Burda Style Sizing Accuracy: What Size Am I In Burda Pattern?

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that size doesn't matter. When it comes to fashion, size is everything, especially when your curves do not line up with the pattern. Getting the right size when you are making your own clothes can be challenging to say the least.

What size am I in Burda pattern? That is one of the good and positive points about Burda patterns. The company includes a sizing chart to help you match the pattern to your actual sizes. There is no need to pick one size when it comes to using a Burda pattern. Just mark off the different sizes your body comes in and be honest.

To learn more about Burda’s sizing options with its patterns, just continue to read our article. It explores this issue so you can use Burda patterns much better and get your clothes to match your different sizes while keeping you comfortable.

Burda Style Pattern Sizing


The good thing about Burda pattern sizing is that there is no one size fits all. You get a lot of flexibility in determining how your pattern is going to look. The reason for that is that this company has made their patterns to fit women who have different sizes in their shoulders, bust or waist, and so on.

All you have to do is pick the right size for each area of your body and you can get to work. The key is, of course, to be honest with yourself and accept those measurements you get.

To get your ‘right’ size, all you have to do is circle the measurements that are exact or nearest your actual size. if you are size 40 in the hips you circle that number. If your shoulders are different then circle the number that represents your measurement and on it goes.

Next, you just have to taper gradually to fit your actual measurements and get your clothing project to your size. Having flexibility in your patterns is a great feeling and your clothing should fit better.

How Accurate Are Burda Pattern Sizes?

The patterns from this company are tilted towards a C cup for the bust. The good thing about this design is that you do not usually need to do an FBA as you do with some of the Big Four pattern options.

Then one sewer has done a study of the Burda patterns over 4 decades and she found out that there has been little change in the measurements since 1980. At best she discovered that the maximum amount of change was about 0.5 cm.

That is accuracy and consistency rolled into one. There may have been changes made since 2015 when Burda rolled out its new size chart and it contains fewer measurements. Why that is so is anyone’s guess.

It is possible to see that size chart online. Just click this link to get the chart in the Metric and Imperial systems. Download or print it out so you have it on hand when you need it.

The good thing about that link is that there are charts for men’s sizes as well. You can use Burda style measuring to make sure your not so perfectly shaped mate has the right fit as well.

What Size Am I in Burda Pattern?


The Burda size charts do list figure sizes on them. One starts at a size 6 and goes up to size 20. But the good thing about the Burda pattern size chart is that you can be several sizes in different areas and still make your clothes fit your body style.

All you do is circle the measurement that is closest to yours no matter which column those measurements lie and you have your Burda size. In other words, your figure may be mature and your hips do not match your shoulders and your waist doesn't match your hips then your bust may not match all the others.

Burda has you covered by not locking you into one size fits all body styles. Burda envelope patterns may not always fit each person perfectly but with a slight alteration or two, you should be able to get those patterns to fit like a glove.

Then you may be in the situation where you have to add a little to the side seam to get the dress, etc., to fit comfortably.

Burda Pattern Measurements

What helps Burda stand out from the pattern making pack is that their patterns are given in 2 measurement styles. You can go with the metric or European measurements or you can use the U.S. or the Imperial measurement to get the right fit.

The chart we linked to has both styles of charts alternating between centimeters and inches. Even the men’s charts do the same thing. Also, as you scroll down the web page, you will find the same style of charts for boys and girls.

Everyone does the same thing. They circle the measurement closest to their actual size and start making the cuts you need to make. This system seems to be simpler than what the Big Four offer women sewers.

It certainly takes a lot of frustration out of making clothes when your body style doesn't fit the ‘perfect’ size 0 or 1 many fashion designers create clothes for.

Burda Size Chart


The size chart is going to be one of the handiest tools you can use when you make clothing out of a Burda pattern. Its flexibility allows you to accurately design your or your family’s clothes and make sure everyone has something that fits well.

As we already stated, the charts come in two different measurements to make sure all members of your family can get their clothes the way they want them to be. They are also easy to use as all you need to do is measure the person who is going to wear the clothes and then circle a number.

