What is ITY Fabric and What to Make With It (Helpful Guide)

Helping you look your best! That is what fabric does well. It is more than just a covering. Good fabric makes sure that even out of shape bodies look better than they actually do. When you use good fabric you can have confidence people are going to like the way you look.

What is ITY fabric? The initials stand for interlock twist yarn and that little twist feature helps this fabric be cool, elastic and feel soft to the touch. It is a fabric that is easy to work with and the fabric does a great job when used for dresses, blouses, skirts and more.

To learn all about ITY fabric just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to make sure you know what this fabric is and how to use it well. One more thing about this knit fabric is that it is cool, fluid and drapes well.

What is ITY Fabric


One of the key features of the ITY fabric is that it is a polyester cloth that is supposed to breathe well. If you have breathability issues, this may be the fabric that is just right for you.

The fabric comes with a little sheen to it along with a little body. Its fluid nature helps it to drape well so that your figure should be flattered every time you take a step.

The fabric is a two-way stretch design and it washes well. Also, the fabric has a lot of choice in colors as well as patterns. It should not be that hard to get a color, etc., that you like when shopping for a great new fabric to sew with.

They say that the possibilities for ITY’s use are endless so with the many colors and patterns, you should not run out of ideas on how to use this soft fabric.

ITY Fabric Description


If you had only two words to describe this fabric what would those two words be? For us, those words would be knit and jersey. Those words give you a lot of information about the fabric and its texture.

Also, with its 50% stretch across the grain, you get a very comfortable fabric that makes your day go better. Then the softness of this fabric knows no competition. You can move well and not scratch or chafe your skin no matter what you do.

In addition to those features, this is one very versatile fabric. That characteristic allows you to wear ITY fabric almost all the time and never be uncomfortable. Then for those who hate ironing, ITY fabric is not known to wrinkle a lot.

Then the great aspect is that you should be very stylish and fashion-forward when you make a blouse, dress, etc., out of this fabric.

What to Make With ITY Fabric


This is going to be the hardest p[art about using ITY fabric when you make your clothes. Not because it is a difficult fabric to work with and that you have only a few options to choose from.

What makes your decision difficult is that there is a wealth of clothing items you can make from this fabric. Even activewear is part of the options you have to choose from. Then when you come home from a hard day, you can get comfortable in your loungewear made from this popular cloth.

The 2-way stretch allows you to bend or kneel as you need without making you uncomfortable. There is a 50% stretch against the grain as well as a 50% stretch along the grain. Those are good attributes to have when you have a busy daily life at home or the office.

ITY Jersey


After all that praise for ITY fabric, it may be time for a little reality check. This fabric does have one drawback when you go to sewing with it. The ITY cloth can be a bit slippery when sewing. That feature may bring a little frustration out as you slow down a bit.

The way to solve that issue is to put a little tissue between your needle and fabric. With the tissue providing a little stability your sewing time should not be slowed or as frustrating. When you are done, just tear the tissue away.

Plus, cleaning is not that difficult either. Use cold water and no bleach when washing. You can use your dryer or lay the jersey flat till it is nice and dry. When sewing if you need to use interfacing the tricot fusible option is one of the better ones to use.

Then to keep the shoulders from stretching try a little ribbon to hold it in place. A good ITY jersey is also very comfortable to wear when you are traveling.

Does ITY Fabric Breathe?


Since ITY cloth is very comfortable to wear, you should not have any problem with the breathability factor. But keep in mind that factor has a lot of depends issues to it. The weave style, open or tight, and wight of the fabric can alter the breathing of the cloth.

One way to see how good fabric can breathe is to hold it up to the light. If a lot of light passes through the fabric then you know the cloth can breathe well. Then the yarn size for polyester is a factor when it comes to having a dress that breathes well.

Generally speaking, you should not have a lot of issues with breathing when you choose to make your clothes out of that cloth. It is a comfortable fabric to wear and good for traveling so you should be fine.

The twist to the fabric should allow for more breathing than regular polyester cloth.

What Does ITY Fabric Feel Like?


It is very hard to describe how soft and comfortable ITY fabric is. Any metaphor and comparison would not do the cloth any justice. It is so comfortable that you should not have any problems when you are stuck in the passenger seat of a car for hours on end.

