Does Tencel Lyocell Stretch? (Is Tencel Stretchy in Jeans)

Tencel is the brand name. That may confuse people when they are out looking for this fabric. The product made by this company is called Lyocell and it is supposed to be a sustainable material that provides comfort smoothness and versatility.

Does Tencel Lyocell stretch? Yes, Tencel does stretch. Funny that the official website for Tencel Lyocell does not mention stretch but one denim expert states that the jeans with the best stretch are the ones that have Lyocell blended in with the denim cotton.

To find out about the stretch Tencel Lyocell has, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to learn more about a fabric that is said to be revolutionizing the denim world. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to get up to speed.

Does Lyocell Stretch?


Yes, lyocell does stretch and the good thing about this nee fabric is that it can hold its original shape well after stretching. That means it bounces back to its original size very easily without creating drooping or bagging.

The one thing you need to be wary of is that this is not a miracle fabric and the amount of stretch you get will not match elastic, rubber, nylon, or spandex. It has some stretching qualities but not enough to compete with those fabrics.

The focus of Tencel Lyocell is for comfort and a smooth feel when you put it on your body. This is probably why stretch is not mentioned on the official Tencel Lyocell website. Stretch is not a priority with the company.

What is a priority is your health as the makers of this material give it anti-bacterial properties so you can feel peaceful when wearing the material or sleeping underneath it.

Is Tencel Stretchy in Jeans?


This remains to be seen as one jean expert says it does add an element of stretch to denim jeans while others do not talk about that characteristic at all. That person called Tencel Lyocell jeans the stretchiest jeans ever but in comparison to other jean products, that is not saying that much.

Cotton and denim will naturally stretch out of shape over time and use. What Tencel Lyocell does, and which most people talk about, is to help the denim spring back to its original shape and provide lots of comfort.

Plus, this fiber helps denim breath even better as well as regulate body temperatures along with helping the drape of denim. It also works to prevent wrinkles. Denim will stretch naturally so you may find that your Tencel lyocell jeans are bigger over time.

Are Tencel Sheets Stretchy?


It seems that Tencel lyocell sheets are like denim. They do not stretch that much, if at all, but they have those same qualities that make Tencel jeans so popular. One thing about this product is that it is a fairly recent discovery and little is still known about it.

What is known is that when turned into bed sheets you have very comfortable and soft bedding to sleep under. The material does not let you overheat, and it holds dye really well. This means you can change the color whenever you feel like it.

On top of those positive points, these sheets have antibacterial properties and are good for people with sensitive skin. A couple of drawbacks is that this material can shrink on you if you are not careful and is delicate when wet.

Does Tencel Stretch as You Wear It?


It may be possible but Tencel lyocell fibers are known to bounce back to their original size when not being stretched out by normal movements. No one, including the maker of this fabric, speaks on the stretchy nature of the material so it is hard to gauge how much they will stretch.

The properties this fabric have are:

- Comfort- this material is very comfortable, soft, lightweight & breathable.

- Durable- even though it can shrink on you it is made to be shrink resistant, strong, and long-lasting.

- Attractive- this fabric was created to be very pretty when you wear it. The fibers are very accepting of colorful dyes so you can make the material even more beautiful or match your personality.

- Easy to launder- the care of these fibers is still important but it is not as bad as other delicate fabrics on the market today. In other words, you can wash it with your washing machine.

- It is a natural fabric- made from wood pulp and chemicals, it has the attributes of nature in it.

How To Stretch Tencel Fabric


This fabric comes with about a 5% built-in stretchability so you may see some stretch over time or as you wear the item. But the fabric can also shrink on you if you do not care for it properly or something happened to its shrink resistance nature.

The best thing that can be said about stretching Tencel lyocell is that to get it stretched a little bit, all you should do is wet it slightly, not soaking wet, and pull on the places by hand that you want to make bigger.

As we have said earlier, no one talks about stretching this fabric as it is not supposed to shrink on you and it does not have as much stretch as some people imagine. It is not even supposed to lose its draping ability when you wash it.

Some Final Words

Tencel lyocell is being seen as some supernatural product that makes clothes better in almost every department except stretching. It is anti-bacterial, breathable, soft and when added to other fabrics, it enhances their feel and abilities.

Plus, it resists shrinking so you do not have to worry about stretching the material back to its original size. That is good news for busy people.

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