That circled number helps guide your clothing cuts and makes sure you taper where you need to taper and enlarge when you need to make adjustments. You may want to print out several chart copies to make sure you do not get confused by the older circles when your figure changes.

Sewing is tough enough when dealing with odd figure sizes. But when you have flexibility in your pattern making then your sewing projects should go smoother and ease your mind a lot more.

Burda Women's Size Chart

Some women do not want to know their exact measurements. Others try to feel slimmer than they really are and both sets of sewers use one of the Big Four’s patterns because the one size fits all goes along with their thinking.

The end result is that these women end up with bad clothing looks or clothes that are just too tight. neither is a healthy situation. But the Burda pattern style has taken that issue away and helps you be honest with yourself.

By placing the exact measurements of your shoulders, hips, waist, and bust on the chart, you can get clothing that will not only fit and make you look good, those clothing items will also be comfortable to wear.

The woman’s size chart from this company is very easy to use. If you can draw a circle you can get the pattern that matches your figure in no time. Then you can use the centimeter portion if you are looking at buying clothes from fashion houses that make their clothing in the European system.

Do Burda Patterns Run Small?


If you compare the Burda patterns with any of the Big Four you may get the impression that they do run small. The Big 4 seem to style their patterns after a D cup size while Burda tends to go towards a C cup.

That may be small to some women then Burda patterns tend to run small. But most women find that the C cup design is better for them and they do not have to extra adjustments like they do with the Big 4 patterns.

Some sewers say that they have top tissue fit the envelope patterns from Burda but that all depends on your figure and your actual size. Play this by ear and see for yourself. Since different women are different sizes you may find that some of their patterns will run large.

In other words, this assessment is subjective and not objective at all. You will have to just try the Burda pattern yourself and see how it works for your body style.

How do Burda Patterns Fit?

Because these patterns are multisize then chances are they do fit most women. After all, you are not cutting your fabric to meet one size when your body is telling you that you may be two or three different sizes.

Burda patterns help you custom is the clothing so you get the right fit every time you use one. Some women may find that they have to do some adjustments to get the patterns to fit their clothing measurements but that is par for the course.

Not every pattern is going to be perfect for every woman. Some will find that the pattern style creates clothing that fits them to a T. Other women will be like the ones just mentioned and find that those patterns are either too large or too small in certain areas.

Just make sure to be honest with yourself and your measurements before claiming the patterns do not fit.

Do Burda Patterns Include Seam Allowance?


It seems that Burda patterns are not perfect. At the time of this writing, those patterns do not include a seam allowance and you have to make adjustments to meet that lack. But Burda is not alone in this.

There are other pattern making companies that omit the seam allowance while others add n 3/8 of an inch as their standard measurement for the seam allowance Burda will include instructions on how to add or remove extra fabric.

However, not everyone is pleased with how Burda does its instructions and if you skip the notes section you may miss out on important details. If you are a first time or still a novice sewer you may have trouble understanding those instructions.

If you are having trouble you may want to click on this link as the author of that article goes through the Burda instructions step by step to help you understand what you are reading.

Burda patterns may be flexible but their instructions seem to add the frustration those patterns remove.

Where to Buy a Burda Pattern

The good news is that Burda patterns are on sale everywhere. From Simplicity to Amazon you should be able to find an outlet near you that carries this brand. There should be a large selection of Burda patterns as that company does rival the Big 4 when it comes to this product.

A simple computer search should turn up lots of shops and other outlets that carry this brand. Then if you do not like internet shopping just go to your local stores and see what kind of selection they have in stock.

If you have any questions about Burda patterns, you can click on this link and go to their web page and ask them directly. They have lots of other web pages to help you sort out your confusion or frustration with their patterns.

Some Final Words

It's a good thing that all pattern makers are not the same. With choice, you get to find the pattern that will provide you with the most comfortable clothing possible. With Burda’s multi sizing method, you should be able to make a dress, etc., to fit your body style with ease.

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