Troubleshooting Husqvarna Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair Guide)

This world is not perfect and even though you invest a lot of money into the top sewing machine you will find one day a broken part or the machine won’t turn on. It will happen so be prepared for it by knowing what to do when it does happen.

The first thing you need to do when your Husqvarna sewing machine stops working is to check your warranty. Any work done by you could leave you in a precarious position as your warranty is voided and your protection is gone.

To learn how to fix your Husqvarna sewing machine after the warranty has expired, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to do quick, easy to do repairs, and keep you on track in your sewing schedule.

Common Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Problems


There are a lot of common problems you will face when you own a Husqvarna sewing machine. Here are a few of those common problems you have to fix on your own:

Needle breaks or is bent- replace the needle.

Needle in the wrong way- remove the needle and reinsert it the right way.

Bobbin thread breaks- wind a new bobbin, replace the stitch plate, replace the bobbin.

Fabric not feeding- make sure the feed dogs are in the up position, increase stitch length.

Skipped stitches- check for a broken needle, change to the proper needle for fabric, re-thread top and bobbin threads, turn the machine off to reset, change to correct presser foot, make sure needle is inserted properly and in the right direction.

Thread cutter not working- remove the bobbin and clean area, make sure the thread cutter is turned on.

The machine will not sew- make sure the machine is plugged in, check foot control connection, model 20 put bobbin winder in left positions, model 30 put bobbin winder to the right position.

How to Take Apart a Husqvarna Sewing Machine

Removing the covers on different Husqvarna sewing machines may not be done in the same fashion. To remove the cover of the 150 E you need to remove the screw on the back panel first. Lift it up and it will come out.

Then go to the front panel and there is a screw at the rear and one hiding under the reverse lever. Push the reverse lever down to see it. Remove both screws and lift the panel off.

Next is the base plate and there is one lone screw that needs to come out. Now before you remove the front panel, you need to remove the stitch selector first. Once that is done you can remove the front panel.

Then if you have your owner’s manual look inside it to find the location of other screws if you need to take more parts off. Sometimes you do not have to if your repair is minor.

Husqvarna Sewing Machine Not Stitching


The first place to check is always your power supply. Make sure the machine is plugged in and the power button is turned on. Sometimes on the newer models, all you have to do is shut it down and let it reset itself for a couple of hours and the machine will start up again.

If you are plugged in, and the power button is on, check your foot control to see if there is a loose wire or other connection problems. Tighten up any loose wires or see if any part in the foot connector burned or shorted out. Replace those parts.

Some Husqvarna machines operate with parts in opposite positions. Check to see if your bobbin winder is in the sewing position. On some machines that position is to the left and on others that position is on the right.

Husqvarna Tension Problem

One source for this problem is that you did not clean your machine recently and dirt, loose threads, and fibers got in the way of the tension spring. Just clean your machine thoroughly and make sure you get the area where the tension spring is located.

Another source for this problem would be the bobbin. It may be wound too tightly or loosely, you will get inconsistent tension. Re-wind the bobbin if this is the cause. If the tension is not balanced you need to make sure the bobbin thread is wound right and then you go to the needle tension and adjust it to balance it out.

Then if the thread tension is too tight, you will have to loosen the top tension and then double-check the tension on the bobbin thread and the top thread. Make sure you threaded the machine correctly.

Sewing Machine Not Feeding


There are 3 possible origins of this problem. The first would be that the stitch length is set wrong so the machine will not work properly. It is possible that the previous user set the stitch length to 0 and forgot to change it back. Just change the setting and your machine should work again.

The second source for this problem is that the feed dogs are in the wrong position.. This happens if you were doing some free motion quilting. The feed dogs need to be out of position when doing that sewing technique. Just return the feed dogs to their correct position and you should be good to go.

The final source for this problem won’t be on all machines as it requires the presence of the free motion quilting set. If the setting is still turned on, then your machine won’t feed the fabric through the needle.

As an honorable mention, the presser foot may be set to high and you would need to lower it.

Husqvarna Sewing Machine Won't Zigzag

In this instance, you need to check your owner’s manual to find the proper stitch setting for this style of stitching. You will need to reset the stitch to the proper length and width before it will work again.

