12 Common Sewing Machine Repair Tools You Will Need

In the old days, most people did their repair work themselves and saved a lot of money. Having your own sewing machine repair tools in your home should have the same benefit for you.

A Singer sewing machine kit comes with all the tools you should need to repair just about any common sewing machine problem. It has 7 tools in the kit. Including 3 screwdrivers, an oil dropper, and brush.

Those are not the only sewing machine tools you may need. To find out more about sewing machine tools just continue to read our article. It has the names of the tools you may need someday.

Common Sewing Machine Repair Tools


The common sewing machine tools are just downsized common tools every handyman seems to have in his belt. Whether you are repairing a Singer or a serger these tools will always be in the repair kit you buy.

One of the most essential tools you need to have when repairing your sewing machine is the screwdriver. Now since all sewing machines do not come with just Phillips or flat head screws, you will need at least one of each.

To be on the safe side, you may need more than one because all screws are not necessarily positioned in the same way. Some may be deeper than others and require a longer screwdriver to get to them.

After the screwdrivers, you should have at least a double-headed lint brush. The one side of this tool should be a strong mini version of the wire type brush you use cleaning your deeper glasses and bottles.

The other side should be a soft brush like the one you use to marinate your turkey with butter. It is a soft bristle brush that sweeps away loos dirt and lint. Finally, you should have a pair of tweezers.

This tool picks up those hard to reach items the brushes cannot get, among other repair tasks. These are the basic tools you should have in your sewing cabinet drawer as they should save you a lot of money in the long run.

Sewing Machine Repair Tool Kit


One sewing repair tool kit that may come in handy is the Micro Vacuum Attachment kit. As you recall you should keep your sewing machine clean to avoid a lot of issues that may stop your sewing machine from functioning as it should.

This kit has attachments that work with your normal vacuum cleaner and comes with 7 different tools that should make cleaning your sewing machine very easy to do. You can see it at this link.

Another unique tool kit you can consider would be the Singer pro series multi-tool. It is not limited to being used just on Singer sewing machines. Its universal application allows you to use it on all brands when you do not have a lot of room for a lot of repair tools.

Inside this multi-tool, all in one sewing machine repair kit is a bobbin pick, lint brush, and needle inserter. That last one helps you replace broken or bent needles. Just click here to see it first hand.

Then there is this basic repair kit that helps you do those common repairs. It has all the tools you need inside. Not all sewing machine repairs take a lot of tools to get them repaired and having a basic set makes sure you can handle them without getting frustrated or annoyed.

To see this kit just click here. Finally, there is the SINGER Universal Machine Maintenance Kit. This kit comes with about 7 different tools you can use as well as a drop/wiping cloth to clean up oil or loose dirt etc.

The good thing about this kit is that it works on all sewing machines. To check it out all you have to do is click right here.

Sewing Machine Repair Gauges

When it comes to sewing any clothing item, there seems to be a myriad of gauges to help you get your measurements, lengths, and widths correct. These are all helpful tools but they do little in helping you repair your sewing machine.

They can double-check to make sure your repair went as it should but don’t depend on them for any repair work except for that duty. One gauge that will help you in your repair will be the timing tool.

Now manufacturers have sold one piece timing tools to authorized dealers only. They are not on the general market and one reason for that is they only work on a small number of machines.

There is a 2 piece timing tool that works on a variety of sewing machines except for sergers, blind stitch models and similar specialty sewing machines. It also has a 22-page instruction booklet to guide you in your use of that tool.

You can read all about this tool at this link. If you need to replace sewing machine gauges, then Amazon has a good supply and a good selection of those gauges for you. Just click here to find the one you need.

Sewing Machine Repair Screwdrivers


These sewing machine repair tools are very easy to get. And you should have more than one on hand because the screws inside your sewing machine will not have all the heads the same size.

The recommended length is about 12 inches. That size makes sure you can reach all the screws in your sewing machine without changing screwdrivers. The head size should include one small, one medium and one large size.

Having 3 different sizes makes sure you can undo all the screws. The medium-sized one will be most used in common repair situations. There is another set of tools that you will need.

They are not screwdrivers per se, but they basically take ou different shaped screws. The tool is called the Allen wrench and they are very handy and very needed. When you get a set, you should have a large variety of different sized Allen wrenches inside.

