Can I Iron a Viscose Shirt? (How to Iron Viscose Safely)

Some fabrics need special care. The reason for that is they are not made like other fabrics and have certain weaknesses that will ruin their usefulness and look. Ironing can be one of those weaknesses when it is applied to certain fabrics.

Can I iron a Viscose shirt? Viscose does not react well to direct heat. That weakness makes ironing a Viscose shirt a little tricky. The way to get around this weakness and not ruin the shirt is to place an ironing cloth over the shirt and move the iron quickly.

To read more about ironing Viscose material and shirts just continue to read our article. It covers this topic quite well and leaves you knowing what to do when you find yourself in this tricky situation.

Is Viscose Iron-Free?

The quick answer is no. Viscose can wrinkle very easily and it is not always as easy to get those wrinkles out. The reason for that is that Viscose and high temperatures are not friends. If you iron too slowly you can leave iron marks on the shirt and ruin its look as well as your day.

The key to ironing is in reading the laundry label the manufacturer places on their garments. If it says do not iron then you proceed at your own risk or you do not iron and send the shirt to the dry cleaners.

Can You Iron Viscose?


Yes, you are allowed to iron Viscose clothing you just have to follow the rules to make sure the iron does not ruin what you want to wear. One of the best ways to iron these types of shirts is to remove it from the washer or the hand washtub before drying.

Then iron while the shirt is still damp. Make sure the iron is set to rayon or silk to get the right amount of heat applied to the clothing. On top of that, use a cotton cloth to keep direct heat off the shirt. Cover the viscose with the cloth before ironing.

What Happens If You Iron Viscose?

If you are not careful you could leave heat marks on the shirt which may not be as easy to remove as wrinkles. Make sure to move the iron quickly and lift the iron to check the condition of the shirt. Don’t slide the iron out of the way.

If you use too high of a temperature or use direct heat you can ruin the fibers and the shirt during the ironing part of cleaning. Viscose is very delicate and some cleaning labels may say do not iron on them.

How do You Iron Viscose Shirt or Blouse?


Very carefully. Viscose is not cotton or polyester so it is not a very strong fabric that takes heat very well. The best way to iron a viscose blouse or shirt is to make sure there is no direct heat applied to the clothing.

Viscose and heat do not mix and direct heat will ruin the fibers making you have to buy a new blouse or shirt to replace the one you just ruined. Also, you need to make sure the iron is not set at a high temperature. The silk setting on your iron should do the trick.

Can You Steam Iron Viscose?

Yes, you can steam viscose and the steam function on your iron is a very good tool to use to get rid of tough creases. The key is not to have that steam too hot. Also, you can use a steamer if you want.

A steamer will gently remove or relax wrinkles so you can get them out with your iron afterward. Move the iron quickly so that you do not leave any heat stains behind. Viscose doesn’t like a lot of heat so you have to be careful and concentrate on what you are doing to avoid making a fabric fatal mistake.

What Temperature Iron Viscose?


One thing is for sure, you do not want a high-temperature setting on your iron. Not only will that leave heat marks it may ruin your shirt or other viscose clothing. The best temperature to use is a medium heat level.

That way you can protect the shirt and still get the wrinkles out quickly. A lower heat should not extend your ironing time. Don’t let yourself get distracted and hold the iron in one place when ironing viscose clothing. That moment’s delay may not be good for the shirt or the blouse.

What Setting do You Iron Viscose?

There are two settings you can use other than using the cool iron setting. One is called the rayon setting and some irons may have that and some may not. The other setting most irons should have listed on it.

The silk setting is the best one to use and it is the equivalent of the rayon setting. Silk is easily damaged like Viscose so the settings are the same. Don’t forget to use a cloth cover when you iron viscose shirts, etc. The material does not like any direct heat and the cloth cover protects from direct iron heat.

What Should I Iron Viscose On?


It is okay to use your ironing board to iron your viscose material. It is flat and you can manipulate the shirt etc. To get to the part you need to iron. It is best to iron small patches at a time so you can avoid stretching the material.

If an ironing board is not handy, use your flat tabletop kitchen or dining room. Just make sure to lay down a cloth on the table to prevent the heat of the iron from damaging the finish.

How to Iron Viscose Dress

Another key to ironing viscose clothing items is to turn the dress inside out. This is done after you read the cleaning label that comes with the dress. If the label says do not iron then do not iron. You are just taking a bad risk if you continue.

Using your hands to smooth out any wrinkles in the dress is the rec9ommended action to take before using your iron. When you can turn the item inside out you can place your iron directly onto the fabric without any danger of harm.

Ironing Viscose Pants


It may not be possible to turn the pants inside out but if you can that is the best way to iron viscose pants. Like the dress, you can place the iron directly onto the fabric and get those wrinkles out quickly.

Plus, you should follow previous instructions of moving the iron quickly and do not use steam unless absolutely necessary. If you can’t turn the pants inside out then get a cotton cloth to lay over the pants and then iron.

Before you do all of that double-check to make sure your iron is set to rayon or a silk setting. It pays to be careful when working with viscose clothing items.

Viscose Iron Mark

This is one of the risks that come when you try to iron your viscose shirts, pants, blouses, or dresses. One way to get rid of these marks is to lift the item up and rub the shiny mark against the grain. This should restore the fibers.

Other options include rubbing vinegar on the shiny marks or use hydrogen peroxide. You dab the former after placing some of it on a clean cloth. For the latter solution just lay the cloth over the shiny mark and then iron over it. Repeat as necessary.

Or you can try rubbing the peroxide soaked cloth over the marks to see if that makes them disappear.

Ironing Viscose Fabric Tips

  • 1. Turn the fabric inside out. This removes the need for an ironing cloth to be laid over the top of the clothing.
  • 2. Moisten the fabric using a spray bottle and some water. A damp shirt is easier to iron than a dry one.
  • 3. Never go above medium heat or you risk damaging the clothes made from viscose.
  • 4. Always read the cleaning label before washing, drying, and ironing viscose clothing. Sometimes it is better to have the dry cleaners handle the workload.
  • 5. Move your iron in smooth steady strokes to avoid stretching or hurting the fabric.
  • 6. Let the fabric cool down before taking it off the ironing board. This protects against stretching.

Some Final Words

While Viscose is a delicate and tricky fabric to work with, it is possible to iron it. All you have to do is follow the rules and you should be fine. The key is to remember that viscose is not a strong fabric and cannot be treated like cotton or other fabrics.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be ironing viscose like a pro and you can forget about the dry cleaners.

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