Can You Return Fabric to JoAnns? (Walmart, Hobby Lobby…)

It's easy to make mistakes in the fabric world because many fabrics feel the same, look close to one another, and have a very good price on them. When you buy the wrong fabric it is good to know if you can return them or not. Correcting mistakes is a part of life and good life lessons

Can you return fabric to Joanns? Yes, you can return fabric but certain conditions may apply and each store will have its own unique return policy. Some return criteria will be similar but since each store is trying to outdo the other, you may get a break from time to time.

To learn more about returning fabric to the different stores, just continue to read our article. it gets to the facts so you do not have any confusion about how to return fabrics or if you can. Take a few minutes and get up to speed on this important issue.

Can You Return Fabric to Joanns?


Yes, you can return fabrics to Joann. It only makes good business sense to accept returns but Joanne’s will be like the other stores in this article and have its specific policies you need to follow. Here is the link to Joann’s web page discussing their return policy.

There are 2 main methods to return fabrics to Joann. The first is in the store and you should have the receipt with you when you go back to get a refund. When you are at the store, they will refund your money in the same manner as you made the payment.

Except for a Pay Pal purchase. In that situation, they will give you a gift card instead of sending the money to Pay Pal. The second main method is by mail and in this situation, the company will charge you an additional $7.95.

For bulk orders, they will not do returns or refunds and customized orders must be damaged during shipping or flawed when it left the warehouse.

Can I Return Fabric to Joann's Without a Receipt?

This is also possible but do not expect to get your full payment returned to you. When you do not have a receipt you will be refunded the lowest price it sold for and that is usually in the past 90 days.

The reason for this policy is that it is impossible to verify the exact amount you paid for the fabric, and what payment method you used. What Joann does with the returned fabric when it is brought back without a receipt, is label it as scrap and puts it in the scrap cart at a lower price.

Of course, the condition of the fabric is the prime concern and the company has restrictions on what the fabric looks like when it is brought back. Make sure not to have anything happen to it while it is in your care.

Joann Fabric Return Policy


The return policy is quite simple. and the company wants you to return to shop with them so they try to make it as hassle-free as possible. The link above will take you to their page dealing with returns and you should be familiar with the details if you want to get some money back.

The company is not using any confusing language and the return policy is very straight forward. if you want a full refund, make sure the fabric is not damaged and in the same shape as you bought it and have your correct receipt.

Make sure to read the words in Italic print at the bottom. Their rights as a store are mentioned there and tell you that there may be times you won’t be given a refund. If you are a well-known customer, exceptions may be made but that is risky for the employee friend helping you out.

How to Return Fabric at Joann

The best way is to follow the instruction on the return policy web page found on Joann’s web page. What the web page does not tell you is that you should have to fill out a return form and give all the details concerning the fabric and your purchase information.

That form is usually used when you are returning the fabric by mail. Make sure to mail the fabric and the return form to the official address of the company using a good mail option.

If you are going to return the fabric at the store, treat it like it was made of very fragile china. Make sure to have the receipt and fill out any forms the customer service department needs filling out.

Without your receipt, you will be given the lowest sale price over the previous 3 months as a refund. If you do not like that policy, you can always voice your opinion to the company’s administration.

Can You Return Fabric to Hobby Lobby?


Hobby Lobby has a fairly good return policy. Normally, with a receipt, you can return fabric within 90 days even if that fabric was on sale or a clearance item. What cannot be returned are custom framing items or final sale fabrics, etc.

If you do not have a receipt you will be given store credit for the merchandise and that will be at the lowest price in the previous 60 days. Make sure to have a valid photo i.d. on you when you do this.

Hobby Lobby also returns your money via the same method as you made payment. However, if you can wait ten days you will get cashback if you paid by check. It is possible to return fabric by mail and certain rules do apply.

Here is the link to the Hobby Lobby annotated return policy and on that web page is a link to the full return policy. If you want a second opinion, here is another link to a more detailed description.

