Tips To Build or Buy The Best Sewing Chair (Top 9 Chairs)

Chairs matter. When you are sewing by hand, you can make do with any comfortable chair. You just curl up with your sewing and relax as you work. But when you are spending a lot of time at your sewing machine, then you need a top quality sewing chair.

One tip to help you buy your next sewing chair is to go to your local used furniture store. Not only may they have a great sewing chair there for you, you may save a lot of money. New sewing chairs are not exactly cheap these days.

To learn about sewing chairs, just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need to know so you can find the best and most comfortable one for you and your sewing needs.

Top chair 1: Arrow Sewing Cabinets Sewing Chair - a full padded seat that provides you with rolling flexibility. You can move with ease as well as stay nice and comfortable. It may hold up to 250 pounds.

What is a Sewing Chair?


This is a simple question to answer. A good sewing chair is just about any chair that provides you with the support you need as you work. Plus, it can adjust to fit your sitting stature as well as make sure you can maneuver easily on its castor wheels.

In addition, it gives you lots of padding to make sure your body does not get sore as you work. You can find chairs made specifically for sewing or you can adapt an office or another chair to meet your sewing needs.

In other words, a sewing chair lets you keep your mind on what you are doing and does not add any more distractions. Everyone is going to have their own favorite sewing chair that works for them even if they are not classified as a sewing chair.

Why are Sewing Chairs So Expensive?

Sewing chairs can be expensive because they are a specialty item. While there are a lot of women who still sew, there may not be enough of them to make it worth manufacturing more to bring the price down.

Also, good sewing machine chairs are built to last. Once someone has a great chair to sit in while doing their sewing, it will be years before they think of getting a replacement. The market does not have enough traffic to warrant lowering the price of the sewing chair.

Then other factors like construction materials, labor costs and more influence the price of the chair. Then with so many chairs on the market that can be used as sewing chairs, the furniture stores just are not seeing the volume of sales they need to justify lowering the price.

Top chair 2: Lorell Adjustable Multi-Task Stool, Holds up to 250 pounds, has an adjustable back for better comfort and support. Also, it has a footstool to rest your legs and feet when they get tired.

What is The Best Sewing Chair?


The final determination of which sewing chair is the best will be up to you. What is good for one person may not be good for another. A lot will depend on your size, your sewing situation and a lot more. Just about every woman has their own favorite chair that they consider the best.

One of the best chairs at Amazon is the Boss Office Products Tiffany Fur Modern Office Chair. It comes with faux sherpa fur covering that contributes to your comfort. Also, it will hold about 275 pounds of weight and lets you adjust tension and height independently.

Plus, you can wash the top fur back support cover by undoing the zipper. Its chrome-finished metal legs are sturdy and durable as well as easy to move on the 5 castor wheels.

When you choose to use this chair as your sewing chair, you get good looks, style and a lot of comfort. We will be providing other chairs that may make your top best list throughout this article.

All women are not the same so it stands to reason that we provide a variety of chairs that would qualify as the best sewing chair around.

Top chair 3: AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair - A mesh back support makes sure you back breathes easier than ever. Plus, you get the standard castor wheels and height adjustment. Lumbar back support is there in the design and the chair can hold about 225 pounds at one time.

Where to Buy a Sewing Chair?

There are a lot of good places to buy a sewing chair. Amazon is one and they deliver to your doorstep. Then you can go to the big box stores, both the membership and non-membership types to find the right sewing chair for you.

Also, your local shopping mall and furniture stores may have a good selection for you to choose from. But in these options expect to pay high retail costs to bring a good sewing chair home.

If you are more thrifty and want to save some money, you can go to the used furniture or thrift stores. They may not have a wide selection of chairs, but their price is friendlier to your pocketbook.

A final place to look would be at a custom furniture shop that can build a chair specific to your needs and body type. This option may also be a little more expensive than some others.

Also, you should check the want ads as many people may have replaced their older sewing chairs with new ones and need to sell the older one to save on space at their homes. The one good thing about searching for a good sewing chair is that you have lots of places you can shop at till you find the right one for you.

Top chair 4: Flash Furniture Mid-Back Purple Task Chair - if you like purple this is the comfortable chair for you. The quilted styling should look good in your sewing room and you can get about 250 pounds on top of it.