The more you have the better it is for you. This is the type of set we are talking about and that you should have. It comes with 30 different sized wrenches to make sure you have the size on hand that you need.

Professional Sewing Machine Repair Tools


If you are looking at making a lot of repairs through restoring an old sewing machine to its former luster, then you may want a professional sewing machine repair kit. These kits come with every tool for sewing machine repair and will make sure you have the right tool for any job that you have to fix.

The only drawback to getting one of these kits will be their cost. The one we are about to talk about will run you approx. $800 but it has everything you need, including a handy carrying case.

Inside this kit is a voltmeter, a set of pliers, 6 in all, all the Allen wrenches you need and a lot more. A crescent wrench is included as well as they are always a resourceful and good contributor to any repair situation.

Also, this kit has about 15 different long length screwdrivers to make sure no screw is out of your reach. You can take a look at it at this link. Amazon did not provide much help, in this case, no matter what search words we used.

Industrial Sewing Machine Repair Tools


One tool that has not been mentioned yet is also very essential to have whether you are doing repairs yourself on your home machine or an industrial model. That tool is a magnet.

There will be those times when your fingers just let go at the wrong time and the small sewing machine part bounces away into a very hard to reach and sometimes dark place.

Having a magnet on hand will save you a lot of time and trouble especially when dealing with industrial sewing machine parts. If you are looking for a good sewing machine kit that works on industrial sewing machines, we would recommend the previous kit.

It has all the tools you need and they should be heavy-duty enough to handle all repairs on industrial machines with ease. We looked at other repair kits that turned up in our search but they were designed more for electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and similar items.

If you are looking for a good screwdriver set, then the one at this link may be very handy to have when working on an industrial machine. It comes with a variety of screwdriver heads to make sure you can take any screw out that resides in your machine.

Also, it has a ratchet handle that makes twisting the screws fast and easy. They may not have a deep reach but they are very effective on those screws near the surface of your machine.

Best Tools for Sewing Machine Repair (product recommendations)

Here are some different individual repair tool kits that you can get. They can be combined together so you can create your own tool kit set and be prepared for any sewing machine repair.

1. REXBETI Hex Key Allen Wrench Set


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This is a 35 piece Allen wrench set that has just about every size you would need. Plus, it comes with an easy to use handle to make sure your hands do not get tired trying to twist the wrench in the direction you want to go in.

Made from heat-treated steel, these Allen wrenches should be tough, durable and handle just about any sewing machine repair with ease. Also, their length should help you reach those deep down out of the way Allen wrench screws making your repair very easy to get done. Read more

2. Craftsman Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set

Craftsman is a top brand name that knows quality. This 17 piece set comes with Craftsman quality and just about every length you would need. Their heat-treated blades make sure you have the toughest tools around to handle any sewing repair task.


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In addition to that, this set comes with both slotted and Phillips designed screwdrivers so you are not missing any vital tool. Their only drawback is that they are not magnetic. Read more

3. CRAFTSMAN Pliers, 6-Piece Mini Set


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This is not a large pliers set but you should not need large-sized pliers when working on a sewing machine. This set comes with 6 pliers that are dropped forged for strength.

The handles have a rubber texture so that they do not slip out of your grasp at the wrong moment. Their lifetime warranty makes them a very good investment. These pliers are small enough to work on circuit boards found in many modern sewing machines. Read more

4. Vibelite Magnetic Pickup Tool


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In this set, you get 2 telescoping magnets that can rotate 360 degrees. No matter where those tiny screws go, you should be able to reach them. On top of that, the included flashlight helps you find those screws when they drop into those dark places.

Made from aluminum, these lightweight magnets are shock and weatherproof. Their reach extends to 22 inches. Batteries are included so these are an unbox and play set of magnets. Read more

Some Final Words

Sewing machines break down. It is a fact of life even if they are top of the line Bernina models. Having your own sewing machine repair kit on hand may save you the cost of a service call. It will also save you the wear and tear of carrying it to your car and back.

Learning to fix basic sewing machines problems is a skill you should have. It will save you time and money if you have the right tools on hand. What has been listed above are the right tools.

These tools make any repair job a lot easier to get done. Building your own kit is the way to have only those tools that are needed.

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