What Does Tencel Lyocell Feel Like? (Is It Soft and Itchy)

Despite all the differences, which fabric you buy may come down to how it feels against your skin. That is important as you need to remain calm, cool, collected, and having rough, itchy fabric scratching you all the time does not make you look good or help you make a great first impression.

What does Tencel Lyocell feel like? Tencel Lyocell is supposed to feel soft, comfortable as well as be gentle on your skin. That is a good feeling when you are still getting to know a new romantic interest. You can concentrate on being you instead of trying to get comfortable in your seat.

To find out what Tencel Lyocell feels like in further detail just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know if you have never worn this material before. According to the company, this material is the next best thing to sliced bread.

What Does Lyocell Feel Like?


Even though it is not categorized as a natural fiber, Tencel Lyocell does provide a nice soft, natural feel when you put this material on. That is good news as that feel makes you relax and feel more comfortable.

When you are more comfortable you can perform any task a lot better and impress the boss. Plus, it is woven with long fibers which makes the fabric feel high quality, silky and elegant.

Then it shouldn’t develop any static clean as it drapes well providing you lots of freedom to move without fear of losing your dignity. With its high absorbency rate, 50% better than cotton, you should also feel drier even when participating in active sports.

The feel all comes from the manufacturing process as it uses natural fibers to create a fabric that is supposed to be the next best fabric that is not totally natural. In addition, those natural fibers help make this fabric breathable, keeping you cool when everyone else is hot under the collar.

Does Tencel Feel Like Silk?

In a way, you can say it feels a little like silk. The feel of Tencel will depend a lot on how thick it is made and the quality of the fabric you bought as thicker Tencel often feels softer than denim.

A thinner Tencel material will have the silky feel to it as the material will drape well. Plus, it is soft next to your skin just like silk tends to be. But this material is easier to take care of than silk.

That alone makes it worth its weight in gold. Shaving off laundry hassles is a blessing to any woman who has to wash the family’s clothes and this material does just that.

It helps cut your workload and reduces your worries when washing this fabric. On the other hand, silk is delicate and you have to watch every step you make when trying to get it clean the old fashioned way.

The other good aspect of this fabric is that while it is a little more costly than most competing fabrics out there, it is still not as expensive as silk.

Is Lyocell Soft?


Softness is one of this fabric’s claims to fame. It is hard to beat the level of softness this material comes in. That is just one of the many positive properties that make Tencel Lyocell so popular. Having it next to your skin makes life a little more bearable.

But there are other good qualities this material has. One of those is that it is so soft that it is very gentle on your skin. That gentleness helps you feel confident and more lady like. With a gentle soft feel, you can focus on what you are doping instead of finding a way to remain comfortable.

On top of that, this fabric is supposed to be smooth. That means you should not feel any roughness or irritating movements that distract you from your conversation or your duties.

The amount of softness that you feel will depend a lot on how you care for it. Treat it right and the material should treat you right. Proper care helps retain that soft, gentle, smooth feeling you get every time you place this fabric on your body.

Is Lyocell Itchy?

The answer to this question is going to be rather hard no. Lyocell is not itchy. There are reasons for that answer and two of them have been mentioned in the previous section. One, the gentleness of this fabric is not going to make you itch no matter how much you move.

What might make you itch would be using the wrong cleaning products but not the fabric. Two, the fabric is designed to be smooth. Without that rough wool-like texture, you should not feel any irritations on your skin. You should feel nothing but smooth fabric all day long.

A third reason why this fabric shouldn’t feel itching is that it is self thermo regulating which means that you should feel cool when it is hot and warm when it is cool. Without that sticky perspiration next to your skin, you should not have to scratch, especially at the wrong time.

On top of all that, the failure of this fabric to build up any static electricity means that you won’t lose your drape and the fabric won’t tickle you as you wear it. These are just some of the qualities that help keep the itch away from this material.

Is Lyocell Warm?


It is said that this is one of the better fabrics to keep you warm on a cold day. That is due to the self thermoregulating the fabric does to maintain a perfect balance for your temperature-wise.

In cold weather, the fabric helps keep you dry so you do not have that layer of moisture on your skin that enables the cold temperatures to chill your body. Depending on the thickness of the material you should stay warm wearing this fabric.

