How to Cut a Shirt For Shoulder Surgery (4 Changing Tips)

Shoulder injuries happen. Many of those injuries also require surgery. What that does is alter the way you move your shoulder and arm, making traditional shirt designs a little inconvenient. A few tips

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Troubleshooting Bernina 830 Record Tension Problems

Bernina sewing machines are seen as the top of the line sewing machines. Their finely tuned precision machines that one would think are trouble-free. But even the best machines have a few difficulties.Bernina

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How to Sew Elastic Band on Wig Easily (Frontal or Full Lace)

These days, wigs and hairpieces come in almost every style, length, color, and shade under the sun. The real difference between pieces, however, usually boils down to how they’re made, and what they’re

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Waist vs Hip: What is The Difference Between Waist and Hip?

If you don’t know your anatomy, then you might be in big trouble when it comes to sewing your clothes. Also, sewing for men might be a bit difficult as men have larger waists than women but smaller hips.What

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Finding Sewing Patterns for Big Busted Women: 7 Options

If the stores do not carry them then you have to make your own. Such is the life of the woman with large bust size. What that means is that plus-sized women need to be constantly on the prowl for sewing

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Hem Pleats: How to Shorten a Chiffon Pleated Skirt Easily

Size matters when it comes to fashion having the right length and other dimensions matter. Your look will depend on if you get the length just right. Even with chiffon pleats, the size matter and getting

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What is Tarlatan Fabric? (And What is Tartalan Used For)

Fabrics have different purposes. That is a good thing as you would not want to be wearing a sheer fabric shirt when trying to do some heavy welding. Tartalan has its unique uses that help make it a popular

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What is ITY Fabric and What to Make With It (Helpful Guide)

Helping you look your best! That is what fabric does well. It is more than just a covering. Good fabric makes sure that even out of shape bodies look better than they actually do. When you use good fabric

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What is an HA-1sp Needle? (Serger HA 1sp Needle Equivalent) 

When it comes to sewing, one of the most important tools you need is the needle. Using the wrong needle can have you spending more time sewing. The wrong needle can also ruin your sewing machine. Picking

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Vintage Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine: Review and History

Throughout the many years, different sewing machine manufacturers often made a variety of sewing machines under different brand names. The sad thing is you may miss out on a good machine because you have

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