Does Denim Breathe? (Wearing Denim in Summer Make You Sweat)

Remaining comfortable in hot weather is always important. You do not want to show up on a hot date or big meeting sweating profusely. To keep that embarrassment from taking place, wear lightweight fabrics so your body can breathe easily and not overheat.

Does Denim Breathe? Denim is a heavyweight fabric that is designed to be tough when the going gets rough. That means that it is not made to allow your body to breathe. If you wear denim in the summer chances are you will work up a sweat in the most embarrassing places.

To learn more about denim and its breathable nature or lack of it just continue to read our article. It provides you with the information you need to wear denim at the correct times. Cool summer evenings are a good opportunity to wear denim clothing.

Is Denim Breathable Fabric?


There are conflicting opinions on this question. One group of people feel that because denim is a heavyweight material that constricts the skin, it stops the body from breathing at all.

Another group of people say that since denim is made from cotton then it is a breathable fabric simply because most cotton fabrics are breathable. You can try and solve the debate yourself and wear your denim n the summer.

One option is to wear chambray, or fake denim, which provides you all the positive qualities of the fabric without the heavyweight. Unless you have really broken in your denim jeans it is advisable not to wear denim on a hot day.

When you wear denim on a hot day you may be a victim of the butt sweats. This condition can be embarrassing if you are not paying attention. Wearing chambray instead may help you get through the day without people thinking you had an accident.

Wearing a Denim Jacket in Hot Weather

This is possible as the majority of denim jackets are made to be worn in the Spring and Summer. The reason behind that thinking is that the denim fabric used to make denim jackets is often lighter in weight than the denim used to make jeans.

Staying warm on a cold day is another matter. You will have to look for those denim jackets that are made from thicker material and possibly have fur and other winter accessories sewed onto them. Not all denim jackets will keep you warm.

Even though it is lighter in weight than normal jean denim, the denim summer jackets can provide you with a good barrier from the summer wind. You can relax and enjoy the day without getting too cold or too warm.

Plus, you can use the jacket to help create the fashion look you want as well as give your personality a boost by looking flirty, down to earth, or just out to have fun.

Do Jeans Make You Sweat?


We would say that the jeans you wear are not the sole source of your sweating problem. When you sweat it is because of a combination of things and not just the pants you are wearing.

Yet, wearing a thick fabric like denim on a hot day may not be the smartest thing to do unless you are going to be hiking in the mountains, bike riding, or other activities where you need extra protection.

After all that, some jeans will contribute to your sweating at the wrong time. That is because most jeans are made from a thick denim material that constricts the body and hinders breathing.

While denim is made from cotton and cotton does breathe the thicker the fabric the fewer opportunities there are for the air to circulate or for heat to escape. To avoid sweating when you are not doing some sort of physical activity, wear a different pair of pants on hot summer days. Just to be on the safe side.

Does Denim Show Sweat?

Denim can show sweat stains. That is bad news. The good news is that the darker colors used for some denim pants and shirts are better at concealing those stains.

The cotton in denim will help absorb the sweat and if you go dark no one should know that you are nervous or have a sweating issue. Since denim is not a completely breathable fabric, you will face this problem from time to time.

The best way to put your mind at ease is to wear another lighter fabric if you are going to be in hot places for long periods. Butt sweat is real and it is not a great feeling when it takes place.

Or if you need to wear a lighter color denim material, bring a sweater along just in case. That way you are prepared in case those stains do show up.

Does Denim Absorb Heat?


Denim may absorb heat but this situation depends more on the color of the jeans than the fabric. Lighter colors do not absorb heat as much as darker colors do.

That means that if you are wearing light blue to almost white jeans then your clothing should not absorb as much heat as dark blue or black jeans would. Also, you do not want to put a heavier denim material on if you are going out when the heat of the sun is at its greatest.

Wear lighter denim material when those activities cannot be avoided. Lighter denim will also help your legs breathe a little bit easier. Of course, if your jeans are denim and synthetic blend then you can forget about getting any breathable factor as you go about your day.

You will get hot and most likely end up sweating. Always go light in color no matter what fabric you are wearing when it is summer.

Does Denim Absorb Water?

Yes, it can. It is made of cotton and absorbing water is one of the traits that cotton has. Not only does it absorb water, but denim will also absorb mud and sweat and if you are hiking that is not a good situation to be in.

When denim gets wet it takes a long time to dry and it can pull the heat from your body. When that happens you are at risk of contracting hypothermia. When you get wet, the water drops tend to cling to the fibers and fill up the space between those fibers.

That action creates the mess that puts you at risk of hypothermia if you are wearing your jeans in the mountains or some cold geographical location. This water-absorbing characteristic is great when you have a mess to clean up but not so great when you are wearing the denim material.

Can You Breathe Through Denim?


This subject may be a topic that has supporters on both sides of the issue. Some denim fabrics are not that breathable, especially when they are blended with synthetic fibers. If you are using denim to create your virus mask, then it will be hit and miss.

On the other hand, you may have more luck if you use lighter denim fabric to create your face mask. The thinner fabric should be easier to get air through as there s less material in your way.

When it comes to clothing, the same thinking applies. The thicker the denim and its fiber blend will determine how much your body will be able to breathe. Most likely, it will have a difficult time.

The lighter the fabric the better your body will be able to get rid of heat and feel more comfortable all day long.

Getting Rid Of That Yellow Stain

Yellow stains have a variety of sources and when they appear on your denim clothing, the latter item just does not look that great. Here are two tips to help get rid of that ugly yellow stain:

  • 1. Baking soda- wet your denim material, sprinkle some baking soda over the stain and then scrub the stain with a toothbrush. When that is done wash as normal. Repeat if necessary.
  • 2. Vinegar- mix 1 cup of vinegar with a bucket full of water. Make sure the water covers the material and soak for an hour. Then spray some vinegar onto the stain and wash normally. Repeat if the stain is not completely gone

Some Final Words

Denim jeans and jackets are very comfortable but they are not made from a perfect fabric. While the debate is ongoing it is possible that denim is not the perfect summer material to wear.

But if you insist on wearing denim throughout the hot day, choose a lighter color to avoid absorbing too much heat and a darker color to hide the sweat stains. Denim does present a fashion dilemma as thickness and color are never on the same side or so it seems.

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