Why Is My Needle Threader Not Working? Babylock-Janome-Pfaff

Not everyone can thread a needle. This has nothing to do with being able to see. It is just that those needle holes are too small and very hard to get the thread through. Thankfully many sewing machines have an automatic threader to help. But what if it breaks down?

Why is my needle threader not working? 9 times out of 10 the reason why the needle threader is not working is because of the needle. It may be put in wrong, it may be out of position, or it is the wrong size of needle. Most automatic threaders only work with size 11 to 16 needles and every other size is out of luck.

To read more about why your needle threader isn't working, just continue to read our article. It has the information on why they have stopped working and how to fix them. Take a few moments to help solve your needle threading issues by reading our article.

How Does An Auto Needle Threader work?


Very simply, a needle threader pushes a small thin wire through the eye of the needle to catch the thread and pull it back through. Once that is done, you can sew to your heart’s content.

While it is not rocket science the needle threader needs exact positioning of the needle to work correctly. this can be the problem that frustrates you the most. Here are some tips to help make sure your automatic needle threader works all the time:

  • If your machine has them, line up the lines on the hand wheel with the one on the machine. That will have the needle in the right position.
  • Or use the needle up or down button if your machine has it.
  • Next, clear the thread path and make sure the thread is not caught on something.
  • Check your needle. automatic needle threaders are not all-inclusive. there are only certain sizes they will work with.​
  • Make sure the last thread guides are threaded properly.

Finally, make sure your sewing machine’s timing is not out of whack. That issue may stop your threader from working like it should and cause you a lot of grief.

Auto Threader Not Working

There are many reasons why your automatic threader will stop working. Most of the time, the source of the problem is with the needle. But there are other sources for this problem as well so you shouldn’t stop your search with the needle.

Here are some spots you should check when your sewing machine automatic threader stops working:

  • Your thread is too thick. The needle threader is not a miracle worker and can’t put a thick thread through a small needle opening.
  • Your thread hook is dull or bent.
  • Your needle is not in its highest position or it is not inserted all the way. Then it could have been put in wrong.
  • Your needle is damaged, dull, or even bent.
  • The needle is too small or too big. Generally, needle threaders only work with size 11 to 16 needles.
  • The automatic needle threader’s spring is gone or damaged. This is possible as the little wire is very small and flimsy. It will break very easily.

If you have done everything correctly and you do not see any damage to the little wire, then you should take it to a good repairman to see what is wrong.

How to Fix Automatic Needle Threader

The fixes for the problem of your automatic needle threader not threading doe snot always begin with that part. The solutions are found in different areas of your machine as the many sources for the problem are found in different places on your machine.

Here are some solutions to the problems we discussed already:

  • Change the thread to a thinner style and make sure when you thread your sewing machine again not to let the thread wrap around anything or get caught.
  • If your needle thread hook is dull or bent, replace it with a new one. You could try to straighten it out but that is no guarantee that it will work again or work for a long time.
  • ​If your needle is not inserted properly or in its highest position, then remove the needle and try to insert it again. make sure to put it in its highest position, in the right way, and in the right position.
  • Replace the needle if it is dull, bent, or broken with a new one. That is the only solution in this case.
  • Replace the needle with one that is within the size 11 to 16 range.
  • Replace the threader’s spring or tiny wire with a new one.

Babylock Needle Threader Not Working


While it is impossible to give every direction for every Babylock sewing machine with an automatic threader we can give one. Here is an instruction for the 7500 intel a stitch companion.

Also, this is only one solution to one possibility. The first thing you need to do is when you pull the thread across the needle and slightly below the little hook that is coming through the eye of the needle.

Then push the thread towards the back of the machine. It has to be a hard push or you won’t hear that click when the thread falls into place. As you push you should be moving the needle a little bit. If it doesn’t move chances are the thread hook won’t grab the thread.

It is possible that you will have to manually push the needle threading handle back up. If that handle goes to the top on its own, then you didn’t press hard enough against the needle.

Each machine has its little quirks and you can contact Babylock representatives to make sure you have the correct procedure for your machine.

Pfaff Needle Threader Not Working


The first step in fixing any sewing machine is to always do the simple, generic fixes first. Create a checklist for what to look at when things go wrong to help you solve the problem very quickly.

For example, your Pfaff sewing machine automatic needle threader. It is usually designed to work with a 70/120 needle and a 65 or smaller will not work with the threader. Also, if the thread is too thick for the eye of the needle, the threader won’t thread.

In addition, specialty threads, like invisible, stretch threads, metallic, and so on, usually are not caught by the hook in the right manner and won’t thread the needle. Then if you own an accessory called the creative icon machine your automatic threader won’t be compatible or work with it.

Also, check the threading hook. if it is out of line, it won’t thread the needle. You may have a timing problem that takes some work to get it back to normal. Always check the thread and needle to make sure they are placed correctly in and on your machine.

Get the easy problems out of the way first, and don’t complicate things by overthinking the issue. Do a step by step check and if it is a complicated problem send the machine to a qualified repairman.

Janome Needle Threader Not Working


In some cases, all you need is a slight adjustment. For example, the Janome 15000 automatic needle threader may only need the hook moved slightly one way or the other. If it needs to go to the left or right, then you need to loosen set screw A and move the hook in the direction it needs to go.

If the hook needs to go up or down, then you loosen set screw B and make the adjustment to the set plate. If the needle threader plate is broken or bent, then you will have to replace it.

All you need to do is turn the hand wheel until the needle plate is in its highest position and lower the needle threader knob as far as it will go. Then loosen set screw A, pull off the damaged plate, and put the new one back on. Then tighten the screw again making sure it is in proper alignment with the needle’s eye.

Diagrams can be found at this link.

Some Final Words

There are a lot of generic sources for the needle threader's failure to thread a needle. These generic sources apply to all machines and should be the first items you check when you have a problem.

If those simple spots prove not to be the source of the problem either get your owner’s manual out or go to a repairman to see what the problem is. Sometimes, there will be those machines that can only be fixed by a qualified repairman and you can’t DIY.

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