What Is And Where to Find Flannel Back Satin Fabric

Fabrics are very flexible. You can use them in a hundred different ways and never lose out on the positive characteristics. Not only can use different fabrics as the primary material, but they can also be used as backing to add an extra element to your sewing project.

What is flannel back satin fabric? This style of material is satin fabric given a nice warm backing material making what you are creating an excellent clothing item for cooler weather. The flannel winterizes the satin so you can feel luxurious as well as cozy at the same time. The material should be found at any fabric outlet.

To learn more about where to find flannel-backed satin, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know in order to make good use of this excellent material.

What is Flannel Back Satin?


Basically, this material is a combination of luxury and warmth. You have the look and feel of satin on one side and the warmth and coziness of flannel on the other. That combination of materials provides you with the best of both worlds and opens up your sewing project options.

The flannel-backed satin is great for sleepwear as the user will stay nice and warm while still complementing their figure. Or, it is a great material to spruce up the look of your bed and bedroom.

The satin outer fabric will add a nice look to bedspreads, draperies, pillowcases, and even blankets. Then with the coziness of flannel on the other side, you should no lose out on any warmth or comfort as you sleep.

Then with the large array of colors and designs, you have almost unlimited mixing and matching options to make sure your bedroom looks like a princess sleeps there.

Flannel Lined Satin Fabric


There are lots of good uses for this material. Etsy has 52 different uses and one great sewing project would be a nice oriental robe. You get the look and feel of satin without sacrificing any warmth.

Or, you can place the material in a jacket lining. The jacket will slide on easily as the satin is nice and slick. Then you get a little barrier from the cold because of the thickness and style of the flannel backing.

Or you can use it as a quilt backing material for those regions of the country that are extremely cold. The uses of this fabric are immense and you should not run out of ideas any time soon.

For the material to be considered stain though, the thread count has to be around 220 or higher. Then flannel and satin can both be made from 100% cotton. You are just getting the results from different fabric processes.

Other fibers are used to create both fabrics as well as there are a polyester and cotton version of flannel. For material to be considered flannel, the thread count has to be around 82 and be brushed on one or both sides.

Flannel Back Satin Fabric Suppliers


Many outlets supply this fabric. This link brings you to a wholesaler and you would have to contact them to get the price for the large amount of material you would need.

Other outlets like Etsy, Amazon, and this one, usually have a lot of sleepwear and similar items already made and for sale. Then you can always try eBay and Alibaba as those market places generally have wholesale prices for the material. The latter outlet will have some minimum purchase sizes and those minimums are not small.

Finally, if you are looking for a smaller outlet to deal with, you can try this website. It handles different sleepwear outfits made from this material. Keep in mind that not every outlet will use the words ‘flannel-backed satin fabric’.

We have run into many outlets that have used a variety of terms for the same material. some have used ‘brush cotton-backed...’ and so on. Your best bet to find suppliers would be to search for fabric wholesalers. They would be carrying a large supply of this material and like Alibaba, expect to have a minimum purchase amount.

Finding Flannel Back Satin Fabric by the Yard


The cost of the fabric may vary by the yard. The reason for this price difference is due more to the design than anything else. An example of this is Etsy which has a polyester version for $6.50 a yard and another different fiber version for over $16 per yard.

Joann’s has some on sale for $8.00 per yard approx. They actually say $7.99 but what is a penny between friends? Amazon is not left out here and you would have to search their site to see what designs are available at what price.

This website is selling one version for $14.99 and it is to be used more for a coat lining than any other purpose. Other online outlets are fabric.com and fabric warehouse. You would need to go to their websites in order to see the cost spread for their selection.

Then if the internet fails you, there are still Hobby Lobby., Michaels. Walmart, Target, and other big-box stores where you can check out their inventory at your leisure. Of course, you can talk to the people at your favorite mall department store or visit a locally owned fabric outlet.

The places that may sell, have in stock, or can order some for you are numerous.

Some Final Words

One of the great aspects of this material is that you can look good while staying warm at the same time. Having a fabric that does more than just one thing makes sewing so attractive.

You can be creative as well as have that luxurious look at a bargain price. It is worth looking into especially if you want to make a very cozy quilt.

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