Does Cotton-Linen Blend Wrinkle Less? (Blends That Don’t)

Those nasty wrinkles. When they show up on your face, all it means is that you are getting wiser. When they show up on your clothing, they say something else. To avoid having wrinkles appear on your clothes wear the right blends

Does cotton-linen blend wrinkle less? Yes, it does. The next question you need to ask, wrinkle less than what? Cotton linen blends wrinkle a lot less than a clothing item made out of pure linen. As does a linen rayon blend. Very few blends wrinkle less than pure linen.

To learn all about cotton-linen blends and the dreaded wrinkle factor, just continue to read our article. It has the information to help guide your use of linen and linen blends.

Does Linen Blend Wrinkle?


It is very hard to get a wrinkle-free clothing item when the linen fabric is used. Whether linen is used on its own or is blended with another fabric, wrinkles are still going to show up.

One way to stop linen from wrinkling as much is to put an underliner underneath the fabric but if you live in a hot region, it may make the dress too heavy to wear. The cotton-linen blend does wrinkle but not as much as a pure lien would.

Also, a rayon linen blend and a wool linen blend tend to wrinkle but not as much as a pure linen dress, pants or suit would. While pure linen presses easily you will have a problem if you keep pressing the same crease.

Too many presses tend to break the linen fabric threads and not look so good. Usually, this is a problem for collars and hems. Linen is not elastic and does not spring back into shape that well.

Does Linen-Cotton Blend Wrinkle Easily?


Both fabrics have a reputation for wrinkling easily. Cotton may not wrinkle as much as linen does but their saving grace is that those wrinkles can be ironed out very quickly and without too much trouble.

If you want to stop your linen blend outfit from wrinkling that is about as possible as breaking into Fort Knox with a screwdriver and a hammer. Sitting, walking and even crossing your legs will add wrinkles, even if you are careful

This is one of life’s little facts. When you wear linen, even in a blend, you are going to get wrinkles. What makes linen and a linen-cotton blend so popular to wear is that those fabrics are quite breathable and comfortable. They are also very light.

The key to wearing linen or a cotton-linen blend is to start your day with the dress or suit pressed. You are not going to stop the wrinkling but at least you can start your day outright.

Linen Blends That Don't Wrinkle


It is very difficult to find a linen blend that doe snot wrinkle. Usually, fabrics that wrinkle easily, like linen, are often blended with other easy to wrinkle fabrics. That combination doesn’t add more wrinkles to your clothes but helps to cut the wrinkles down.

A wool linen combination wrinkles a lot less than pure linen will. Also, cotton linen is another good pair of fabrics to blend when you want fewer wrinkles. Adding Lyocell, a form of rayon, to linen will help keep wrinkles away.

The key to combining fabrics is to stay away from the cheap linen fabric that is on the market. This inexpensive material wrinkles a lot and even combining it with other fabrics does not help stop the wrinkles from appearing.

There is a trick to keep linen blends from wrinkling when packed in your suitcase. Just mix a teaspoon of fabric softener in a spray bottle with water. Mix well then spray your clothes that wrinkle easily.

When you unpack those wrinkles are supposed to fall out. Plus, you have fresh smelling clothes.

Does Linen Polyester Blend Wrinkle?


Despite polyester’s reputation for being wrinkle-free combining it with linen and making a linen polyester blend does not stop the wrinkles from forming. The blend will wrinkle less but you will still need to deal with those wrinkles.

What polyester brings to the blend is the ability to protect colorfastness and helps the linen to wash better. Then depending on the type of polyester fabric blended with the linen, the former helps the latter soften up.

Another service polyester brings to linen is that it is stain resistant. This feature helps your linen blend look better longer. The polyester dries fast as well

Fun Facts For Linen

  • 1. Linen is made from natural resources. It comes from flax that is grown in Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • 2. Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. Women in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia worked with and wore linen clothing items
  • 3. Flax fibers found in the stem of the flax plant are extracted and spun into a long thread. After that, it is woven into a nice fabric.
  • 4. The natural colors of linen are gray, off white and yellow.
  • 5. Linen threads do not retain a lot of water or heat. This feature helps the linen to dry fast while keeping you nice and cool.
  • 6. Not only is linen a breathable fabric, but it is also one of the most durable fabrics around. It is hard to ruin its quality when washing it.

Some Final Words

Wrinkles are going to be a fact of clothing life when you work with linen or a linen blend. While the latter options help cut down wrinkles, they do not disappear from the fabric.

There is the possibility of removing more wrinkles by placing an underliner on your garment but that addition may make what you are wearing a little too heavy and hot for the weather.

Also, a good linen blend is recommended when you go traveling for the holidays. It is comfortable, cool and wears well. Don’t worry about the wrinkles.

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