Does Viscose Wrinkle a Lot? (How To Unwrinkle Viscose Easily)

Those pesky wrinkles. Not only do they make your face show its age, but they can also wreak havoc on your overall appearance. Your clothes will look shabby, and you will give the impression that you are not a tidy person. Keeping wrinkles away helps you make the right impression.

Does Viscose wrinkle a lot? Viscose is a delicate fabricate. While it feels soft and luxurious, it does tend to wrinkle easily, just like cotton does. After the wrinkles set in, just use the silk setting on your iron and gently iron those wrinkles away.

To learn more about handling Viscose correctly and avoid wrinkles just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need to launder those Viscose garments and keep the wrinkles away

Is Viscose Wrinkle Resistant?


While there are different varieties of rayon that may resist wrinkles, Viscose is not one of those varieties. It is very easy for wrinkles to attach themselves to a Viscose made garment.

The reason for this is that the fibers creating the Viscose fabric are woven or knitted into place. That construction leaves them very vulnerable to different situations that can cause wrinkles.

That is why the labels for a majority of Viscose made items say to dry clean only. It is a very fragile fabric that does not handle the wash or heat very well. To store your Viscose clothes it is recommended that you use cotton clothes bags and avoid plastic bins.

Plastic bins have a habit of storing any moisture that finds its way inside. That issue allows for mildew to grow on your clothes. When storing Viscose clothing, the knitted version can be gently folded while the woven kind should remain on hangers.

Does Viscose Wrinkle a Lot?


The amount of wrinkling a Viscose article of clothing will depend a lot on the quality of the fabric that shirt, dress, etc., was constructed from. In general, Viscose will wrinkle just like cotton wrinkles.

One of the problems with cleaning Viscose clothing is that the action of the washing machine can damage the fibers and ruin your nice shirt, etc. That is why a lot of Viscose items are marked as dry clean only.

Using your dry cleaner is the best way to get the wrinkles out. It is a safe cleaning option and makes sure you look your best at all times. Hand washing is okay and is a nice method to avoid wrinkles if you do not use your dryer.

Hang dry Viscose made clothing or lay it on a flat object spreading the dress, or shirt out. Then use your iron if any wrinkles appear.

Does Viscose Wrinkle When Washed?


Yes, it can but wrinkles would probably be the last thing you would worry about if you put your Viscose clothing in a washing machine. The tumble and twisting action of the washing machine can do a lot of physical damage to the article of clothing.

But if you decide to use your washing machine anyways, place those Viscose clothing items in a mesh bag, use cold water, the gentle cycle, and the slowest spin possible. But do not use your dryer. Viscose is not that great when faced with high heat.

If you do the handwashing method it is recommended that you do not wring any Viscose clothing. Even that gentle action can harm your clothes and ruin them. To hand-wash you should use cold water and mild detergent. Let the clothes soak for about 30 minutes. Don’t forget to swish them around in the water first.

Then rinse under a faucet till the soap suds are gone. After that gently wring the excess water out and wrap the garment in a towel to absorb more water. Then place on a padded hanger and let it dry.

You may have to reshape the garment and that can be done by gently pulling the fabric in the direction you need it to stretch in. Just be careful not to leave the garment crumpled up at any stage of the cleaning process.

How do You Keep Viscose From Wrinkling


If you are sewing Viscose fabric, one way to prevent wrinkles is to add sizing before the garment is finished. This sizing helps the shirt or dress, etc., maintain its shape while discouraging wrinkles

Next, instead of buying or making a dress out of pure Viscose fabric buy a fabric blend that has a very tough to wrinkle characteristic to it. Polyester is one such fabric and that blend should keep wrinkles away, somewhat. Nothing is perfect of course.

A third option would be to buy Viscose that was made from a high wet module process. This is the strongest version of Viscose/rayon so it should keep wrinkles at bay for the most part.

Keep in mind that regular Viscose grows weaker the wetter it gets. So try to avoid wearing Viscose clothing items on those days you think the rain will come or you are doing a lot of activity in high temperatures.

How to de-Wrinkle Viscose

There are several steps you can take if you are going to use your iron to get rid of the wrinkles. The first step is to read the label. You need to know what cleaning instructions apply to the Viscose clothing you are trying to de-wrinkle.

Next, plug in your iron and place it on the synthetic setting. Or you can get away with the silk setting, just as long as your iron does not go above the medium heat level. Make sure to turn the steam setting off.

After that, turn the dress, shirt, etc., inside out and try to smooth out any wrinkles first with your hands. If you can’t turn it inside out, then lay an ironing cloth over the top of it.

Now you just ion normally pressing the wrinkles out as you go. Use long smooth strokes as that will help get rid of the wrinkles. Do not twist or turn the iron while still on the fabric. That will cause some damage if you are not careful.

After ironing, simply fold the garment or hang it in a cool dry place. Please remember not to use high heat on Viscose as you can scorch the fabric or melt it.

How to Unwrinkle Viscose Without Iron

There are many different methods you can try to unwrinkle Viscose and other clothing items. The only concern is that they may not all work on Viscose clothing items.

The following are great ideas for unwrinkling Viscose clothing and other fabrics without using your iron:

  • 1. Damp towel method - lay your Viscose shirt, etc., out on a flat surface. Then lay a towel over top. Once that is done, just use your hands to smooth out the wrinkles.
  • 2. Hang dry method - when the day is sunny, warm, and dry hang dry your Viscose clothing out in the sun. Then use a spray bottle and spray water over the wrinkled areas. Give your clothing about an hour to dry
  • 3. Cooking pot option - instead of using your iron, use your favorite cooking pot to run over your clothes and get the wrinkles out. Boil water in the pot first and then pour that water out. Use the bottom of the pot like you would an iron. Just make sure it is very clean when you use this method and do not have the pot too hot.
  • 4. Use a vinegar and water mixture - vinegar seems to be the go-to option when it comes to many cleaning issues. Just mix 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water and mist the clothing item. Then hang dry in the sun
  • 5. Try your blow dryer - all you have to do is moisten the wrinkled area and give short blasts of hot air hitting the dress, etc. Your wrinkles should disappear quickly. Just be careful of the heat setting when using this method on Viscose.
  • 6. A flat iron may work - it does a good job on different fabrics so it may work for your Viscose blouse and so on. Just do not set the heat too high and watch that you do not place the flat iron in one spot for too long.

Some Final Words

Viscose is a difficult fabric to get wrinkle-free. That is because it has so many weaknesses that one wrong move will ruin what you want to wear. It is okay to iron Viscose clothing as long as you are careful, do not use steam and keep the iron’s temperature below medium.

Avoid the washing machine at all costs. Even though you take special precautions and wash following the instructions the twisting action can still damage the fibers and ruin your good dress.

The best way to keep wrinkles away is to mist the clothing item and hang it in the sun for about an hour.

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