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Is-Linen-Breathable-(Wearing-Linen-in-Hot Weather-Tips)

Is Linen Breathable? (Wearing Linen in Hot Weather Tips)

The hot weather is coming. That means you need to start searching for top quality clothes that breathe well in the heat. One thing you do not want is to meet clients or friends looking like you never wash

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Does Linen Pill? Tips to deal with Sheets, Couch, Clothes

All fabrics pill at some point. The only difference is that some do not pill as much as others do. The reason for that inequality usually is found in the type of weave the fabric has. A tighter weave usually

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How-to-Remove-Stains-From-Suede-Shoes-or-Fabric-(Salt, Oil)

How to Remove Stains From Suede Shoes or Fabric (Salt, Oil)

Stains are the bane of one’s fashion existence. Try as you might it seems that you cannot stop those stains from appearing and ruining your look. The good news is that stain removal can be done and not

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Can You Iron Linen? (How to Iron Linen Shirt, Curtain…)

When the weather gets hot and humid. You start to change your wardrobe. With each wardrobe change comes new ways to take care of those fabrics. Some materials require ironing while others do not. Some

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Can You Stretch Suede? (How to Stretch Suede Shoes Easily)

A little stretch comes in handy. Getting fabrics and shoes to fit just right takes a little stretch. Luckily many fabrics have that little give to them so that they stretch out and conform to your body.

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Can I Iron a Viscose Shirt? (How to Iron Viscose Safely)

Some fabrics need special care. The reason for that is they are not made like other fabrics and have certain weaknesses that will ruin their usefulness and look. Ironing can be one of those weaknesses

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Can You Stretch Viscose? (How to Stretch Viscose Fabric)

When fabrics shrink, the natural inclination is to try and stretch them. But not all fabrics are the same and you can ruin your favorite clothing items by trying to stretch non-stretchable fabrics. Make

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Do Viscose Sweaters Pill? (How to Stop Viscose From Pilling)

You have spent hours in the gym just to keep yourself looking young. All that effort and money can be wasted if you put a sweater that pills very easily. Pills make sweaters look old and worn, something

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Can You Dry Viscose in the Dryer? (How to Dry Viscose)

Friend or foe. Dryers seem to have split personalities. Some of the time they are great friends, like Dr. Jekyll, to you and your clothing fabrics. Then other times Mr. Hyde shows up and ruins just about

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Can You Bleach Viscose? (How to Bleach Viscose Fabric)

Bleach is the chemical compound many people turn to when they have tough stains to remove. But bleach is not made for all fabrics if you use the chlorine variety. That bleach is too strong for some fabrics

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