Best Fabric Shaver Alternative: Can You Use a Fabric Shaver?

Picking pills is not an easy task. It is tedious, boring, and sometimes hard to do. A good fabric shaver comes in handy but are they as good as people claim? It is hard to say but if you do not like those devices, there are some good alternatives.

If you do not like technology then you do have a good alternative to the fabric shaver. It is called the DeFuzz Comb and it works almost as fast as the fabric shaver. This comb can upgrade worn sweaters turning them into slightly used looking clothing items.

To get all the facts on fabric shavers and their alternatives just continue to read our article. It compiles those facts into an easy to read format so you can learn everything you need to know.

What Does a Fabric Shaver Do?

Its duty is a very simple one. It acts like a regular electric razor except it shaves the pills and loose threads off of your favorite clothing. They even look like real shavers with a nice blade cover over top a sharp blade or two.

These shavers can be easy to hold and run on battery power so you have complete freedom of movement. There are few controls so operation is not complicated nor difficult.

Also, these shavers should work with a variety of fabrics making sure your clothes look their best even when they are years old.

How Does a Fabric Shaver Work?


These are very simple devices to operate. Just push the power button, the direction depends on the model, and place the blade cover on your fabrics. Then with smooth arm motions go back and forth over your sweater, etc., and cut off any pills or loose threads.

These fabric shavers are one of the easiest devices you can use. They have few controls to worry about. They come in different styles so you can pick and choose which one fits your hand the best.

Generally, these devices are battery operated so there is a lot of freedom to move about.

Are Fabric Shavers Good Or Bad?

That is a depends question. They certainly are not bad when they work well and handle the duty assigned to them. Another point in their favor is that they are easy to use and handle a variety of fabric while saving you a lot of time.

Nothing is perfect and there is the possibility you will get a lemon. It happens and you simply just need to deal with it in the best way possible. There is nothing wrong with owning and operating one of these devices.

You just have to be careful how hard you press and if the blade is sharp enough or not.

Do Fabric Shavers Really Work?

For some people, these are great little machines that save them a ton of work while protecting them from the pain that comes from manually picking the pills off of sweaters and other fabrics.

Other people have had bad experiences with the models they picked up and have given some fairly bad reviews. Those you need to take with a grain of salt as those complaints may be embellished, overstated or they just got a bad machine.

Sometimes the complaints are real but those failures do not usually extend to every model of fabric shavers in the production line or industry.

Can You Use a Fabric Shaver On Cashmere?


There are models designed to handle any type of fabric you have in your closet. That means that your cashmere sweaters are not excluded from the fabric shaver’s services. But that general application doesn't apply to all models of fabric shavers.

It is best to read the label or instructions first to make sure the model you pick up does work on cashmere. That is the best way to know for sure. Then when you use it on your nice sweaters, etc., just be careful as you work.

Just because the box says it will work on that fabric doesn’t mean that other problems won’t arise and ruin your sweater.

Do Fabric Shavers Ruin Clothes?

Not necessarily. Usually ruined clothes happen because of operator error. The person using the device may not be paying attention and catches something that tears a hole in the fabric.

Or the blade may be dull and the owner does not change the blade. So it does appear that fabric shavers can ruin clothes but generally, it is not the total fault of the device. There will be instances where it is totally the shaver’s fault but these situations can be avoided by doing simple tests first.

Can You Use a Fabric Shaver On a Couch?

Like cashmere, you can use a fabric shaver on your aging couch. If the couch is made of fabric then the device should handle that chore with ease. A battery-powered model is probably going to be the best version you can use.

The reason for that suggestion is that the battery power offers you the freedom you need to thoroughly shave your couch. There is no need for speed when you are shaving your couch. Take your time and cut every square inch so your sofa can receive a nice makeover and look better than it has in years.

Fabric Shaver Alternative


There is no law stating you have to use a fabric shaver on your different fabrics. If you do not like technology you have plenty of alternatives to choose from. We mentioned the defuzing comb which does miracles to old sweaters, etc.

Then there is the lint brush, razor, sweater stone, and other viable alternatives. Those devices save you money and from buying lots of batteries. Plus, like the battery-powered fabric shavers, they provide you with a lot of freedom to move.

