Best Fabric For Baby Clothes (Knit, Cotton, Jersey, Organic)

When it comes to clothing your child but like every other facet of raising a child, everyone has a different opinion on what children should or should not wear. It is your child, you get to make the decisions so buy the fabric you think is best.

The go-to best fabric for baby clothes is cotton. That is because it can be lightweight and cleans up nice and easily. Then the cotton is soft to the touch which is always good for a baby’s soft skin. 2nd best would be linen a very breathable fabric.

To learn more about which fabric is perfect for baby’s clothes just keep reading our article. It is filled with suggestions to help guide you to the right fabrics for your baby to wear. The ultimate decision is up to you but it doesn’t hurt to have suggestions to help the decision-making process.

Types of Fabric for Baby Clothes

One list we came across had at least 5 versions of cotton on it. We are not going to do that to you as cotton fabric in many versions is perfect for your child to wear. It can be terry cloth, lawn, broadcloth, or just plain cotton and you are not depriving your child of anything.

Cotton is also inexpensive, easy to clean, and comes in a variety of colors so your child can look fashion-forward even if they do not know the meaning of the words. If your child has sensitive skin or has some allergies then a good microfiber fabric would come in handy and be the best fabric to use.

Microfiber is also soft and cuddly. Then there is satin, voile, fleece, flannel, corduroy. Linen and other fabrics that are good substitutes for cotton clothes.

What Fabric for Baby Clothes


This is your choice alone to make. We can only offer good suggestions to help you find the perfect fabric for your child’s wardrobe. First, up you may want to consider some polyester fabrics as those can be waterproof.

Then there muslin, lawn, batiste, jersey knit and eyelet cotton which bring a great variety of style to your child’s clothing. Almost all kinds of cotton are very durable and can handle your baby’s daily activities.

Other good choices would be bamboo rayon, fleece, corduroy, brushed denim, flannel, velveteen, velour, and on it goes. When it comes to baby clothing, you are not going to run out of fabric.

The key is to go with what you think will handle the baby’s activities the best. Waterproof polyester is also a good choice if your baby likes to play with his or her water or milk.

Bamboo Fabric for Baby Clothes

People really love bamboo in the clothing they buy for their babies. There is a good reason for them to think that way. Bamboo makes clothing tough and durable without sacrificing softness or comfort.

Then bamboo is hypoallergenic meaning that your baby can wear his or her clothing without fear of triggering allergies or hurting sensitive skin. But that is not all. Bamboo fabric is said to help block UV rays from reaching your child.

Then, the fabric adjusts to your baby’s body temperature making sure your child does not overheat while wearing this material. As you can see, bamboo makes for a great fabric to sew with when you are making your own baby clothes.

Best knit Fabric for Baby Clothes


If there is to be a top fabric in this category the congratulations go to a cotton jersey knit. While other knits are good, cotton jersey knits have all the characteristics of cotton. Plus, it does not pill as much as regular cotton weaves do.

That is not the only benefit your baby and you get when you turn to this fabric to clothe your child. The fabric is easy to sew with and once you are done, it is very breathable.

On top of that, you have a very soft material to place next to your baby’s body. Your child should relax and be comfortable no matter if you are carrying him or her or they are sleeping in their carriage.

Then with its stretchy nature, your child should be able to move easily without hurting himself.

Best Stretchy Fabric for Baby Clothes

We have just talked about cotton as the best jersey knit and now it has another accolade it can brag about. A cotton jersey knit is also one of the better stretchy fabrics you can buy for your baby clothes. Next up would be linen and linen has some fine qualities as well.

Linen is great for those long hot summer days as it helps your child’s body breathe and not overheat. Also, it absorbs moisture quite well so your baby should stay drier longer.

Minky may be another good choice for those non-summer days when the temperatures are not that high. It is warm and soft and seems to come in some bright colors. Your baby can stand out without doing anything special.

It is possible that some stretchable microfiber fabrics would work here as well. They protect your baby while giving it a nice soft place to sleep or move around in.

Cotton Fabric for Baby Clothes


There are a lot of cotton fabrics to choose from and we have already mentioned muslin, lawn, terry cloth, denim as well as batiste, broadcloth, and eyelet. You may be overwhelmed by the many cotton fabric choices you actually have.

