Suede Breathability: Is it OK to Wear Suede in The Summer

When the weather clears up and the sun shines people change their wardrobes to match the warmer weather. Breathability is the main fashion thought and wearing the right fabric on hot days can make a lot of difference to how your day goes.

Is it ok to wear suede in the summer? One of the main reasons it is okay to wear suede in the summertime is that there is little rain. The lack of rain means less of a chance to ruin your suede clothing items including your shoes. Suede is naturally porous making it a great fabric for breathability.

To learn all about suede and summertime fun just continue to read our article. It has the information you have been looking for when it comes to suede and summer. Just a few minutes of your time should catch you up and help you plan your summer wardrobe.

Does Suede Breathe?


Yes it does. The reason for its great breathability is that the fabric is very porous. This characteristic applies to suede shoes. Your feet should sweat less in the summer if you turn to that style of shoes when you go out or go to the office.

Also, you can find breathability in suede car seats, suede furniture, and other items where suede is used. Leather is known for its ability to breathe but suede tops that in a heartbeat.

The fabric has a great ability to absorb sweat and humidity then release the heat very quickly. That is one of the great aspects of wearing leather or suede. You should remain cooler, sweat less, and be more presentable when you meet important people.

Just don’t wear suede in the rain and you should be okay.

Does Suede Make You Sweat?

No, you should sweat less when you wear suede. Especially if you are wearing suede shoes. Your feet should be more comfortable and not endure a lot of heat as suede releases that heat very quickly

The fabric you should be wary of is faux suede. Since it is fake suede the material does not have the qualities that natural suede has. You may sweat more wearing faux suede clothing and shoes.

On a hot summer day or even in a hotter Indian summer, you should wear suede to keep your body from overheating. The porous nature of suede lets that heat out keeping you nice and comfortable all day and all night.

Does Suede Show Sweat?


The best answer we can give is that suede can show sweat. Whether it shows it all the time is a question that is subject to debate. Even with the great breathing ability sweat can reach leather surfaces.

One reason for that is that some people sweat heavily no matter which fabric they have on. That onslaught of moisture will overcome any benefit the porous material has and the sweat gets to the surface.

If you do not want the sweat stains to show, you need to mix some soap and warm water in a bowl till there are lots of suds. Then apply the suds to the stains with a sponge.

After that is done, just wipe the area with a dry clean cloth. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get those sweat stains off your suede clothing and shoes. Then recondition the suede with leather conditioning products so it looks new again.

Does Faux Suede Breathe?

It will probably breathe as well as polyester and plastic do. Those are the materials that comprise faux suede and although it resists stains and water faux suede doesn’t have the porous nature natural suede has.

Faux suede construction materials are made with a tight weave cutting down on any real openings that would allow the material to breathe easily. You may find that you sweat more in faux suede than you would in natural materials.

The reputation both leather and sued have is that they are the most breathable fabric out there. That means that faux suede is not as good at breathing as natural suede is. The reason people turn to faux suede for their shoes, etc., is that they are easier to clean and can be worn out in bad weather.

The cost is a lot cheaper as well. The choice is not an easy one when you have to choose between buying natural suede or faux suede. Both come with lots of benefits.

Does Suede Need To Breathe?


Yes suede shoes need to breathe. There is a very good reason why you should not block the airflow when you are not wearing your suede shoes. For suede to stay in top shape it needs to let the moisture continue to go through its fibers.

If you stop or block that moisture from going through, the suede the fabric may start to rot. The trapped moisture starts to work on the protein bonds ruining their hold and soon your shoes are ruined.

What blocks this process of passing the air through leather is when you use too much silicone products or oil. Those products may protect the shoe and keep them nice and soft and flexible but overdoing it clogs the pores and stops the air.

Once the air gets trapped the excess works on the leather and undermines any protective measure you have taken. So when you store your suede shoes it is okay to put them in a box or a bag to keep the dust off just don’t stop the airflow

Does Suede Breathe Better Than Leather?

No. Since both are products of the same material they both are some of the best breathing fabrics out there. Cotton may be the only fabric that breathes better than leather or suede.

Both materials have the same porous nature but the only advantage suede may have over leather is that it is a thinner fabric. That thin layer may make all the difference. What makes it hard to say which breathes better is that there is no real way to measure breathability.

You need to keep in mind that if you are out in the sun you will sweat. The materials you have on will either release the heat and help you cut down on your sweating or it won’t. Both leather and suede release the heat very well so you won’t sweat as much when you are out in the sun.

Can Suede Shoes be Worn Year-Round?


Yes, nothing is stopping you from wearing suede shoes all year round. The only aspect of life that may cause you to decide to wear shoes made from other fabrics is that rain and snow can ruin your suede shoes.

It is just a matter of common sense if you wear suede shoes or not. If the day is sunny and warm then by all means wear your shoes in all seasons. If the day is cold, rainy, or snowy then it is best to wear a pair of shoes made from a different fabric.

When Should You Stop Wearing Suede Shoes?

When the weather is bad and the air is filled with lots of moisture. Water and moisture are not friends of suede so it is best to leave those shoes in your closet when the day is raining or forecast to rain.

Also, snow is not a good time to wear suede shoes. Snow being frozen water is not a friend of suede and can leave water stains as well as ruin the shoes if they get too wet.

It may be questionable to wear suede shoes on days with high humidity as well. That excess moisture may not leave stains but it can influence the fabric somewhat. Especially if the high humidity gets trapped in the shoes and can’t get out.

Can You Wear Suede in The Rain?


You can but you won’t like what happens to your shoes if you do. It is best not to wear suede shoes or suede anything when the weather is not so good and the chance of rain is high.

Water just doesn’t like suede and the fabric is very delicate. Getting them wet is like wetting the wicked witch of the west in the movie Wizard of Oz. They will be ruined and destroyed.

Some Final Words

Suede is a great-looking material that really upgrades your natural beauty. You should take care of your suede items like you care for your natural beauty. It is okay to wear suede in the summer as it is a very breathable fabric.

The only thing you have to watch out for when wearing suede in the summer are those rainy days. Avoid wearing suede when the weather is not predicted to be sunny and warm.

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