Can You Return Fabric to Walmart?

Normally, you have 90 days to return fabrics to Wal-Mart with or without a receipt. But again certain conditions will apply. What we have not mentioned so far is that these return policies may be altered during the issues involved with Covid-19. You should contact the store in question and see what changes they have made.

In Walmart’s case, almost all stores have returned to their normal corporate return policy except for New Jersey at the time of this writing. You can return items by mail, even the ones bought in-store and the return will be made to the original purchase option.

Here is the link to Walmart’s return policy. they do have a form you need to fill out if you are doing it by online methods and mail. that form is not on this web page. Those forms are accessed through this link and look for the small print for the online purchase returns.

Does Walmart Return Cut Fabric?


As far as we can tell, Walmart is like any other retailer and they will not accept modified or cut fabrics. Or even if the person who bought the fabric and washed it first and lost volume due to shrinkage they cannot return the material.

For example, if the material shrunk 1/4 of a yard, there is no way for the store to regain that lost fabric. One reason for this strict policy is that people being people, will take advantage of the generosity and use a little in their project then return the rest for their money back.

Some stores may have signs in prominent locations clarifying in clear terminology that cut fabrics are not returnable. When you are at Walmart, look for those signs or ask a clerk about their policy before you make your purchase.

Remember it is not what you think that is important and it is not your money anymore. You gave it to the store and they are free to return it or not as they see fit and the law allows.

Can You Return Fabric to Michaels?

This store is a little different in its policy. Whether you bought your item in-store or through their online outlet, you can return those purchases by contacting the company and being sent a return label via e-mail.

The 1-800 number and full instructions are at this link. You have up to 180 days to make your return and it is best to do so with a receipt. Without a receipt you will need a photo i.d. that is current and that link has a list of acceptable forms of identification.

Michael’s does not make exchanges. and that policy is on that web page as well.

Can You Return Fabric to Spotlight?

When people buy fabric that looks good at the store, often change their mind when they get it home and take a second look. it is possible to return your fabric purchase at this company if the following criteria do not apply:

  • The fabric has been cut
  • They were clearance items
  • Bridal fabric
  • Sewing machines & overlockers
  • Cricut machines

Other than that you have 28-day window to make your return with this company. Plus, you need the original packaging, the receipt, original accessories, and instruction manuals are included, and the items are in the same condition as you purchased it.

Here is the link for this Australian and New Zealand fabric outlet and you can contact the store if you have any questions. Their contact numbers and information are found at the bottom of that page.

Can You Return Fabric to Ikea?


Again, yes you can but you should check your local stores to see if they are accepting any in-store business or returns. The company did modify its operation during the worst of the pandemic and you should double-check first before heading off to the store.

Like all other stores on this list, IKEA does have a web page detailing their return policy. They do not accept cut or modified fabrics along with other restrictions. At the bottom of their itemized list is the following statement--

“Updated 11/2/2020: IKEA U.S. will not be participating in the global IKEA Buy Back program at this time. Please hold on to, or find other ways to donate, sell, or recycle, your used IKEA furniture at this time.” Use this link to get more details.

It is best to make sure fabrics are not included in that policy. The store does allow for you to return items up to a year after purchase but again look for the restrictions governing that policy.

Fabricland Return Policy

This is a company where you have to check different web pages for the different countries this company operates stores. The link for Canada and the U.S. is here and you should get a pop-up asking you which region you are located in and in need of return help.

We checked the Western Canada region and there is a big message saying all sales are final no returns are made at this time. The same holds for the other 2 Canadian regions. We were denied access to the American option so we are not sure of its return policy.

The same response was also received from the UK website. The best we can say for those two country options is to check with your local Fabricland stores to see what kind of return policy is in effect at this time.

Some Final Words

Whether you bought the wrong color, fabric, or simply made a mistake, it is good to know that you can correct that fabric mistake at the leading fabric outlets. For local independent stores and mall department stores, you should ask them what their return policies are. Every store will have its unique regulations.

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