They all share the same basic cotton characteristics so you are not losing out on comfort, style, or even design and colors. Also, the muslin option is very breathable so no matter which cotton variety you choose, your child should not overheat.

Batiste may be one of the more durable cotton varieties making it a good choice when you do not have a large budget to keep buying new clothes for your baby. It lasts longer and still keeps your baby feeling good.

The special feature about eyelet is that it already comes with the embroidery done. You can save time and work and still keep your child looking like a fashion model.

Jersey Fabric for Baby Clothes

If the jersey fabrics are not made out of natural fibers then you may find that your child’s body does not breathe as well as it would if the jersey outfit were made out of natural fibers.

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that can be woven into a jersey fabric and it is better for cooler days than hot spring, summer, and fall days. Wool jersey knits are good as well when the summer goes and you're facing a few months of cooler weather.

The different jersey fabrics still feel comfortable, smooth, and keep your child nice and warm all day long. Then with the stretchy nature to a jersey knit your child should be able to move freely without too much restriction.

Your geographical location, your weather patterns, and other factors will play a role in what type of jersey fabric you will buy for your child.

Best Linen Fabric for Baby Clothes


Handkerchief linen has been mentioned as a great fabric to clothe your child throughout the summer or through those special events like christenings. It's a semi-sheer fabric that is soft and lightweight.

Most people just talk about linen in general as almost all varieties have the same properties. The flax version helps reflect the sun’s rays away from your child and does not build up any static electricity.

Then linen made bed baby clothes help prevent any bedsores from developing if your child is a good sleeper. The silica found in flax linen helps keep the material from rotting. That means you can expect your linen baby clothes to last a long time.

Maybe not as long as the Egyptian mummies’ linen has lasted but at least long enough for your child to grow older. That may help your baby clothes’ budget last as well.

Organic Fabric for Baby Clothes

When you are talking organic fabrics, you are not talking about a special fabric that does not exist anywhere else. The term organic refers to the type of growing process the natural fibers went through. They are generally chemical and pesticide-free.

You can get great organic fabrics in your favorite materials. Cotton, Voile, Bamboo, and other natural fibers as organic. That means your child is given a chance to grow older without being exposed to harmful chemicals.

Organic clothing may be a little more expensive but it is the cost you endure to make sure your child remains nice and healthy.

Polyester Fabric for Baby Clothes


Polyester fabrics are good for children especially when the weather is not as warm as it could be. Many different kinds of polyester fabrics are good for baby clothes. One special feature is that this fabric can come waterproof.

Another good aspect about using polyester fabrics is that they are chemically treated to stop fires from burning your baby’s clothes and your baby. When blended with wool it is a really soft, safe piece of fabric that is perfect for your child’s early years.

Cotton and poly blends are also good choices when you are sewing your baby’s clothes. You get a lot of good color options to choose from.

What is the Softest Fabric for Baby Clothes?

This category is a matter of opinion. Some people think that corduroy is a very soft fabric for children while others say that denim is. You are going to find a lot of differing opinions when you ask this question to your friends and relatives.

Most people will say one of the many cotton varieties is the champ when it comes to softness and then others will choose bamboo, polyester, microfibers, and so on. The answer to this question will have to come from you and your fabric experience.

There are so many and the difference between all of them is minimal in this discussion.

How Much Fabric do I Need for Baby Clothes?


Of course, the amount of fabric you will need will depend on the size and type of baby garment you are making. Generally, you will only need about 1 yard of fabric no matter what type of bay clothing you are making.

You can get away with less but most stores do not sell their sewing fabrics in less than a yard amounts. Making your own baby clothes is a lot cheaper and allows you to be creative for your child.

Your main concern here is getting the right fabric for the time of year it will be worn.

Are Fabric Markers Safe for Baby Clothes

When you read the label of fabric markers you should see the word ‘non-toxic’. That is more than enough information telling you that those markers are safe to use on your baby’s clothing.

Safety regulations have changed dramatically over the past 60 years and manufacturers are very careful when it comes to producing products that will come in contact with little children.

Another term you will see is ‘safe for children’ and those words should give you some peace of mind.

Some Final Words

Your child is going to look good in any fabric you clothe them in. The key here is to get the material you like, is colorful, and fit for the weather your baby is going to be in when it is outside.

There is a lot of selection available for the best fabric for children. You have to decide for yourself which one is the best for your child and go with that choice.

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