Love-Sew Reviews: Are Love Sew Wool Pressing Mats Any Good?

When the company is a mystery. By that we mean if you cannot find out anything about a company then you may want to hesitate before buying their products. Let your radar be your guide to make sure you do not send your personal information to the wrong people by accident.

Are Love-Sew wool pressing mats any good? At least one person took the plunge and decided to order from this company. Their reported experience was all positive and they would remain a customer if they needed any of the products sold by the Love Sew company. Others have reported the same experience.

To learn more about the Love Sew pressing mat just continue to read our article. It gets you the information you need to know if you are wondering about this company and its products. It will only take a couple of minutes to get up to speed on this important topic.

The Love Sew Wool Pressing Mat


This mat is designed to meet all pressing station layouts. In other words, you can manipulate it to fit where you do your ironing. Plus, it is made to retain heat in order to help you press both sides of your clothing items or fabrics at the same time.

That design helps you save on your energy use as well as make your ironing go a little bit easier. To help with the easier aspect, this mat should prevent any slips from taking place. The mat is supposed to grip your blocks and remain where you put them.

Also, you can use pins with this mat if you feel the material is too slippery for the mat to hold onto. Or the fabric pieces are too tricky to maneuver as you iron. Another positive aspect of this pressing mat is that it is very lightweight, making it easy to put into place and back into storage.

In addition to that, it is supposed to lie completely flat so you have so you get consistent ironing. Once in your home, it is also supposed to absorb moisture from the air so that you do not need sprays to help you as you iron.

Made from 200% pure New Zealand wool, this is a pressing mat made from top-quality materials so you know you are getting one of the best pressing mats possible. At the time of this writing, it is on sale and almost $40 off the regular price. The width of all their pressing mats is 1/2 of an inch.

Love Sew Delivery


According to the Love Sew website, which you can find at this link, the company takes pride in providing you with a high level of customer service and support. They work hard to provide personalized service as well and make sure their reps are on duty 7 days a week.

They also give their customers a fast, friendly, and secure shopping experience, their words, and allow you to pay your bill in a variety of worldwide currencies. Also, their delivery service seems impeccable according to the reviews we have read.

The company website provides you with a link to track your order and that link is found on their track your order website. They do mention that delays may take place during delivery times due to natural disasters and other legitimate reasons.

If the tracking number does not arrive within 5 days of your order, contact the company right away. The company also has a 60-day refund policy and you can read up on it at their website on their refund policy page.

If you are not sure about ordering directly from the company, you can find their pressing mat on Amazon and get the delivery made under Amazon rules.

What Other Reviews Say?


We do need to say that there is some mystery concerning the identity of the company. One reviewer stated that the company is from some far Eastern country but they could not find the exact location. The company is supposed to have a warehouse in Kentucky that may handle all American shipping orders.

There is a mixture of reviews on the internet with most being positive towards the company and the delivery service. These positive reviews felt everything came as promised and promptly. The customers are quite pleased with their results.

But that does not mean every customer is satisfied with this company. One did complain that her order took over 5 weeks to get to her. When she contacted the company all she was told was to be patient.

Then once one reviewer got her item, which wasn’t a pressing mat, she found that the connection to her sewing foot was not compatible and she had to buy a new one to work with her new item.

What a lot of people did not like was the fact that the company remains anonymous even on their contact form. In looking at that page there is nothing on there that indicates the location of the head office, their warehouses, and so on. This can be disconcerting.

At the bottom of the page is a list of payment methods which includes Apple, GPay, and PayPal options as well as credit cards. This is a plus for the company that is shrouded in mystery.

All in all the reviews have been good with a few suffering from minor hiccups.

Some Final Words

We did check out the Amazon claim made by one reviewer. Our search did not turn up any Love Sew products on sale at this time. That is strange as the comments just came in last year.

Your experience with this company will depend and more than two people did have problems with the long delivery time. The quality of the product received high marks from most reviewers and their satisfaction is found in their reviews. Use the company at your own risk like any other online purchase you make.

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