Does Felt Stick to Felt? (What Does Felt Stick To + Tips)

Getting fabric to stay in place can be tricky at times. A lot of fabrics are not made like the old days and there will be different coatings and other ingredients that make them hard to stick together. You may have to hand wash the different fabrics to get those coatings off so they can stick to each other.

Does felt stick to felt? Felt seems to only stick to felt and if you can keep the felt to like-minded fabrics, it will stick even better. For example, wool felt sticks to wool felt better than acrylic felt and vice versa. For other fabrics, this may be a trial and error process.

To learn more about what felt sticks to and about felt itself, just continue to read our article. it has the information you need to know about so you can create great felt projects yourself.

Tip #1: Acrylic felt may be cheaper than wool felt but the latter is far more durable and of better quality. Remember, you get what you have paid for and cheap is not always the best option to go with.

Tip #2: It is difficult to cut felt when you want little pieces. Use freezer paper and cut those to the shape you want. Then iron them onto the felt you want to use and then make your cuts. The freezer paper will peel off easily from the felt.

Does Felt Stick to Felt Without Glue?

This will depend on the type of felt you are using. It seems that the modern styles of felt material have a lot of different coatings to them making them very slick. That texture makes it harder for felt to stick to felt.

Then wool felt will not stick too well to acrylic felt simply because the former has more loops than the latter. Wool felt sticks best when placed against other wool felt pieces. The good news is that the felt doesn't have to be made from 100% wool.

It can be as little as 20% and still give you that great stick you want. Acrylic felt is not enjoying a great reputation and if you can’t find wool felt, you should choose bamboo instead of the acrylic option. The acrylic felt may be too slick and not have enough loops to stick to much of anything.

Tip #3: When you are using glue to stick felt to other fabrics or surfaces, there is no real set drying time you need to look for. The glue you use should dry in the amount of time you are willing to wait patiently. Long or short drying time does not matter.

Will Felt Stick to Glue or Adhesive?


Some glues will work with felt materials. Super glue is good as is a nice tacky glue. Then fabric, hot and permanent glues should work as well. But some requirements need to be met.

First, the glue you use is determined by the surface you are attaching the felt to. You can cause a little damage to the fabric if you use the wrong glue style. Second, the glue you will use depends on its drying time, and third, the consistency of the adhesive is another influential factor.

The best glue option would be a tacky glue as that seems to adhere to both surfaces quite well. Keep in mind that the glue should be kid-friendly. By that, it is meant that the adhesive should not be toxic, nor hard to clean, and doesn't need to be heated to work.

Tip #4: When you are having your kids work with felt and glue, make sure to keep the glue non-toxic, and make it an easy to clean type of glue. Also, you do not want your kids to get burnt so stay away from hot glues.

What Glue Sticks Felt Together

There is no specific brand that will be better than any other brand when you are working with felt. It is not the brand name that is important but the type of glue inside the tube or bottle that counts. Here are some clues in selecting the right glue to work with:

1. Drying time - as has been mentioned there is no specific drying time that makes the glue better or worse. Pick the length of time you want to wait until the glue dries.

2. Kid-friendly - this has been mentioned previously as well. The glue should be easy to clean up, non-toxic, and doesn't need to be heated. Try to get the glue in a non-spillable bottle as well.

3. Its finished look - how the glue will dry is very important. If you do not want to see the adhesive when it dries, look for an invisible drying glue. Then you will not want a glue that stiffens the felt fabric.

4. Easy to use - you really do not want a glue that is complicated or difficult to use. That wastes time and can lead to messes you have to clean up. Make sure the glue is easy to use.

Tip #5: When you need to make precision holes or marks, use a good hole punch. This tool is great for when you need to make small marks only.

How do You Stick Felt to Felt?

Often the loops in the wool felt are enough to hold pieces of felt onto other larger pieces of felt for a short time. All you have to do is place the one-piece where you want it, then gently but firmly rub the felt to stick.

At least that is how the old-time felt used to be stuck on storyboards for children. But when you are making more permanent designs, it is best to use good glue. As long as the glue dries clear, you should have no problem sticking one piece of felt to another.

