What Kind of Fabric For Bed Canopy? (How Much + How To Tips)

The sky is the limit. Some fabric projects dictate what kind of fabric you can use and how much. Then there are those fabric projects that let you use your creativity and innovative spirit to create something nice out of a traditional look. Canopies fit the latter project style.

What kind of fabric for bed canopy? Popular fabrics are silk, velvet, chintz, and tapestry. The cost  will depend on the size you want and the materials you want to use. Some projects go as low as $10 while others will be in the hundreds. The trick is deciding which style you want.

To get up to speed on the different styles of canopies you can create, just continue to read our article. It is full of tips and information that you should find useful. Canopies are one of those projects where you can be both creative and innovative.

Tip 1: Use a hula hoop as the foundation for your canopy and string your sheer fabric around it. Then hang the hula hoop up where you need it to go

Tip 2: Take your time deciding which style you want. There are plenty of styles to choose from but not all are good for every bedroom

What Material is Used for Bed Canopy?

Traditional fabrics are silk, velvet, chintz, and tapestry. You will find more than enough canopies using any one of those materials. These fabrics have been in use for generations and it is hard to change them.

Yet there is some good news on this topic. You are free to use just about any fabric you want when creating your top canopy. The type of fabric you use will depend on the theme of the canopy and the room.

This flexibility gives you unlimited creative and innovative options. Plus, you can please your daughter by keeping the fabric to something she likes and a color she enjoys.

Tip 3: For a more professional look and to add body and a longer lifespan, add a lining to the canopy fabric.

Best Fabric for Bed Canopy


The traditional fabrics already mentioned would probably be the best fabrics to use. They help you create style, class, and provide a very elegant look without sacrificing any of the benefits that come with a canopy over and around your bed.

With that said though, just about any fabric will be the best if it delights your daughter and creates a wonderful theme for her room. Plus, you can mix and match fabrics and colors to create a sensational look.

One example would be if your child likes camping a lot. You can create a tent canopy out of a canvas fabric so your child can feel like they are always in the great outdoors.

Or you can create a canopy by adding four posts and braces to the bed. Just about any fabric would work well with that design.

Tip 4: While canopy fabric is cut to just barely touch the floor, you can alter that look and make it more elegant by cutting the fabric 4 inches longer and puddle the fabric on the floor.

How Much Fabric do You Need for a Bed Canopy?

This will depend on what style and how big your canopy is going to be. The standard equation goes like this-- measure the length of the fabric from floor to ceiling and double it. Then measure the width of the bed and add 12 inches.

Next, add the two results together and add 36 inches. This result gives you the total number of inches you will need. Then if you need to know the number of fabric yards Divide the result for inches by 12 and then divide that result by 3. The final result will be your total yardage.

You may want to add some more inches and another yard if you are planning on using tie backs to hold the canopy open when you do not want it closed.

Tip 5: When cutting the length of the fabric to create the canopy, cut the fabric a little bit longer than you normally would. The tiebacks will lift the fabric off the floor when holding the material. The goal is to keep the fabric slightly touching the floor at all times.

How do I Make a Canopy for My Bed?


This will depend on the type of canopy you are making. Some require more construction than others so those methods involve more steps. We can only provide one method here to give you an idea of what is involved in hanging a canopy.

After you have figured out how much fabric you need to make the canopy, and you should always add 10% for just in case issues, it is time to measure for the rings. You want to measure the width of the bed and add 12 inches. Hold the tape measure in place and make a mark on both ends of the tape.

Now you attach the curtain rings to that mark using the proper anchors and screws. It may be best to mark the rings on studs for better handling of the weight of the fabric.

The next step is to drape the fabric through the curtain rings going left to right. Pull the fabric through till all sides are even. After that, pull down on the fabric gently to get the desired drape.

You may need to do more pulling to make sure everything is just right but once you are done you should have a great looking canopy.

Tip 6: Once your canopy is hung, you can add borders, fringe, cords, and color coordinate them all. Make sure to coordinate with the tie-backs so you get a full-bodied look as well as texture.

How to Make a Fabric Bed Canopy

There are so many styles to making a fabric bed canopy that it is hard to know where to start and which one to highlight. But the following instructions are for a canopy that works for men so it is a good place to start.

