Does Felt Stick to Felt? (What Does Felt Stick To + Tips)

Getting fabric to stay in place can be tricky at times. A lot of fabrics are not made like the old days and there will be different coatings and other ingredients that make them hard to stick together.

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How to Adjust Sewing Machine Settings (Quilting, Cotton…)

When you need to cut the tension in a room, you tell a joke. Usually, the joke helps and things return to normal. But when you need to cut the tension, or add to it, in sewing, there could be a problem.

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12 Shiny Fabric Names and Types (Helpful Guide and Tips)

They look good but they may be hard to work with as shiny fabrics can also be slippery materials. it will depend on the type of shiny fabric that you chose as to the degree of difficulty you will have

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Are Belts In Style? (11 Types of Men’s and Women’s Belts)

The term has many applications but generally when it is used it is referring to a fashion accessory that can make or break any outfit you own. Using the right belt and you can be seen as fashion-forward.

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Can You Shrink a Windbreaker? (How to Shrink a Windbreaker)

When the day isn't too cool and not too hot, light jackets are the perfect clothing item to wear, especially when you need pockets. These jackets add a nice casual touch to your look and you can do just

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How to Shrink a Shirt Without Washing It (Without a Dryer)

This can be a little tricky to do. The best tools for shrinking clothing are your washing machine and your dryer. But with the right alternative tools you may still get your nice shirts down a size or

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8 Types of Twilled Fabric and Names (Helpful Guide and Tips)

Twill is a widely used weave pattern. It is a style of weave and not a fabric type. Its weave is tight but it is still easy to maintain while remaining very durable. Another good aspect of this fabric

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Does Corduroy Shrink? (How to Shrink Corduroy Easily)

Corduroy has been around. While it is not sure where it was created or who created it, the material has had its uses over the generations. Yet, despite its long history its fame came late in the 20th century

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Reverse Stitch: How Do I Make My Sewing Machine Go in Reverse?

Cars do it all the time. Going in reverse can be a strategic move when you need to get to your destination. The same principle applies to sewing. Going in reverse makes sure your sewing destination is

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How to Remove Print From Cloth Bag (Canvas, Nylon, Leather)

The bags may be great, but the advertising on them may not be so welcome. The reason for that rejection is that not all printed items on bags are nice to look at. Some are tacky and use wild colors that

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