A good tacky glue is what you need and it seems that there are brands that actually place the words ‘tacky glue’ right on the label in a prominent place so you can see them easily.

Tip #6: When gluing felt together, you do not want to use a lot of adhesive at one time or in one spot. The excess will seep into the fabric and ultimately ruin the look of the item you are making. But do not use too little either as the lack of glue will not hold the felt in place.

What Sticks Best to Felt?


Felt does, then glue is next in line. When you place wool felt onto more wool felt the little loops in the fabric cling together forming a nice temporary bond that can be used and reused.

The only problem with attaching felt to felt without glue is that the newer versions may not have enough of those loops to do an effective job. You would have to look at the felt material first, before you buy, to see if those loops are in great quantity on the material you want to buy.

Another fuzzy material, like flannel, also sticks well to felt. The fuzzier the better and this means you may be able to use some fleece materials instead of the flannel. To determine the right amount of fuzziness, you will have to feel the different fabrics first.

Never buy without feeling the material as you may end up with some unusable fabric for that particular project.

Tip #7: When glue is not an option and a temporary hold is not what you need, then a good whip stitch will hold both pieces of felt together. You can use this stitch to apply some appliques to the felt as well.

Does Felt Stick to Flannel?

Yes, felt does stick to flannel and many great storyboards came with a flannel sheet to hold the felt pieces in place while the story was being told. But the key is not to use a flimsy or weak felt fabric.

The felt material needs to be stiff so that it will stick to the flannel material. Anything less than a stiff felt piece and your project will not work right. The flannel doesn't have to be stiff but you should hold it taut or have it held in place so that no wrinkles get in the way of the felt pieces.

The fuzzier the better when it comes to the flannel portion of your storyboard. Colors do not matter and you are free to choose the colors that will make your felt pieces stand out better on the flannel. Flannel and felt have been used for generations when it comes to storyboards, etc.

Tip #8: To get the right shape on the felt, it may be best to use a set of die cuts or die tools that come in different shapes and sizes. Their sharp edges should make cutting the material a lot easier and give you perfect designs.

Does Velcro Stick to Felt?

For Velcro to work right, it needs to be stuck to a fuzzy fabric. that means many fabrics will not work with Velcro and the closure will remain open unless you add another Velcro closure to the other side.

All this closure needs is another fuzzy material to stick to and felt will qualify. It is the fuzzy loops that make all the difference and fabrics like silk, etc. just do not have those loops.

Besides felt, Velcro will stick to velvet, microfibers, some knit fabrics, and fleece. Felt is just one of the favorite fabrics for Velcro. So, yes, Velcro will stick to felt as long as there are enough loops to the fabric to hold the Velcro closure in place.

Tip #9: It may be best and easier to hand sew felt when you are using thread to hold the pieces together. The only drawback to this method is the lack of consistency in the stitches.

Does Paper Stick to Felt?


In and of itself, the answer would be no. Paper lacks the loops felt needs to attach itself, at least temporarily, to the paper. the only way to get felt to really stick to paper would be to use an adhesive. But not just any adhesive will do.

Fabric glue would be best in this situation and that material was invented partially for this purpose. just make sure the felt material is clean and dry before you start working on this part of the project.

Once the glue has been applied, you may have to wait 24 hours before continuing the project. It is best to have some newspaper underneath the paper to keep your table clean.

Also, before you move the project make sure the glued paper did not stick to the newspaper. If there is glue reaching your hands or table, soap and water should be enough to get it off.

Does Felt Stick to Fleece?

It seems that if you want a more permanent hold, you will need a good glue to stick felt to fleece. The fuzzy nature of fleece may provide a temporary hold while you get ready to start gluing the materials together but that is about it.

Fabric glues come in different forms and one of the better forms to use when doing smaller felt pieces to fleece is a glue stick. Not just any glue stick but one that contains fabric glue.

This is another reason why fabric glue was invented. It holds materials together when you do not want to sew. You will always need something, either stitches, staples, glue, and so on to keep felt permanently in place.