Or your bobbin area needs a good cleaning. Even though it may sound strange, a dirty bobbin area or machine will affect your stitch patterns. Then you may need to oil the zig-zag components to make sure they can move freely and respond to the machine’s directions.

Another possibility is that the tension is either too tight or too loose. In either case, your stitch patterns won’t work. Finally, check your timing. If the timing is off then the needle can’t grab the thread and the zig-zag pattern won’t show up on your fabric.

Husqvarna Machine Reverse Not Working


In some cases, like the Husqvarna 2000, the mechanism is stuck. All you need to do if this is the problem is to take your hairdryer and heat up the oil to loosen the mechanism. Then you will need to clean and oil the area to make sure the environment is at optimum levels.

Sometimes you may have to push the button in and out several times to get all the gunk out of the way before it will let you sew in reverse again. Or you may have a broken button and it would have to be replaced by a qualified repairman.

Then the most common source of this problem is that the machine needs a good cleaning. Get rid of all dust, dirt, old threads, and so on from your machine and then lubricate it. That should take care of the problem if the other two solutions do not work.

Husqvarna Foot Pedal Not Working

Okay, this problem can be found by simply looking at your foot pedal. Check the cord to make sure there are no breaks, cracks, or burns anywhere along the cord. Replace the foot pedal if there are.

Next, you should open up the foot pedal to see if there are any loose or broken wires. Repair the wires by tightening them back up or replacing them or the power cord.

Another option is that the foot pedal was not plugged into your machine correctly. Unplug it and plug it back in again to test that suggestion.

It also may be that your machine is not plugged in so your foot pedal cannot get any power. If you can’t find the problem it may be that the foot pedal is either broken beyond repair or it isn’t the problem after all.

Touch Screen Not Working


If you are having trouble with your touch screen there is one simple option you can do before visiting your local repairman. You have to go into your SET menu and push the touch screen to the adjust button. If that does not do it, then you need to pack the machine up and take it into an approved Husqvarna repairman.

You can also try shutting the machine off for a couple of hours to see if that time period resets the touch screen. But again, if that does not work, go to your repairman for help.

It is not a good idea to mess with the touch screen if you do not know anything about them or if you do not have the correct tools to work on it. You will end up doing more harm than good. Let the trained professionals do it because that is why they are paid the big bucks.

Viking Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming

One of the first steps you need to take is to turn the machine off and unplug it. Then open up the bobbin case, remove the bobbin and case till you see the hook. Clean the hook of any dirt, etc., and oil it. Rotate the handwheel in both directions to see if that frees up the machine. If so, then you are back on schedule.

Or your fabric may be the cause and you will have to gently, yet firmly tug on the fabric till you get it out of the machine and away from the needle. You may have to do some thread cutting here as well.

The machine may have a problem with too much thread in one spot. In this situation, you would have to remove the bobbin, the throat plate, and other areas and cut the thread that has jammed the machine.

If your needle is bent, then that would be another source for this problem. You would have to check your needle and replace it if it is.

Husqvarna Sewing Machine Stuck in Reverse


The most common source for this issue is that your machine is dirty and something is blocking the reverse lever or button from being moved out of position. A good cleaning and oiling is the solution in this case.

Or it could be that you have a broken lever or button that needs fixing and replacing. But try pushing the reverse button or lever in and out or up and down to unstick the mechanism.

A third source is common with some Husqvarna sewing machines. The reverse button gets locked in that position and you have to lightly lift the button up to get it to unlock. Or your feed dogs are dirty and won’t let the machine switch directions.

Cleaning that area will help unlock the reverse feature and get you moving again. Finally, reboot the machine if it is a computerized model.

Some Final Words

Repairing the common problems on your Husqvarna sewing machine is not a difficult task to do. The trouble comes in when your sewing machine is a new computerized version. In those cases, you should let the repairman handle the trouble.

As we said earlier, make sure your warranty has ended before you start fooling around with your sewing machine. Canceling your protection is not a smart thing to do even if it saves you a few bucks. Protect your warrant as well as your machine.

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