Can You Bleach Viscose? (How to Bleach Viscose Fabric)

Bleach is the chemical compound many people turn to when they have tough stains to remove. But bleach is not made for all fabrics if you use the chlorine variety. That bleach is too strong for some fabrics and safer alternatives need to be used.

Can you bleach Viscose? It is possible to bleach Viscose. One of the best ways to change the color of a Viscose clothing item is to bleach it white and then dye the item a darker color than it had previously. You have to be careful which bleach you use though.

To learn about bleaching Viscose just continue to read our article. It gets you the answers you need to know. Not all bleach varieties will work on rayon or Viscose. Sometimes you may need to use a good safe stain remover instead of bleach

Can You Use Bleach on Viscose?


There is a style of bleach on the market called Oxygen bleach that claims it is good to use on all fabrics. That claim would include Viscose clothing items but even with that promise, it is best to do a test first.

A test will help you determine if the bleach you use is safe to be applied to Viscose materials. The issue with bleach and Viscose is that the latter fabric cannot remain wet for a long period.

If it does, then the fibers can weaken and you will ruin your garment even during the bleaching process. Also, read the laundry tag the manufacturer places o all fabrics. If it says do not bleach then it is best to follow that instruction and omit the bleach.

It is okay to exclude bleach as there is some good stain removing products that will do the work bleach can do and get those clothes nice and clean.

How to Bleach Viscose Fabric


When using bleach it is best to get out of thinking of the product will remove stains or that yellowish color that can come over time. Bleaching Viscose is best done when you are trying to lighten a dark color or turn the fabric white.

Then when you bleach, you have to be careful not to overdo it as the bleach will ruin clothes if given enough time. The bleach should be diluted to the following - one part bleach to 4 or 5 parts water.

There are several methods you can use to bleach Viscose. The first is dip bleaching method and this only takes about 5 minutes depending on how much lighter you want the garment. It also requires the 1 part bleach to 5 parts water formula.

Submerge the item in the mixture and check it every minute for 5 minutes. Remember that the item will be lighter when it dries so don’t go to light in the process.

Another method is to spray the garment with a bleach and water mixture. This is done if you want to be creative and give your clothing a different and unique look. Make sure you put a piece of cardboard between the part of the fabric you want to bleach and the part you want to be left alone.

When you are bleaching Viscose or other fabrics it is important to stop the bleaching process. Just because you pull the fabric out of the mixture doe sit mean that bleaching as stopped. You should soak the garment in hydrogen peroxide and water for 10 minutes. That is 2 parts peroxide and 10 parts water.

Can You Bleach White Viscose?

Can-You-Bleach- White-Viscose

It is possible to bleach some Viscose fabrics white but not all of them. The most difficult color would be black. It doe snot bleach white according to the pros. It is possible to get black Viscose a lighter shade but you won’t get rid of all the black color.

Try dying the different light colors Viscose comes in and see if they bleach white. A good test will help you protect any fabric you want to change the color. One of the problems in dying a Viscose blend is that some bleach varieties will destroy fabrics like elastane, spandex, and so on.

You can always test Oxygen bleach to see if it protects the blended fabrics. It is hard to say for some people over bleach and ruin their clothes while others do not use enough. Just make sure to stay away from chlorine bleach as that is a fabric killer in many instances.

Can You Bleach Viscose Polyester?


When it comes to polyester blends many manufacturers recommend that you do not bleach the garments. The reason for this advice is that bleach does not react well when it touches polyester fibers.

Chlorine bleach will degrade the fibers and you end up with a very bad looking piece of clothing. There is a method using oxygen bleach that may work with a Viscose polyester blend.

  • Step 1 - You need to mix a 1/2 cup of oxygen powdered bleach with 1 gallon of water.
  • Step 2 - Soak the garment for an hour but if the stain remains, leave it soaking overnight.
  • Step 3 - Wash the garment in very hot water in your washing machine. Use very good laundry detergent and another cup of oxygen bleach.

Your garment should be stain-free after this process.

Some Final Words

When it comes to bleaching Viscose or any garment make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If those say do not bleach you are bleaching at your own risk and you are responsible for any damage to the clothing item.

If you are careful you should be able to bleach some Viscose fabrics white but the darker colors may be another story. Make sure to do some tests first before proceeding with any of the bleaching processes mentioned in this article.

Also, try not to over-bleach as you may ruin your garment.

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