What Sticks Felt to Wood

A good quality adhesive. You won’t be able to stitch the felt in place and nails or power staples are a very rough way to attach felt to wood. Nails and staples are the easy methods but they will not look that great and make cause some problems later on.

The best glue to use would be contact cement. A thin layer on the wood and one on the back of the felt then place the felt on the wood. Let dry for about 10 minutes and you are good to go.

The drawback with using contact cement is that you have to be just about perfect when laying the felt. There is little give or flexibility to contact cement so you really have to know what you are doing when using this adhesive. Watch out for the odor of the cement as it can be a bit lacking in fragrance.

Will PVA Glue Stick Felt to Wood?


Yes, it would as this type of glue is just a weaker form of the normal wood glue used to stick two pieces of wood together. Elmer’s glue is a PVA glue style and it will work for this task as well.

There are different strengths to this glue and you should pick the one that works the best for the type of wood you are sticking the felt to. Regular strength PVA glue is basically wood glue and that may be too strong for your project.

Using the right glue and the right amount will keep the felt from absorbing too much and then drying a different color, ruining your project’s look.

How to Stick Felt to Fabric

The method you use will depend a lot on the type of fabric you are working with. Plus, it will depend on if you want a temporary or permanent bond between the two. Sewing a few stitches will give you both a temporary and permanent bond if you want to go that route.

You can always cut the stitches if you want to make a change. This would be the easier of all options as once you use glue, you are stuck. Glue is another method and unless you use temporary fabric glue, you won’t get the fabrics apart if you want to make a change.

Make sure you have the placement right when using glue so you do not have to look at mistakes.

How to Stick Felt to Concrete

One method would be to use a two-stage epoxy adhesive. One part or stage would go on the wall and the other stage would go on the felt. Then you wait till the epoxy materials have become tacky enough and then place both sides together.

Silicone caulk may be another option but regular glues will not work. You would have to use a strong bonding agent to make sure the concrete and the felt do not come apart.

Concrete is tricky when it comes to adhesives and you may need an expert on adhesives that work with concrete to make sure you get the right material. Or you can try hot glue and melt the adhesive down and then place it on the concrete. Once the hot glue is in place, add the felt, and be careful as you have a little leeway here.

What are Felt Stickers?


Felt stickers are usually little pieces of felt that have had some form of adhesive placed on their wrong side. These stickers usually go on chair legs to help prevent scratching of the wood floor. Plus, they help keep the noise down.

There are other types of felt stickers and you can find a good selection of them at Amazon or your local craft store. They come in different shapes, sizes and have different amounts of adhesive on them.

These little stickers can be placed on a variety of different items including paper, fabrics, wood, and so on. How well they stick will depend on how well they were made and how much adhesive is on the back.

Where to Buy Felt Sticker

The first place to look would be Amazon. It sells just about anything and everything and we found a nice selection in our quick search. These stickers come in different sizes and there are some made especially for the holiday seasons.

Then you can check your local craft stores in the mall or wherever they may be in your town. There may be a nice selection and the owners may be helpful and order some in for you if they do not have what you want.

After that, you can go to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, and other major box stores and see what is on their shelves. Your local mall department stores may have some as well. Just look in the craft section, to start, to see if they have what you want.

How to Make a Felt Sticker

This is not a very difficult task to do. All you need is a pair of scissors or a set of die cuts and double-sided adhesive sheets. The first step would be to cut the shapes you want and get them ready for the adhesive sheets.

Once the felt shapes are ready, and you should iron them so that there are no wrinkles or other issues, you will have to cut the adhesive sheets into the same designs. Or you can place the felt shapes on a full shape and cut them out at that point.

Make sure to peel off only one side of the adhesive sheet to do this step. After you have cut and attached the adhesive, leave the other side of the backing on till you are ready to place those felt stickers where they are going to go.

Some Final Words

Attaching felt to different surfaces usually takes a good glue for a permanent bond. You can do temporary attachments but those may not always work well for the purpose you have in mind. Sewing may be the most time-consuming method you can use and it may not always be the best option you should use.

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