Some people describe it as incredibly soft which tells you that they are impressed at the level of softness ITY cloth obtains. That is a very good description as this is a very versatile fabric that can be used to dress people for a variety of activities.

The cloth would not be ideal for loungewear if it was not soft, but its soft nature is what makes it the perfect fabric for those times you just want to unwind and relax. As you can see, words fail to describe how soft this fabric really is.

What is ITY Fabric Made Of?


This cloth is usually made from polyester fibers. If you have bad thoughts about polyester you may be surprised by the texture of this cloth. The fibers are woven into a double-sided knit.

On top of that, the weave and polyester fibers resist pilling making it a great fabric to wash. Although drying your ITY clothes in a dryer is not the preferred way to get the moisture out. Nor is sending ITY clothes to the dry cleaners a very good idea.

With the twisted yarn, UITY should be more breathable than other polyester clothes. When you do wash your ITY made clothes make sure to use the gentle cycle or hand wash. Warm to cold water is the best water temperature to use.

The other good thing about ITY fabric is that it is tough, durable like all polyester fabrics. Your clothes should last you a while if you take care of them.

ITY Fabric vs Spandex


Spandex is a very elastic fabric that stretches a lot. It helps you move better and makes sure you are not left in some embarrassing situation when you bend over. Your clothes should move as you move.

Spandex also adds that elastic construction whereas ITY is already elastic with its 2-way stretch capability. The two fabrics are not competitors as Spandex is often used with ITY when the pattern calls for it.

The extra stretching help makes sure you remain comfortable all day long, no matter what activity you do during the day. There is an ITY brushed polyester and spandex fabric that brings your clothes to the optimum comfort levels you need to enjoy your day.

In other words, you may get a lot more stretch out of spandex, you get a lot more comfort out of ITY cloth. But both join together to make sure you have the perfect fabric for your daily activities.

Where to Buy ITY Fabric?

It is not going to be hard to find ITY fabric when you go looking for it. If you are interested in the aforementioned ITY brushed spandex combination then Fabrics by the Yard has it ready for you.

Your cost will run you about $5.50 per yard. Fabric Mart has some nice looking solid colored ITY fabric and their price starts at $4.40 per yard. The store also carries a fine selection of prints as well.

Vogue Fabrics also has a healthy selection of ITY cloth with their prices ranging between $2.99 to $8.25 per yard. Amazon does carry the cloth and their prices range depending on color and design. That is just a quick internet search.

Imagine what you can find at your local fabric stores or department stores. It is a very popular cloth to sew with so it is not going to be hard to find once you put your mind to it.

Using the yellow pages and calling first will save you some time and gas in your search.

ITY knit Fabric by The Yard


One of the things you are going to find is that ITY fabric is going to be priced differently. It will depend on who is selling it, how much the demand is and where you live. Some larger cities usually have larger prices for a variety f different items and ITY cloth will be no exception.

As you can see from the previous section, ITY is not cheap but neither is it expensive. You should be able to get the fabric the way you want at a price that is affordable for you.

Then you can purchase the cloth by the yard while some outlets let you buy a swatch for a very low price. Because of its versatility, comfort and softness, it is a fabric that should be around a long time. Plus, it should always be easy to purchase.

Sewing With ITY Fabric

There usually are some new sewers or even experienced ones that have never sewn before with ITY fabric. Here are some vital details to help you sew the fabric and get the results you want.

Needle - You should use a jersey needle size about 11/75.

Thread - A cotton-poly blend thread should give you the strength you need without losing any comfort. Also, an all polyester thread is okay to use as well.

Stitch - A zig-zag stitch with 2.0 width and 2.0 length on your seams is probably your best stitch option. A topstitch should do for your hems.

Interfacing - The tricot fusible interfacing is ideal. For sewn in options a power mesh or onion silk lining is best.

Storing - Your clothes should be folded and laid flat when they are not being worn.

Some Final Words

ITY fabric is very popular. That is because it is a cloth that has a lot of positive attributes that make it the ideal fabric to wear and even sew with. With its unlimited amount of clothing items you can use it for, you can look good and be comfortable for hours on end.

That is the other aspect that makes ITY cloth so popular. It is very soft to the touch. That feature makes sure you can enjoy your day no matter what activity you are participating in.

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