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How to Wash Linen Shirt, Sheets, or Napkins Without Ruining It

Fabrics can be expensive. That is why you have to be careful throughout the cleaning process. If you make a mistake or are a bit careless you could ruin that nice linen tablecloth your favorite aunt gave

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Can You Bleach Linen? (How to Bleach Linen Without Ruining It)

Bleach cleans a multitude of sins. It is a powerful cleaning agent that makes old items look better. The chemical also kills germs and keeps your clothing nice and healthy. Yet it is not always safe to

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Does Viscose Wrinkle a Lot? (How To Unwrinkle Viscose Easily)

Those pesky wrinkles. Not only do they make your face show its age, but they can also wreak havoc on your overall appearance. Your clothes will look shabby, and you will give the impression that you are

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Does Fabric Glue Work on Leather? How to Glue Leather Guide

Leather is a game-changer. It upgrades your look, is very durable, and makes you look sophisticated as well as classy when worn in the right fashion style. It is hard to go wrong when you wear leather

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Finding The Best Fabric Softener for Your Needs (13 Uses)

Everyone wants the best. That way they know they are getting a top-quality product that produces top quality results. Getting the best fabric softener for yours and your family’s clothes is important.

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What Can I Use Instead of Fabric Softener? (6 Safe Options)

There used to be a time when there was no such thing as a fabric softener. That spared the people a lot of chemical additives and they led healthy lives. Now after years of fabric softener use, people

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Bengaline Fabric Care Instructions: 8 Tips and Helpful Guide

Getting clothing to last is all in how you take care of the fabric once they get dirty. Some fabrics respond well to machine washing and drying while others do not. Bengaline fabric is in the latter group

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Borax vs Clorox vs Clorox 2: Is Clorox and Borax The Same?

It is always a battle to get the dirt and grime out of fabrics. What one bleach does for one fabric may not be safe for another. It is all in the ingredients and there are some differences you should be

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Does Polyester Stretch? (How to Stretch Polyester Clothes)

A good stretch is always helpful. It pays to have clothes that will stretch with you and not lose their shape or integrity. That is why when doing sewing projects you need to consider the stretch factor.

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Does Nylon Shrink or Stretch? (How to Stretch Nylon Fabric)

The world of sewing and fabrics is a very interesting world to be involved with. Not just because you can use your creative talents and be innovative in your fashion designs. But because you have a large

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