Why Does my Serger Thread Keep Breaking? (Lower Looper)

Sewing is not a perfect hobby. The way sewing machines are made nowadays, it almost takes a genius to thread them. If you get one item wrong you can have your sewing project delayed for some time as you sit and try to figure out what went awry.

Why does my serger thread keep breaking? There are several reasons why your serger thread keeps on breaking on you. You may think you have threaded it right but that lower looper lets you know that there is an error somewhere. You may have threaded the looper without unthreading the needles.

To avoid this and other thread breaking issues with your serger just continue to read our article. It traces the different issues so you can find them when they happen to you. Then you will know how to fix them once they do, saving yourself lots of time and worry.

Serger Thread Keep Breaking


Depending on your serger sewing machine, one of the main reasons for your thread breaking all the time is that you may have threaded your machine wrong. There is a particular order to go through if you want your serger to work correctly and not break your thread.

For some serger sewing machines, the order goes like this- number the spools from left to right 1 to 4. Then thread your first with #3 spool, then #4 followed by #1 and finally #2.

If you don't follow that order then those types of machines do not work. You can try cheating but the sensors inside the machine know the difference and still won’t turn the serger on.

Then if we wanted to get technical, make sure to hold the thread holding thingy up while you thread it. Yes, that is maybe very technical but we are sure you know what is meant by those words.

Lower Looper Thread Keeps Breaking


When it comes to this little problem, you should check to see if you threaded the lower looper before threading the needles. If you threaded the lower looper after you threaded the needles then you are going to have problems and the thread usually breaks every few stitches.

All you need to do is pull all the thread out and rethread the lower looper first. Then thread the needles. Now you may have some more breakage issues if you have already done this.

When the thread breaking continues, you should check the state of the needles themselves. If they are not new, bent or broken you should be experiencing thread breaking as you sew.

The solution to this problem is just to replace those old and bent needles with new ones. Also, your looper may be out of time and you should get it looked at. As usual, another solution is to maintain or have your serger sewing machine serviced.

Good oiling will help, just do not use any other oil than sewing machine oil. 3 n 1, cooking oils, and so on only mess up your machine and make it hard to work properly.

A final note on this topic, avoid using WD-40 type products. Those are not lubricants but solvents. Once applied to your machine they go to work ruining it

Brother 1034d Lower Looper Thread Breaking


When you have your thread breaking on your Brother 1034d sewing machine it may be that you are placing the thread on the wrong side of the looper and adding to much tension, etc., to the thread.

There is a 4 step process you need to go through to fix this problem:

  • 1. Check your threading - this is done after you have threaded your machine and after your thread has broken. Make sure you have followed all the steps correctly when threading the sewing machine.

Here is a key point that some sewers do not think about. When you thread your lower looper or lever make sure the thread lays next to the lever and does not go through it.

This little item could be the heart of your problem. Some women have been doing the opposite and can’t figure out why their thread keeps on breaking.

  • 2. Tangled thread - this can happen and you may not realize it is a problem. But if you have tangled thread, unthread your machine and untangle or cut the tangle out of your thread. Then rethread the machine.
  • 3. Check your thread tension - the correct tension is the way to avoid any thread breakage. So double-check to see what tension your sewing project requires and adjust accordingly.
  • 4. Double-check your needle - Brother says that a Schmetz 130/705h is the proper needle to use on this machine. Then if that is so, make sure the needle was inserted properly

These are the key solutions that will help you avoid breaking any more threads.

A couple more pieces of advice from Brother. If the thread breaks at the lower looper make sure to cut the thread and remove the thread from both needles. Then you should follow the diagram exactly to thread your Brother 1034d correctly.

The machine will not operate if you have not followed the diagram correctly. The link to the web page for the diagram is found here.

Serger Right Needle Thread keeps Breaking


Its a fairly common experience and nothing to be too worried about. One of the sources for this problem could be that the presser foot’s pressure knob was tightened by accident .loosening that off may solve your problem.

But that is not the only source of the problem. When your right needle is always breaking, you could have a timing problem. In this case, you would have to take the serger in and have a qualified repairman look at it.

The third source for this problem could be that the threading process was done wrong or that there are some pieces of thread or lint where it shouldn’t be, as the tension disc.

In that situation, you just have to rethread starting from the beginning. Or just check your tension disc for breaks, lint and so on. A good blast from a can of air should clean out the lint, etc., and keep your thread intact.

Then the simple solution may just be your thread. If you have a bad thread on a spool that may catch your needle and break it. Change your spool if that is the case. Then if you are like some women, you ignore the problem and just rethread every time the needle ‘breaks’ and continue sewing.

Janome Serger Thread Keeps Breaking


While it is said that no sewing machine is the same, it seems that all sewing machines have the same problem. In this case, it is the issue of your thread breaking all the time. Janome is not immune to this situation and their machines have this problem as well.

Here is a list of sources you can check if you have this problem happening on your Janome serger sewing machine:

  • 1. Thread type - if you are trying to pinch pennies, this is not the place to do it. Bargain threads are not made as well as reputable brands and they can simply break because they are cheaply made.
  • 2. Are you using the right needle - one of the problems that come with using the wrong needle is that the eye may be too small and it is rubbing against your thread. That rubbing will eventually wear the thread out and help it to break.
  • 3. The stitch type may be the issue - if the stitch you have chosen is too tight for the thread, then you may experience some breakage. Make sure to change the stitch type to fit the thread you are using. Or change the thread.

Then is the needle right for the type of fabric you are using? This is another reason your thread may break on this machine. Always make sure to use the right needle for your sewing project and the serger machine.

  • 4. A thread guide was missed - it can be an easy thing to do as your distracted, thinking about your project and so on. All it takes is one missed one to mess things up for you
  • 5. The needle plate is damaged - or the bobbin case is damaged. Either one or both can cause you some problems by breaking the thread. Don’t forget to double-check your spool caps as well. If you are using the wrong one, that can cause your thread to break.

Some Final Words

It seems that if you have a thread breaking problem, the causes are not that major or complicated. Sometimes it is just the simple, easy things of threading the machine that causes your thread to break often.

Create your checklist to look at when this problem occurs. That way you can pinpoint the trouble faster and save yourself some time and money. Very few sources of thread breaking need a repairman to solve.

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