You can get hard to reach spots with ease. And without harming the fabrics. Check them out to see if they will work for you. They are good for RVs, and other remote locations.

Fabric Shaver vs Lint Roller

The main positive aspect that comes with using a fabric shaver over a lint brush is that it has no chemicals, glues, or other ingredients that can mess up your clothes or furniture.

2 negative issues that stand out with lint brushes is that the adhesive they have can pull the good fabric off your clothes, etc., along with the bad fibers. Then some of the glue may be pulled off the brush and get stuck in the fabric.

When that happens you have a new chore to take care of. In this head to head competition, the fabric shaver tops the lint brush just on those 2 negatives alone.

Fabric Shaver Or Razor

This may be a toss-up as the first device is almost exactly like the second one. They both use blades, they both can be battery operated and they both shave nice and close.

Also, neither device has any chemicals or glues that will make a mess of your fabrics. For that matter, they have no ingredients at all. Both are designed to be safe to use which means you should not hurt yourself using either device.

If you want to use a manual razor be careful. The sharp blade can cut your fabric quite easily. The fabric shaver wins this battle but ties in the previous one.

Fabric Shaver vs Sweater Stone


You already know a lot about the fabric shaver and what it can do. The sweater stone is a traditional device that uses hand power to get it to remove the pills from your fabrics. They are made for the specific purpose of making your clothes look good.

The good news is that like the fabric shaver it handles a variety of fabric made items. You are not going to lose out if you switch to the sweater stone to get the pills. It is an efficient way to work and yo do not have to worry about losing any battery power.

The only question is if you want to use this labor-intensive stone over the much easier to use fabric shaver.

Fabric Shaver vs Comb

The de-fuzzing comb is on par with the sweater stone as it is manually operated as well. Using it over the fabric shaver may take a little more time but in the end, the results you get may be better. That makes the extra effort worth it.

Again, if you prefer manual devices then the comb is a very good alternative to the fabric shaver. You have less hassle, fewer things to go wrong and you can use it anywhere at any time.

The convenience of the comb and the sweater stone gives them an edge over the fabric shaver. But the power of the fabric shaver saves you time so which one you use is up to you.

How to Make Fabric Shaver

There is no real DIY fabric shaver making projects available. But that doesn’t matter as you have plenty of alternatives to choose from. Unless you are really handy there is no sense trying to convert household items into fabric shavers.

The household items you can use without adaption are your basic straight razor or safety models that come with 2, 3, or 4 blades. These take work to use right as you have to be careful not to catch the fabric and rip it.

You can try a sharp knife but the same risk is present and you may cut yourself in the process.

How to Sharpen Fabric Shaver Blades


Since a fabric shaver is similar to an electric razor one of your best ways to sharpen the blades on the former device is to use toothpaste. It's not a hard product to use and you should use regular brands of toothpaste as they have the grit needed to sharpen those tiny blades.

All you do is clean the blade and its cover with a toothbrush. Then cover both with toothpaste and turn the shaver on. This scatters the toothpaste so that all of the blades or blade get sharpened at the same time.

Once that is done, and you only need to do this for a few minutes, clean the fabric shaver. Use warm water and get all the toothpaste out. Then add a drop of baby oil and you are done.

Who Makes The Best Fabric Shaver?

This will depend on who is using the fabric shaver and the type of results they get. But one recommended brand is GeMoor. It comes with a wide head and can be very durable. It is also fast charging.

Another rand would be Just-F-Care and it is a lightweight model that comes in different colors. Matching your color preference is important. Wonder lint shaver is another option and its lifetime guarantee makes it very attractive.

Then finally, there is the Ever Care fabric shaver. It is made for smaller hands and doe snot pack on the weight. The best one for you will be the one that provides you with the results you expected to see.

Where Can I Buy a Fabric Shaver?

There is no mystery where you can buy a fabric shaver. The best and most convenient location if you like convenience and internet shopping is Amazon. That marketplace has a wide variety of devices to look through.

Then there will be the big box stores like Target, Walmart, and so on. Their prices may be a bit cheaper than your local department store which will have some on hand for you to look at and possible test.

You can look at your national chain fabric and crafts stores. There should be a selection at each one of those locations. When you need to find a fabric shaver, you should be able to pick one up the next time you visit any of those locations.