The first thing you need to do is gather your supplies. You will need steel or iron braces, an approx. 10 to 12-foot wood ladder and the fabric of your choice {hopefully one that is for men or boys}.

After that, you attach the braces securely to the studs with equal distance from the edge of the bed. Next, you place the rustic ladder on top of the braces and use some good screws to attach the ladder to the braces. This is done so the ladder does not come down on the person in the bed during the night.

Once these two items are in place, you simply drape the fabric of your choosing over each of the rungs of the ladder that are out past the edge of the bed. That is all there is to it.

Since the fabric is not permanently put in place you can change it any time you want.

Tip 7: Use proper construction techniques to put the canopy in place. You want the rails and the fabric securely attached to the ceiling or walls.

Hanging a Canopy Over a Bed


The simplest way is to go by the instructions you get with the canopy you buy. Once you purchased the canopy your child likes, you then wash the fabrics when you get home.

After the fabric is dry look at the instructions that came with the canopy and follow them precisely. Also, read the warnings so you can avoid any accidents that can occur after you hang the product up.

Follow all instructions and attach the canopy to your walls or ceiling as guided. Then hang the fabric up on the rails and you are done.

Tip 8: if you are making your own canopy frame make sure to measure twice and cut once. Too many bad cuts have been made and materials wasted when people ignore that simple rule.

How do You Hang a Bed Canopy Without a Drill?

The first item you need besides the fabric is an embroidery hoop. You want to pull the fabric through this hoop after opening it up. Once the fabric is in place close the hoop to secure the fabric.

You need to use a very lightweight fabric in this instance as too much weight will defeat the purpose of the canopy and bring it crashing down. After you get the fabric secured, take a self-adhesive hook, and attach it to the ceiling.

To get it to bond properly wait at least an hour before hanging the fabric and the embroidery hook on this item. When that is ready to go, tie two long ribbons to either side of the embroidery hoop.

Then tie the ribbons to the hook. If the hook is not that secure you can always use some crazy glue to attach it to the ceiling.

Tip 9: You can achieve a nice bed canopy look and keep your bed’s airflow the same by hanging corner canopies. You just need L shaped curtain rods and place them at each corner. Then just hang the curtains till they reach the floor. The curtains on this style cannot be closed.

DIY Canopy Bed Without Drilling


Another way to hang fabric around your bed also involves sticky hooks. Place the hooks at each corner of the bed slightly outside of the bed’s boundaries. Then get some rope, string, or twine that fits on the hooks securely.

Next, measure out how much length you want and add a few inches to facilitate tying the string, etc., cut the string. If your fabric already has a string tunnel then feed the string through the tunnel until all sides of the fabric are on the string.

When that is done hang the string onto the hooks making sure there are four sides of curtains when you are don. Tie the string in place and you are done.

Can You use Regular Curtains for a Canopy Bed?

Yes, this is a possibility. Remember the sky is the limit when it comes to using fabric. If you do not have the traditional silks, etc., then you can use the material that is usually reserved for curtains.

The key is to make sure your hardware is strong enough to hold the weight of the fabric. Do not rely on anchors at this point but attach your fabric rails directly to the studs. This ensures that the canopy will not come down at the wrong time.

Once the rails and hardware are in place, hang your fabric and you should be done.

How to Make Bed Curtains Canopy On a Dorm Bed


Like other bed canopy styles, this dorm bed canopy has unlimited options available. One style you can use is the faux four-poster and you do not need wood to pull this option off.

The faux post material can be tacked into your dorm room ceiling and then you hang the fabric from each of the fake posts You will need some flexible curtain material like rope or similar items to thread through the curtains tunnel.

That is done so that the roof of the canopy and the tops of the fabric do not fall on you.

Some Final Words

Canopies are nice and if you have the budget then you can create some exquisite designs that really uplift your room and make it an exciting place to be. There are no limits on designs or the types of fabrics you can use

That makes designing your own canopy lots of fun. When designing one for your son or daughter make sure you get the design and fabric, along with colors, that they want. Canopies are a great way to boost a childhood.

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