What Does Suede Smell Like? (How to Make Suede Smell Better)

Presenting a positive image often depends on what the fabric you are wearing smells like. Some fabrics have a very soft, almost discreet odor that can easily be covered by perfume. Other fabrics just do not co-operate and send out a distinct odor that may not be welcomed by you or your friends.

What does suede smell like? When new, suede has a very pleasant odor that reminds one of the great outdoors. It is more of a manly scent that is distinct from other fabrics. When one wears suede they do not need to put on perfume as the suede scent is very strong.

To learn all about the scent that comes with suede just continue to read our article. It explores the issue for you and uncovers the facts about this wonderful fabric. Spend a few minutes reading about suede and how to get rid of the nasty odors that cling to it.

Why Does Suede Smell?

The main reason that suede smells is that it is a very porous fabric. It will replace its great natural odor with a variety of other odors very easily. The porous nature makes suede an easy fabric to adopt a variety of smells.

From cigarette smoke to last night's fish dinner to the chemical odors that come from dry cleaning the fabric. Some people like the smell of natural and new suede or leather. It has its own unique odor that is not offensive and reminds them of being a cowboy.

Unfortunately, suede and leather have this ability o attract any and all odors from whatever it is near. So to describe what suede smells like just think of the last place you wore it. The material is sure to pick up the4 odor from that location as well as many other places you have visited.

What Does Black Suede Smell Like?


If you are talking about the fabric it is going to smell like most other suede fabrics. It remains porous and does not lose the ability to pick up the odors of different vents you have attended or friend’s homes you have visited.

Even if you dry clean black suede you most likely won’t smell the fabric but the chemicals the dry cleaner used to clean the material. But there is a cologne by Avon called Black Suede and it has its own fragrance that may be attractive to the nose.

It comes with a leathery fragrance and a bit of a powdery texture and odor. That sweetens the smell of this cologne. The ingredients include nutmeg, amber, musk, oakmoss, cloves, and woodsy notes.

These ingredients are combined to give the cologne its unique fragrance that helps men smell like men. Sadly, since its inception in 1980, it seems that Avon has continued to water down the ingredients and the original scent is said to be barely there these days.

What Does Peppered Suede Smell Like?

There doesn’t seem to be a suede fabric version called peppered suede and the closest we were able to come to peppered suede is a suede de suede perfume that seems to capture the essence of what the outdoors are like and what the suede fabric represents.

Since it is really hard to decide what suede and leather actually smell like, the suede makers had a lot of leeway on creating this fragrance. There is also no natural extract that replicates the fragrance that comes with suede materials so this fragrance is as good as it gets.

The uniqueness of this fragrance is its earth tones that help the wearer be reminded of the roots of natural suede fabric. The pleasant fragrance should tickle just about any person’s nose and make the wearer appear more interesting.

Don’t expect peppered suede to smell like pepper. It's a broad smell that doesn't have any stable or consistent scents setting it apart from other fragrances marked with the suede name.

What Does Blush Suede Smell Like?


It is best to put any thought or memory of makeup blush odors out of your mind when you want to get an idea of what blush suede smells like. Instead, think of apples and apple cider. Not green apples but the great cidery smell you get when you drink some great fresh apple cider made from the best apples possible.

To add to that fragrance the makers have added a flowery scent to offset the apply and make it smell more luxurious. There is also a hint of honeyed dusky ingredients that remove any lemon flower-like odors from the perfume.

Finally, the suede in this perfume is not leathery but the powdery fragrance that may not appeal to every woman. Like the suede fabric, it is difficult to describe the exact scent in mere words.

It is best to try some for yourself to see if you like the mixture of scents and ingredients. One thing is for sure, you won’t be smelling like any livestock once you put this perfume on and that is a very good thing.

How to Get Rid Of Suede Smell

Your suede will smell like one of those fragrances if you use them while wearing a suede dress, coat or even a carry a suede bag. If you do not want that fragrance to clash with a different one you are wearing then you need to learn how to remove the odors from the suede fabric.

There are simple steps to follow and step on is to hang the suede item on a hanger and place a plastic bag over it. Then seal the bag by the hanger hook so nothing gets out the top.

