Easiest Sewing Patterns to Follow (Beginners, Dress, Books)

When you are a beginner or not good at sewing, it is nice to have a pattern that is easy to follow. Those simple patterns help develop technique as well as build up sewing confidence. That confidence will serve you well over the coming sewing years.

There are actually quite a few sewing patterns that are deemed to be the easiest ones to follow. McCall’s has one, New Look has a couple, then there is Kwik Sew which seems to be praised a lot for its easy to follow instructions.

To learn more about those easy to use sewing patterns just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you can spend more time using the right sewing pattern for your skill level. Using the easiest is not always a bad thing.

What are the Easiest Sewing Patterns to Follow?


There are a lot of brands out there that produce easy sewing patterns for you to follow. We named some of those brands but here are some more. Colette. Maria Denmark, Cutting Line Designs, and more.

Yet it isn’t just the brand of the pattern that will make them easy to follow. What those patterns are helping you to make is another factor in creating an easy pattern to follow.

Sewing projects like potholders, envelope back pillowcases, simple tote bags, grocery bag caddy, scarfs, and even hair scrunchies are all easy to make and should have easy patterns to follow.

If you pick a sewing project that does not contain zippers, buttons, buttonholes, and other difficult accessories, then those patterns will be easy to follow as well. They say that some aprons and no-frill skirts are the easiest sewing projects anyone can do.

Who Makes the Easiest Sewing Patterns?


The answer to that question will depend on your experience with different sewing patterns and the companies that make them. Some sewers prefer one company over another and while they do tend to agree with each other, they still have their different favorites.

Kwik Sew is one that is highly recommended for its thorough and easy to understand instructions. Simplicity and Burda also come with high praise. You will find that most of the pattern making companies will have a line of easy to use patterns.

One of the problems that many sewers have with the ‘easy to use’ patterns is that there are many skipped steps and the pattern maker assumes you already know how to do certain sewing techniques. When that happens they just tell you what to do and then move on.

Find those brands that do not do that and stick to them until you are ready to promote yourself to more difficult patterns.

What are the Easiest Sewing Patterns for Beginners?

In this section, we are not going to focus so much on the brand name. You already have those in earlier sections. The key for beginners is to find the right sewing project that will give them experience in sewing and help build their confidence.

So it is important to pick the right project, not just the brand that has the easiest patterns. There are a lot of sewing projects you can do that will be the easiest for any beginner to work on. The list is not limited to the following. Those are just suggestions to get you on the right track.

  • Tulle knit skirt
  • Aprons, no-frills
  • ​Baby receiving blanket, simple version
  • ​The Audrey Hepburn cape
  • ​Pocket Scarf
  • ​Pyjama pants
  • Cell phone charging station
  • ​Portable first aid kit
  • Pattern weights
  • Picnic blanket

There are lots of ideas you can try and find one that meets a need. That way you can kill two birds with one stone.

Beginner Sewing Patterns Books

If the patterns are not enough to help you get the information you need to learn how to sew better. Then you can turn to the many sewing books for beginners that line the different bookshop shelves.

Quite a few people have recommended that you go to the books first even before trying the easy to use patterns for beginners. Here is a list of titles you can choose from:

  • 1. Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing- the 1993 version
  • 2. Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp- easy to understand and very comprehensive
  • 3. The New Complete Guide to Sewing- step by step instructions
  • ​4. Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts- has basic techniques for everyone
  • ​5. School of Sewing: Learn It. Teach It. Sew Together- based on real teaching of beginners
  • ​6. Singer: The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing- seeing the photos help a lot
  • 7. The Sewing Book: Over 300 Step-By-Step Techniques- another step by step guide
  • ​8. The Sewing Book by Alison Smith- another comprehensive guide that you should benefit from for years
  • 9. Sew U by Wendy Mullin and Eviana Hartman- for beginners who want to use sergers and other new sewing tools
  • 10. The Dressmaker’s Technique Bible by Lorna Knight- a step by step guide limited to clothes making

Easiest Brand of Sewing Patterns


This is going to be hard to say and even harder to pinpoint. As we said earlier, each sewer has their favorite brand and find their line of easy to follow or easy to use patterns the best.

From our experience, you may want to start with Kwik Sew as their instructions seem to be second to none. But Burda is right up there giving that company a lot of competition. Then Cutting Lines is like getting free sewing lessons as you use their patterns.

One of the best techniques to use in this case is trial and error. While you may get great recommendations from experienced sewers, the brands they like may not work that well for you. You have to fit the pattern to your skill level and not the other way around.

Simple Sewing Pattern for Cushion Covers


Indoor or out, the technique of making cushion covers is the same. The only difference will come in the type of fabric and thread you will use making those cushions.

There are many different styles to choose from and you should know what kind of fabric you want to use before you get started. For patterns, you can check Amazon. They have one of the largest selections and their suggestions may give you even more creative ideas.

For other patterns, you can try this link as it has over 30 for you to choose from. Then it has more buttons if you want to look at different cushion cover patterns. Another place to try would be at this link.

Simple Sewing Pattern Cocoon Dress


Creating a cocoon dress for yourself is one great way to draw all the eyes in the room towards you. Plus, its flexible nature allows women of all body types to wear one. They are not that hard to make and should be an excellent sewing project for the majority of beginners.

Finding a pattern for one is not going to be that difficult and again, Amazon can be your go-to pattern store to find the right one for you. If you want an Amazon alternative you can click on this link.

Another option can be found here and here. As you can see there are lots of pattern options available to you. You do not have to be that perfect supermodel size to enjoy wearing a great cocoon dress you made yourself.

Simple Sewing Patterns for Tote Bags


Tote bags are one of the easiest and best patterns you can follow if you are a beginner. They are not difficult to make and they have a lot of straight lines that make it easy to sew.

Like the other two options in this article, the best patterns may be found at Amazon if you do not want to go out and brave the traffic. The internet is also full of tote bag patterns and the key is using the right fabric and thread.

One option is found at this location. Then if those patterns do not appeal to you, try the ones found at this link.

Some Final Words

Finding the easiest patters for beginners is not going to be that difficult. Brand name pattern makers do not exclude beginners from their lines of patterns. The only issue you may have is finding one that does not assume you know steps or skip vital steps.

Some brand names do exclude beginners from their pattern making lines and those are the brands you should avoid. Following easy patterns is not wrong as long as you move up when it is time to attempt more difficult patterns.

Build your confidence and create beautiful items while you do that. It is a great way to stay motivated for sewing.

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