These devices are made in the millions so they won’t run out.

What is a Good Fabric Shaver?


The better ones provide you with options, versatility, and flexibility. They are also easy on your hands and are comfortable to hold. Each one has its own unique design, for the most part, so you can find one that fits your hand and moves smoothly.

Ease of use is another factor to determine which one is a good device to use on your fabrics. When you have multi-fabric options, that is a sign of a good fabric shaver. Why buy more than one when one with all the options will do the trick.

Then your decision on which is the better fabric shaver will depend on your preference as well as your experience. Each person is different so a one size fits all device is not going to be the best for each individual.

Best Fabric Shaver for Couch

According to Amazon, you have 3 top choices if you are looking for a fabric shaver for your couch. The first one is made by A.W. Union and its small design is perfect for those people with smaller hand sizes.

Another good choice is the Bymore fabric shaver. Its best feature is its large shaving head. You cover more ground so you get done a lot faster. Then the third choice is the PopChose fabric shaver. It has a 60 minute run time and 6 blades.

Runner up is Anwenk fabric shaver. Not only does it have a 92-inch power cord, but it also helps remove cat scratches from your couch. These are just the tip of the iceberg. You may find another brand that works well for you. There are plenty of them out there.

Best Fabric Shaver for Clothes

If you thought you had a lot of good choices for the couch, the list of clothes is even longer. You won’t run out of fabric shavers for clothes, that is for sure. One is the Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver. This model comes with a height adjustment function to protect your clothes.

Then there is the House of Wonderful Wonder Lint Electric Fabric Shaver. The blades put into this device help set it apart from the others. Having good blades is vital for top results.

After those two there is the KOODER Multi-Functional Rechargeable Fabric Shaver. Its unique feature is the brush attachment. As you shave you can brush your fabrics at the same time. The brush is located on the pill trap.

Honorable mention goes to Fannyc Lint Remover. Its power cord takes the worry of running out of power away. It too has a large lint trap so it will pick up a lot of pills and lint while it does its job.

Best Fabric Shaver for Cashmere or Wool


Most fabric shavers will handle almost all fabrics you own. Even cashmere and wool are not left off their duty list. One that does stand out though is the Alwayslux EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver.

It comes with an easy to hold handle that helps you manipulate the blades. Then the cutting area is quite large, shaving some time off your chore. Then the blades are replaceable and the device has a very large pill trap to hold lots of lint and other items.

The BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover comes in a close second with all of its features. Plus, it should not rip or tear your expensive cashmere or wool clothing. Like any best-of list, it may be that you have found a great one we have not mentioned yet. All we can say is good for you.

How do You Use a Shaver On Clothes?

The operation of a fabric shaver is not difficult. The first thing you need to do is check the blade level. If it can adjust, change it so you protect your clothes at all times. Find a good level that takes away the pills, etc., without damaging your fabric.

The second thing to do is check to see if you have power. Plug-in models are not the problem here. It will be those pesky batteries as they lose power even when not in use.

Next, turn the device on and hold the blade level. It helps if your sweater, etc., is laying out flat on a level surface. Holding the blades parallel to the clothing helps prevent accidents from taking place

Then just use smooth arm motions and cover your sweater completely. Take your time as this chore is not without its share of risks.

Best Way to Use a Fabric Shaver (Phillips, Beautural, Vanish, Conair)

It may sound snide or condescending but it is not intended. The best way to use the listed devices is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Doing that helps you keep the warranty valid and reduce the hassle if the device develops a problem before the warranty has expired.

Then make sure you get one that fits your hand. You do not want to try and hold a large fabric shaver when your hands lean to the small side. The reverse is true as well. You do not want to hold a small shaver when your hands are too large.

Those situations make for a very uncomfortable shaving time and may lead to accidents. The more comfortable you are the better the shave your fabrics get.

Some Final Words

Fabric shavers may be a dime a dozen but they certainly help you preserve older clothing and make them look newer again. Finding the right one for you may take some time as there are plenty of options to look through.

Then you may be interested in the manual operated sweater stone or defuzz comb. They give great results without putting your clothes at some risk. How you handle pills and lint is up to you but make sure you go for the best.

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