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Does Cotton-Linen Blend Wrinkle Less? (Blends That Don’t)

Those nasty wrinkles. When they show up on your face, all it means is that you are getting wiser. When they show up on your clothing, they say something else. To avoid having wrinkles appear on your clothes

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6 Moderate Stretch Fabric Options for Your Sewing Project

You always need a good stretch. A good stretch is healthy for your body and muscles. It keeps you limber and makes it easier to move. Wearing a good stretch fabric is also good for you. Your fabric moves

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Best Fabric for Lining Dresses (Lining a Jersey Knit Dress)

If you’re new to making your own clothes, you’re probably wondering whether going to the effort of lining a dress is really worth it. Fabric for Lining Dresses 101 Do Dresses Need Linings?What Kind

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What is Tarlatan Fabric? (And What is Tartalan Used For)

Fabrics have different purposes. That is a good thing as you would not want to be wearing a sheer fabric shirt when trying to do some heavy welding. Tartalan has its unique uses that help make it a popular

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What is ITY Fabric and What to Make With It (Helpful Guide)

Helping you look your best! That is what fabric does well. It is more than just a covering. Good fabric makes sure that even out of shape bodies look better than they actually do. When you use good fabric

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What-is-Pocket-Lining-How -to-Fix-or-Mend-Pocket-Lining

What is Pocket Lining? (How to Fix or Mend Pocket Lining)

Pockets are not always given a lot of priority when sewing different clothing items. The reason for that is the pockets are hidden from view and do not usually add a lot to the fashion style of the shirt,

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Where Can I Buy Harley Davidson Fabric By The Yard?

Like Rolls Royce, the name Harley Davidson sparks vivid imagery in your head when you hear their name. The reason for that is that the Harley Davidson motorcycle has been seen as the ultimate brand for

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Different Types of Fleece: Blizzard vs Anti-pill vs Polar

Contrary to the name, fleece is a good fabric to wear and it is not cold as a blizzard. In fact, the fleece fabric can be quite warming, as it is used to make varieties of plaid shirts for winter use.

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Chiffon vs Voile: Difference Between Voile and Chiffon

Chiffon, voile, and, indeed, several other types of fabrics share many of the same qualities- so much so, it can be tricky to know whether that mystery fabric you bought for the discount rather than by

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InsulBrite – How to Use Instructions and Directions (8 Tips)

Flexibility is king. Having fabric that does not have a wrong side makes sewing a lot easier. Not only do you get your project completed faster, but you can also feel good that you did not make a mistake.

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