Expert Reviews: What is the Best Pattern Drafting System?

You can grow crazy listening to all the opinions held by different people. Even sewing has this problem. What works for one person may not work for another. Even the experts do not agree and you have to learn to find which opinion fits your sewing hobby best

What is the best pattern drafting system? The answer to this question depends on what you are most comfortable with. Some people like the old-fashioned way of using a pencil and a piece of paper. Others feel at home on a computer and prefer to use sewing software to create their patterns. What works best for you is the best pattern drafting system.

To learn more about pattern drafting systems and how good they are, just continue to read our article. It has the information to help you find which style is best for you to use.

What to Look for in a Pattern Making System?

Two of the first criteria to determine if you found a good system or not is to check the price and the ease of use. If the pattern drafting system is complicated it may not be the perfect one for you to try.

It seems that someone in Australia has come up with an all-plastic pattern drafting system that has all the curves, etc., you need to make a great pattern. In about 10 minutes, you can be an expert using this option.

The other element you need to look for is the price. If the cost is beyond your budget, then it is not a good pattern drafting system to use. For example, the one mentioned above may be simple to use but at an approx. $400 cost it is not practical or budget-friendly.

Practicality is another good criteria to use. Old fashioned ways may be practical but slow. A good computer software program like 2D and CAD programs you can make your patterns and see an actual picture of what it looks like when finished. That is a good feature to help you out.

Here are some links to good pattern making systems for the computer: #1 option; #2 option; #3 option & #4 option

Pattern Drafting System Options


One of the options available to you if you want to make your own patterns is the Lutterloh System®. This system says that you only need to take a couple of measurements and you can create your own fashion style very easily.

The cost for each variation is budget-friendly and not the same. You pay differently for men’s, children’s and women’s fashions. There is also a system to help plus-sized women dress fashionably.

Then there are 3 do-it-yourself ways to make a good pattern. The first is the tracing method. Probably the easiest way to create a pattern and you do not need a lot of technical knowhow to get this done.

The only drawback to this system is that it does not work well on detailed clothes. It works best on those clothes that have little to no shape. In other words, creativity is not going to be a strong point in this system.

The second method is flat pattern making. In this system, you are making very tight-fitting clothes that do not make any accommodations for movement. But this is a basic pattern system where you can add or subtract different fashion options without much difficulty.

The strength of this system is that it is available just about anywhere including online. If you want to create a sloper from the beginning, be prepared to do a lot of math.

Finally, the third system is the rub off system. It may be a little difficult to do and may take some co-ordination skills to pull it off. But it can be done with a little patience and time.

The easiest way to use this system is to place a piece of paper on cardboard. Then you lay out your fabric and place pins in strategic spots to mark dots and pockets, etc. After that, remove the garment, pins and connect the dots.

One final word here, don’t forget to include the seams. Make sure you cut enough fabric to handle that important sewing task.

Maria Martin Pattern Drafter Reviews

According to one reviewer Ms. Martin is the next best thing to sliced bread. Her system, according to this reviewer, is simple and can get a lot of sewing done in one day.

All the work is supposed to be done for you in this new method. The method has been described above and comes from Australia. But it can be costly. You are paying almost $400 for a piece of plastic that is supposed to do everything for you but mark your fabric.

Another reviewer was a bit more skeptical than the first one we looked at. Her opinion was that this method was not so revolutionary. The information provided by Ms. Martin could be found in a variety of good pattern drafting books.

Also, her opinion was that if Ms. Martin’s method does not include instructions on how to adjust for various body sizes, then her system has no value to the sewing world.

A third reviewer did not like Ms. Martin’s system as at the time and we are not sure adjustments have been made, there was no way to go smaller than 80 cms on the bust size. She saw a flaw and wondered why Ms. Martin or her company did not address that flaw.

Also, she did not like the high price for a simple piece of plastic. A fourth reviewer commented that the high cost of the Pattern Drafter was equal to or half the cost of a good sewing machine that does the same thing.

A final reviewer pointed out that for the cost of the Pattern Drafter, you could hire a professional to create a sloper where you can design your own patterns. While some people think Ms. Martin is a godsend, a few comparisons seem to put a little water on that enthusiasm.

German Sewing Pattern System


One of the keys to using this system is that you may have to learn German to understand all the instructions. We have not found any yet that comes in English. The vintage patterns that are available range in size and purpose.

Some of them are ready to help make you exquisite clothes that will have you looking classy and elegant once you are finished making the item. If you need instructions in English for one very classy design then just click this link.

Lutterloh System has a golden rule pattern system that should help you bring into existence some very fine clothing items that would flatter your body and have all the eyes in the room on you.

If you are looking for German doll clothes, you can make your own very easily. Amazon has one book with about 30 designs to it so you can create a German fashion theme with your doll collection. Just click this link to see it firsthand.

Creating vintage clothes with a German influence or an influence from some other country is not going to be that hard. The pattern systems are available and not that difficult to master.

Islander Sewing Systems Patterns

This system is founded on one woman’s 35-year career in the garment industry. She was able to learn all the fields involved with sewing, and that list is quite long. Upon retirement the lady, Margaret Islander started her own school and taught other women all she knew about sewing and pattern making.

Ms. Islander created a variety of pattern drafting systems including making clothes for both genders. There is even one for making patterns for children’s clothing. The systems cover a variety of fashion styles and make you look like one of the in-crowd when you wear one of the creations you made using the system.

Each system should give you step-by-step instructions so you can do your own clothes at your own pace and schedule. It's an easy-to-use system and you can find all the varieties of systems in this collection at this link.

Some Final Words

Creating patterns is a valuable skill. Not only does it give you more purpose if you are a full-time homemaker, learning the skill can open up employment opportunities for you.

There are a variety of systems you can use and you should find one or two that fits your level of talent and experience. The best system is the one that works with you and your sewing talent without making the process too complicated.

Keep in mind the cost as well as you will need to work your way up to better pattern drafting systems when you can afford them.

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