Next, fill a sock with some baking soda and tie off the open end of the sock. When that is done, place the sock in the bag with the suede clothing item and seal the bottom of the bag. How you seal it is up to you.

Now hang the item up for 5 days. After that period has ended, pull out the sock. If the odors are not gone, repeat the process using fresh baking soda.

Why Does My Suede Smell Bad?


This situation is not because you failed to take it to the cleaners and get it cleaned regularly. Nor is it due to the fact you did not wait long enough to wear it after using the baking soda and plastic bag method.

The fault lies with the nature of the suede material. Natural suede is very porous and it has not met an odor it does not like. The material picks up different odors very quickly no matter where you go.

Even if you are not a smoker, your suede clothing items can attract the cigarette smell and hold onto it like it was starved for nicotine. So do not blame yourself if your suede items smell bad.

Just select a good odor removing method and let it take those bad odors away for you. A little time is all you need to get rid of those odors.

How to Make Suede Smell Better

If you do not want to use baking soda, there is an alternative ingredient you can use that claims it removes those bad odors very quickly. There are just a few replacements for the plastic bag, baking soda, and socks.

Instead of using a plastic bag use a paper one. There is one less hole to seal. Then you use coffee grounds instead of baking soda and nylon hose instead of socks. This process is the same as you put the coffee grounds inside the nylon hose and seal the open ends.

Then you place the suede garment and the filled nylon hose in the paper bag and seal it up for 1 to 2 weeks. Make sure the coffee is not wet when you put it inside the nylon. If it is, the coffee grounds will stain.

The nylon bags filled with coffee can be inserted into handbags and similar suede items to relieve them of their excessive odors.

Does Suede Smell When Wet?


Yes, it will smell when the material gets wet. Again, you really have to be there when it is wet because using mere words to describe the odor does not do the topic justice. The best way to describe the odor is to remind you of what a wet dog smells like after a hard rain.

If your suede starts to smell bad after it gets wet, there is a simple solution. You can try one of the two methods mentioned earlier to remove the odor. This entails waiting a long time before you can wear the item again.

Or you can take the garment to your dry cleaners and let them get the odor out. Of course, you may be replacing one bad odor with another and have to use one of those two home remedies anyways.

Some people like that wet dog smell and if you are one of those people, don’t do anything. Your only worry will be the people who come in contact with you later on.

How to Make a Suede Couch Smell Good


There are several methods you can try to get those foul odors from your suede couch. The first one only requires a little muscle. If you have help, move the couch to your outdoor or screened patio and let the fresh air remove the odors.

If you do not have one of those, you can open the windows and turn on some fans to let the air clear those smells from your couch. Then there is the baking soda method. This is where you sprinkle baking soda all over the couch and cushions. Remove the cushions and spread baking soda in their place.

Wait an hour and brush the baking soda into a dustpan. Or you can use a vacuum if you want. There is the vinegar and water method where you mix the two ingredients and gently brush it on the couch.

Or put the mixture in a spray bottle and mist the couch. Use fans to dry the couch after you are done. Finally, there is the mold and mildew musty smell. When you smell this one you cannot delay in getting rid of it as both bacteria forms are hazardous to your health.

In this situation, you mix rubbing alcohol and water together and just dampen a clean cloth. When that is done rub the cloth over the mold and mildew spots. This is after you vacuum the couch using a device that has a HEPA filter inside.

After you have finished air the couch out to dry. You may have to unzip cushions to get the mold and mildew that has grown on the inside. Use newspapers and stuff them inside the cushions to help remove the odor.

Suede Boots Smell Like Mildew

The process for the removal of this odor from suede shoes is similar to removing the odor from a sofa. Just do it outside so you do not spread any spores around your home.

First, brush off any mildew you can with a brush. Be firm but do not press so hard you ruin your shoes. Rub rubbing alcohol and water onto the stained area until the mildew is gone and then use a fan to help it dry quickly.

Some Final Words

Suede has a fragrance that is all its own. One that is very hard to put into words. Most people like the smell of suede when it is new. But when it absorbs other odors, then the suede doesn't smell so good.

The simple methods described above may take some time to remove those foreign smells but they work. Just be patient and be careful not to ruin the suede.

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