Should a Sewing Chair Have Arms


This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many answers to it. First, if you can work without needing to rest your arms or you need to move your arms in such a way that armrests are hindering that movement, then you should not have armrests on your sewing chair.

But, if you have certain physical ailments that make it difficult to work without armrests, then you should have them on your sewing chair. Other physical conditions like pregnancy may also influence the answer to that question.

Then your personal preference will be an important influence as well. If you think armrests will get in your way, then do not use them. If they don’t get in your way, then you can have them on the sewing chair.

There is no firm rule or law requiring you to go either way. It is up to you to examine your sewing style and needs and then decide if you want to use armrests or not. You can use armrests to protect your back when you need to take a break and contemplate a sewing issue.

Top chair 5: Arrow Sewing Cabinet Black Sewing Notions Chair- the gingerbread scallop design will add a unique decorative touch to your sewing room. The chair itself is very nicely decorated as well and it holds about 250 pounds of weight.

Best Material For a Sewing Chair

There is probably a combination of materials that would be considered the best for a sewing chair. That is because certain materials have specific tasks to perform. For example, a good sewing chair with a mesh back support makes sure that your back stays comfortable while getting the support it needs. It can breathe and stay cooler with a mesh back support than other fabrics.

Then cotton is nice and comfortable and it makes for a good outer cover when you want comfort without looking like your in the lap of luxury. Cotton also comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you can decorate your sewing room with a great-looking chair.

Then if you like to have the look of luxury while you work, then leather is also one of the top contenders for the best title. It is durable, strong, and very comfortable. Plus, it adds a look of class and elegance to your sewing room.

In the end, the best material is the one you like the most. Some people may want muted colors, with a very durable fabric that is neither cotton nor leather. Others may want to express their colorful personalities so they look for that fabric that has the creative patterns that will meet that personality trait.

Top chair 6: GreenForest Office Task Desk Chair- This aqua turquoise colored chair is perfect for those that like unique colors. It comes with a slotted back for breathing and holds about 200 pounds with ease.

Best Type of Chair For Sewing


The best type of chair for sewing is the one that will keep you comfortable while letting you maneuver easily. Doing sewing is not always easy and you need a chair that will facilitate the unique movements your different sewing tasks require.

But if you really want to know a particular type, then we suggest you go with an armless sewing chair that has solid castor wheels on it. Plus, you want it to hold more than enough weight to make sure you can sew without worry.

The castor wheels should help you move from point A to point B and back again smoothly. Then the armless styling helps provide you with the room you need to make changes to your position easier.

The final characteristic you should look for is the padding. You do not want too much padding and you do not want too little. Too much makes it hard to sit comfortably and too little may not provide the comfort you want.

Then you find the one that fits your body type to a T. You need to be able to sit in the chair for hours without discomfort and this style will help you accomplish that goal.

Top chair 7: best Massage Office Chair- mesh seat and back support makes sure your body can breathe as you work. Plus, the bright pinkish color keeps you awake and alert as you sew. 5 castor wheels and height adjustment are two good included features.

Stool or Chair for Sewing?

This may depend on how much room you have for sewing. If you do not have a lot of room, then a good sewing a stool will help you save on space and let you maneuver freely. Plus, they are lightweight and not as expensive to buy as sewing chairs.

But if you need back support and a little more stability when you sew, a sewing chair should be the item you choose. Sewing chairs also provide great stability and let you move when you need to. Plus, if you get the ones with arm supports, you can relax for brief periods while you get ready for your next sewing task.

It will be up to your preference as what is good for one person may not be good for another. Your physical condition may also play a role in choosing between a sewing stool and a sewing chair.

Top chair 8: Urest Stool Chair- adjust the back support and the height with just a flick or a twist of the wrist. Then the 5 castor wheels and chrome-plated metal legs hold and move up to 300 pounds at one time.

Sewing Stool on Wheels


This option is for those who like to move as they work. The wheels and legs should hold enough weight to make that movement possible. Then the lack of arms on the stool should give you the freedom of movement you need when making difficult stitches or patterns.

