back in the 1980s and designed for another purpose. The manuals seem to be easy to get thus it will be possible to thread a model you buy at an estate sale, etc.

To learn more about the Singer 6212C just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about if you ever come across one that is for sale. It was not and is not an expensive machine to purchase. The value is in the Singer name.

When was Singer 6212C Made?


We went to the most authoritative website to find the answer to this question. Ismacs has a very comprehensive and detailed list of all Singer models made throughout the years since the company was founded.

That list goes from #1 to #9920 which is the LE series and the 6212C is not mentioned. The 6212 is mentioned and is said to have been made between 1985 and 1989. This presents an interesting problem as one sewer has said that they received their 6212C in 1984 and their manual was also published in 1984.

The 1980s date did appear in another review so most likely Ismacs lumped the two model numbers together and the 6212C was made in the 1980s and Singer stopped production in 1989.

Or it was only made in 1984 and since the sewing machine was made in Brazil, it could have escaped Ismacs’ attention. The last word we have is that it was only in production for that year but stranger things have happened.

One seller over at Etsy thought his wife’s 6212C was made in 1987 but wasn’t sure. It may be possible but it is also possible that he did not know the exact date of production. Rest assured, the model did not make it out of the 80s, and to be fair to Ismacs, they did mention that the 6212 was made in Brazil as well.

Our Singer 6212C Review


Two good things are going for this sewing machine model. One, it is or was made by Singer and although they have had their lemons over the years, this doesn't appear to be one of them.

Two, this is a great model for beginners to learn how to sew on. There are not a lot of bells and whistles to confuse the novice making sewing a bit more fun. With 3 to 5 built-in stitch patterns one could practice using the main stitches, the straight and the zig-zag, until they were comfortable with using all of them.

The machine is easy to thread and with the horizontal spool design, the thread should come off the spool quite easily and without causing any tangles or other difficulties. A metal handle covered in plastic was durable and strong enough to hold the weight of the machine when it was necessary to move it.

A 4 step buttonhole option was also included in this package so people could sew shirts and blouses with ease. Plus, 3 preset needle positions were providing some flexibility when you needed it.

With no fancy electronic parts, it was purely a mechanical sewing machine that would be easy to fix if anything went wrong. A drop-in bobbin made adding the bottom thread a simple chore.

For those who do not like complicated sewing machines to work with, the 6212C fits that desire and makes sewing a simple task to be enjoyed.

Singer 6212C Value and Price

Beauty and value are in the eyes of the beholder. If you are the seller, the value of the 6212C may be a lot higher than if you were the buyer. That is just the nature of the buy and sell world. Some point between the two viewpoints you may find the right value.

We say that as over at eBay there are about 6- 6212Cs for sale at the time of this writing and the majority of them are selling for under $100. One was listed at $100 but it looks like it has been reduced to $75. The other 3 for sale under $100 are $90 and below.

However, when it is combined with a nice cabinet then you may be able to get about $150 approx. for it. There is one for sale on eBay for $155 and it looks to be in good condition.

There is one on that website selling for $275 or best offer but that top price may be a bit unrealistic for this model of sewing machine. It is a bare-bones sewing machine with only a couple of good features built-in so the value is not going to be high.

The value in the machine is that it is good for specific purposes and not meant to be anything more than a regular sewing machine that does the basics. When a device is in that category do not expect to get a lot of money for it.

There is just nothing on it or in it that will drive the price higher.

Finding a Singer 6212C Manual


The best place to start your search will be with Singer. We have written about their different models in the past and they seem to have a good selection of owner’s manuals going back decades.

They may still have a digital copy for this model but since it is a basic sewing machine, it may not place high on their priority list. But it never hurts to ask them. Then you can try our go-to manual supply website.

But the manual they offer for sale is the 6212 which is combined with the 6202 model. The C version may be close to the 6212 so this manual may be of some help to you but we cannot guarantee it will.

This website’s landing page is a little weird but it claims to have the 6212C manual ready for download. We have not tested it so you would be taking your chances in clicking the download button.

Pinterest says it has manuals for this model of sewing machine. How many they have is not known but a link to one appears at the top of the landing page. Those are the few options that appeared on our search. You may have more luck when you search for a manual.

If you do not need an electronic version, you can always try the different sewing machine repair shops or antique stores to see if they have any manuals available. Plus, garage sales, flea markets, and similar outlets may have a copy or two.

Singer 6212C Parts

When you go looking for parts, keep in mind that this model of sewing machine is over 30 years old and parts may not be as readily available as they once were. This website is advertising only 2 parts they can send you, the bobbin case Apollo and the foot control.

eBay did not have any parts for sale when we searched their website. But the cheaper models they have on sale may be inexpensive enough to buy and give you all the parts you need. Buying older sewing machines for parts will save you time and shipping charges over the long run.

You can try Singer directly as they do have a parts web page you can use to find different parts for different sewing machine models. We are not going to guarantee that they will but if you are desperate, they may be of some help to you.

This online store may be of some use as they advertise that they deal in vintage Singer sewing machine parts. They also state that they have Singer sewing machine manuals so this might be a great resource to use to help you find the parts you need.

Then for our British and European readers, this online outlet may be of some service to you. Their landing page says that they have many reconditioned parts available and if you do not see what you are looking for, contact them, and they may be able to find it in their warehouse for you.

What Size Bobbin for Singer 6212C


Bobbin sizes and classes do not change that much. The 6212C is supposed to take a class 66 which is the same size as a 1913 treadle machine bobbin. This size or class of bobbin is still very easy to find.

You may want to stick with a Singer-made class 66 as sometimes different sewing machine makers put little tweaks on their parts just to make sure that you can only buy from them.

As you know bobbins come in empty as well as pre-wound styles and we doubt it makes much of a difference for the 6212C. The main problem that you will have is deciding if you should buy the metal class 66 or the plastic version.

Your owner’s manual should help you out there as no one is mentioning if the two are interchangeable or not. You can locate both styles on this website and there should be many more online outlets that carry standard bobbin sizes.

Plus, your local sewing accessories stores should have some on hand to make sure you get what you need fast. The big-box stores in your area will have a fine selection as well.

How do you Thread a Singer 6212C Sewing Machine?


The first step in this process is like any other sewing machine model you can find. You need to raise the take-up arm to its highest position first and then raise the presser foot.

Next, place your spool of thread on the spool pin and place the spool cap on the spindle to hold the spool in place. Once that is done, take the thread end to the first thread guide.

It is easy to find as it is near the middle of the machine and there are no other parts close to it to confuse you. The thread guide is a plastic post and you will hear a click when you get the thread in correctly.

After you hear the click, pull the thread over to the edge of the machine closest to you and place the thread through the metal thread guide at the top of the machine. Now go down and around the tension knob going behind the bar on your way back up.

Make your way up to the take-up bar and thread the thread through that going right to left. Come back down to the pigtail thread guide and wind the thread through it. Keep moving to the pigtail thread guide above the needle and after putting the thread there move to the thread guide slot just below it.

When you have placed the thread correctly in the last thread guide thread the needle from the front to the back. Pull the thread through a few inches. And you are done.

Some Final Words

The Singer 6212C may not have been a very popular machine as there are not that many around and the value is so low. But it is a dependable sewing machine that may be perfect for the novice sewer in your family. It is simple to operate and has the basics needed to make nice clothing or do other sewing projects.

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