What is Hatchi Knit Fabric? (Where to Find It By The Yard)

You may be confused. One of the more difficult aspects of sewing is that there are so many different fabrics as well as the names of fabrics. You need a scorecard to keep all the names and types of fabrics in some organized order.

What is Hatchi knit fabric? One would have to go to the canine world to get the perfect term to describe what Hatchi fabric is. It is the Heinz 57 of fabrics. What that means is that this fabric is made up of a variety of cotton blends with some polyester and spandex thrown in for comfort and stretch.

To learn more about the Hatchi fabric just continue to read our article. This article gives you the information and details about the Hatchi that many sewing discussion forums can’t.

What is Hatchi Fabric?


This is not going to be a hard question to answer. The real difficulty is that there are many answers to the question. For some people, Hatchi Knit is a brand name that uses Hatchi fabrics to make its money.

Also, you will find that Hatchi fabric is made from a variety of fibers that do not always remain the same. By that, we mean that the construction materials used to create the fabric vary and are not always the same in every version of this fabric.

It is said to be a very lightweight, small denier and almost sheer fabric that uses a weft technique leaving no torque. Usually, it is a low-grade quality fabric that can be made from any fiber but uses polyester and lycra a lot.

You also have to be careful as the real name is Hacci, not Hatchi. Pronunciation errors may be behind different spellings. The good thing about this fabric is that it comes in all sorts of colors and designs while remaining fairly lightweight.

You can also find it in cotton blends with some polyester included. Once it is turned into a sweater, it should be washed on the delicate cycle and laid out flat for air drying. The material is perfect for sweaters, shawls, and wraps, including summer cardigans.

Hatchi Knit Leggings


While this fabric is perfect for sweaters and scarves it may be used for leggings. The trick would be to make sure the fabric style you buy has polyester, lycra, or spandex fibers included in its construction.

Those added fibers will provide the stretch you need when walking or running. Plus, the fabric should keep your legs a bit warmer on those cooler mornings that come after the summer season is over.

What makes them special is that their feel is silky smooth and comes with an elastic waistband for a very comfortable fit. Some of the better options are those made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex. You get the look, the soft touch and the stretch you want.

Plus, these leggings come in a variety of colors and designs so you can match your fashion outfit with ease. Or you can think outside the box and make your fashion statement. You have complete freedom on how you use your Hatchi leggings.

The good news is that they are very affordable. Just make sure to follow the cleaning instructions to keep the leggings around for a long time.

Hatchi Knit Fabric by The Yard


The good news here is that you are going to find a lot of places to buy this fabric by the yard. Then there is more good news. This fabric, depending on where you buy it, is not that expensive.

For example, if you were to purchase this fabric from Fashion Fabrics Club you can expect to pay around $5 a yard for the majority of its selection. Fabrics by the Yard is it more expensive as its prices are set at &7.45 per yard for almost all of its fabric options.

Over at Amazon, the cost is between $6 and $12 depending on the style of the fabric you want to buy. Some options may be more expensive but those are priced n an individual basis.

Joann did not list any price for Hacci or Hatchi fabric and it may be sold under another name at that company. We got the same result for Hancock’s. eBay has some offerings but their prices may be a bit high as they go for between $8 and $40.

The best solution, if you do not have those stores in your home town or do not like to shop online, is to go to your local fabric store and see what they have or if they can order some in for you.

A Word About Hatchi Design


This is the maker of some fine Canadian clothes for young women and those females that like to look modern. They took the name Hatchi because in Japanese the word means 8 which is a lucky number in Japan because it signifies luck in wealth and prosperity.

In 2017, Selma Benterki started her company and is the chief designer of the clothes she sells. Her designs are meant to be comfortable as well as flattering to the woman who wears them. Each outfit is made from different materials that are environmentally friendly fibers- for example, silk, wool, modal, and recycled polyester.

If you want to check out her clothing line you can visit her website through this link

Some Final Words

Whether you use the hatchi clothing line or the hatchi fabric to dress yourself, you are in for a treat. The fabric helps accent your fashion outfit by letting you create beautiful scarves, shawls, wraps, and sweaters.

An added plus to your fashion style is the many different hatchi leggings you can purchase. These leggings not only have you looking good and attracting every eye in the room, but they keep you nice and warm as well.

No matter what fabric it is made from you should do well by using hatchi fabric for some of your clothing projects.

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