One thing you should see if you can get or not is if one or more of the wheels are lockable. Not all caster wheels lock and this feature may be a very helpful benefit to you as you work. You do not want to slip just at that crucial time when the pattern or stitch is almost finished.

Also, you want to make sure that the seat of the stool has just the right amount of padding. Too little will make your sewing time very uncomfortable and too much will make it difficult to sit on.

Then you want to make sure the stool can hold a lot of weight. The more the merrier as that will let you concentrate on your sewing and not worrying about if the stool will break or not.

Top chair 9: Arrow 7000W Wood Sewing and Craft Chair - The oak construction materials provides your sewing room with a traditional and professional look. Then the back support is sturdy and very decorative, The chair should hold about 250 pounds without complaint.

Ideal Sewing Chair Height

Most sewing tables are designed to fit women measuring about 5’ 3” high. That makes their ideal sewing table height 28 inches. This means you need a chair that lets you meet that height comfortably.

If you are taller than 5’ 3”, then you will have to adapt the table and chair height to meet your stature. An adjustable-height sewing chair can solve this issue in most cases.

Now if a taller person and a shorter person are using the same table, adjust the table to meet the comfort zone of the taller person. Again, an adjustable chair will help the shorter person adapt to the height of the table.

Finding the ideal height is not always easy as women are like men. They come in all different height sizes. When you are comfortable and can sew well without hurting yourself, then you have found the ideal height for you.

Sewing Chair with Lumbar Support


The lumbar region of your back is very important. It pays to get a sewing chair that supports that region to make sure you do not have any back issues after sewing for along period of time.

One good sewing chair that provides lumbar support is the NEO CHAIR Office chair . Not only does it come with lumbar support, its ergonomic design helps your overall body get the support and comfort it needs to sew the day away.

Plus, its mesh back and seat allows your body to breathe even on a hot day. With height and tension adjustment, you should be able to find your comfort sweet spot in no time.

Finally, the castor wheels on the chrome-plated metal legs makes sure you can reach what you need to while you are busy sewing. The chair can ho0ld about 250 pounds while the legs and wheels are rated for 2500.

This is just one option when you are looking for a sewing chair with lumbar support.

Sewing Chair With Drawer

These are getting hard to come by as the modern design of sewing chairs are forgetting the usefulness of a drawer in a sewing chair. One model of sewing chair comes with a lift up sit but that is not as convenient as a drawer on the side of a chair.

With a drawer you can quickly reach down and grab the item you need without having to stop your work. Plus, the drawer stays shut keeping those important items secure.

We looked high and low but have not been able to find a modern sewing chair that comes with a drawer. Your best bet to find one would be at thrift stores, antique stores or garage sales. Even Amazon did not list any for sale.

Or you may have one custom-built for you. That is the best way to get everything you need in a sewing chair.

Sewing Chair With Wheels vs Sewing Chair Without Wheels


Sewing chairs without wheels can be very confidence building. You know you are not going to accidentally move at the wrong moment when you sit in a sewing chair without wheels. Plus, it may be easier to find that comfort sewing sweet spot when you use a chair that doesn‘t come with wheels.

Sewing chairs with wheels, on the other hand, can be quite useful. They allow you to move freely and get to another station quicker than pulling a chair behind you. In the end, it will depend on your personal preference and which style you like the most.

How to Build a Sewing Chair

The instructions you need to follow and the materials you need to use will depend on the style of chair you want to build. For a high back non-wheel sewing chair, here is a link to a page that will provide you with the instructions and materials list you will need to build your own chair.

Building your own sewing chair can be a smart move and it may be cheaper than going out and buying a brand new one. You can add special touches, like a drawer, to make sure you get what you want and need without paying more.

Then you will need a few building skills and a lot of patience as building your own chair will take some time to complete.

Some Final Words

Getting the right sewing chair for you should not be that difficult. There are a lot of options you can use to find that perfect sewing chair that will meet all your sewing needs.

With the many we have provided here, you should be able to select a good chair to use during your sewing time. Remember, the best chair is the one that fits you, meets your preferences and has everything you need built into it.

Also, you may have to go to antique stores, thrift shops or used furniture places to find that unique sewing chair that fits your sewing room perfectly. Happy hunting.

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