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What is Tricotine Fabric? (Wool and Cotton Tricotine)

When it comes to sewing, you just never know what kind of fabric name or style you will run into. That is because sewing is very diverse and inclusive. Once you run into those strange fabric names it takes

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Peach Skin Fabric Uses (Sewing With Peachskin Fabric)

Not all fabric responds the way we would like. It seems that fabrics follow sewing machines in that no two are alike. What works for one fabric may not work for another because its composition is made

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Trilobal Fabric Characteristics: What is Trilobal Used For?

The design people make says something about them, their talents and their judgment. Embroidery is no different. From the use of patterns to the use of the right threads, what one creates says a lot about

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What is Hatchi Knit Fabric? (Where to Find It By The Yard)

You may be confused. One of the more difficult aspects of sewing is that there are so many different fabrics as well as the names of fabrics. You need a scorecard to keep all the names and types of fabrics

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What Is Silk Cady Fabric? (Characteristics + Helpful Guide)

One thing about modern fashion and fabric designers. They can get creative with the names of the fabrics they like. Often the term you hear is just one of many describing the same fabric and silk cady

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What Is the Difference Between Flannel and Flannelette

You need a scorecard to keep all the fabrics straight. Even with flannel, there seem to be multiple styles of material making hard to know which is which. Each variety of flannel does have its specific

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Tie Interfacing: What is the Best Interfacing For Bow Ties

When you are making unique clothing items that are not part of the current fad, you may have a little trouble finding all the fabrics you need. This is especially so when your sole supplier goes out of

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Why Does Fabric Say Do Not Use for Children’s Sleepwear?

Like sewing machines, not all fabrics are made the same. When it comes to children’s clothing you need to read the labels. Not all fabrics are good for all children’s activities. The problem comes

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5 Substitutes: What Can I Use Instead of Fabric Stabilizer?

There are body types that don't like stabilizers. Their skin is very sensitive to different materials and stabilizers just rub those skin types the wrong way. While fabric stabilizers provide support for

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Is Kettle Cloth Still Made? (What is Kettle Cloth)

Not all fabrics remain. Old-time fabrics were well known to be durable, long-lasting as well as very attractive. But as time passes, the old fabric favorites fall out of favor with the manufacturers because

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