Also, this material is great for warm weather and it helps keep you cooler when you are more active or the temperatures start going up. It is sort of an all-season fabric like cotton. Then because this material is now found in denim, you should remain warm until you change your clothes.

This is supposed to be the breakthrough the fashion world has been waiting to see take place. This fabric does it all, almost, and it has fewer weaknesses or flaws than many other fabrics you can buy. If you can fit it into your clothes budget, then give it a try and see what you think. After all, it is your opinion that will count here.

Does Lyocell Keep You Warm?

Yes, lyocell can keep you warm and its thermoregulating property helps keep you cool when the night and the blankets get too hot to sleep comfortably. This fabric is great when it is incorporated into the bedding.

That thermoregulating system works wonders as it helps keep you warm when you are drifting off to sleep and then helps you cool down as the room gets a little hotter throughout the night

Plus, it is a good first layer to put on when you are going outside to do different winter activities. Layers help and with a top-notch first layer you should stay warm all the time you are out in the cold weather.

But we reserve the right to let you decide for yourself on this issue. After all, it is you who will be taking the risk and you should try different Tencel Lyocell clothing to see for yourself how well it keeps you warm.

Is lyocell Safe For Babies?


This is going to be your call after hearing as many facts as can be presented here. First, it must be said that there is no perfect fabric. They all have flaws and additives that help them perform to their desired tasks. These flaws are not always healthy to have around but you can’t escape them.

Second, Tencel is soft, smooth, gentle which makes it ideal for little babies to have near them. The material is also hypoallergenic meaning that it should be safe for a baby’s sensitive skin.

With its smoothness, your child should not feel any real irritation when he or she moves during their sleep time or when he or she is crawling around on the floor. The thermoregulating nature of Tencel should help your baby avoid being too cool or overheating.

Three, Tencel Lyocell is said to be made from non-toxic chemicals. Unlike polyester, rayon, acrylic, and nylon, Tencel should not harm your child through having different chemicals absorbed through the skin.

Clothing made with toxic chemicals should be of some concern as these additives have been known to help cause different illnesses including Parkinson’s disease. Some may be cancer-causing as well. So right now Tencel is looking good for babies to wear.

Is Lyocell Shiny?

According to the Tencel website, this material does have a sheen to it. Whether it is due to the chemical additives, the production process, or the natural tree cellulose material is not known for sure. All three together can be responsible for the shine that is found on this material.

Tencel bamboo may not be as shiny as some other fabrics but a nice sheen is still there helping the material look attractive and good. One area you have to be careful about is when you go to iron Tencel clothing.

If by chance you remain in one place too long, your iron may scorch or cause the material to get even shinier. Unfortunately, when this happens, Tencel seems to display that error quite unabashedly and everyone will see that mistake.

Some fading will take place over time and repeated washing so it is best to wash the material on cool and hang to dry. This protects both the color and the sheen making sure your Tencel clothing retains its good looks.

Tencel Lyocell’s Pros And Cons


Just like there is no perfect fabric, Tencel Lyocell comes with a few negative aspects that keep it from being declared a superhero fabric. Here are those positive and negatives that help you get a complete picture of this material:


  • Made from Eucalyptus trees which grow on land that cannot sustain other crops.
  • The tree doesn’t require irrigation water.
  • The tree doesn’t require irrigation water.
  • There is no need to use insecticides or pesticides to keep the bugs away.
  • It is very eco friendly even throughout its production.
  • Easy to wash and accepts dyes very well due to the natural fibers in the fabric.
  • The material is comfortable, soft, and smooth providing you with a gentle touch.
  • The fabric is biodegradable.
  • Non-toxic chemicals are used in their manufacturing.
  • Hypoallergenic, wrinkle-free, good for sensitive skin, and more.


  • Since Tencel uses wood cellulose trees are cut down to make the fabric.
  • Not as durable as viscose and may wear out faster than you expect or want.
  • Can be very expensive to buy.
  • Costs more to produce than cotton fabrics.
  • Can absorb skin oils which in turn produces stains on the fabric.
  • May not be sold everywhere so it can be difficult to find.

Some Final Words

While Tencel lyocell can make you feel good about yourself as well as give you a nice soft fabric to wear, its price may shock you and keep you from buying this material. The sheets alone can run you over $100.

But if you have the budget for this material, it is great for people with sensitive skin, allergies, or asthma and its thermoregulating makes it a perfect all season material to have on your bed.

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