InsulBrite – How to Use Instructions and Directions (8 Tips)

Flexibility is king. Having fabric that does not have a wrong side makes sewing a lot easier. Not only do you get your project completed faster, but you can also feel good that you did not make a mistake. Easy fabrics to use make sewing more fun.

When sewing through the InsulBrite fabric, you want to go a bit slower than usual. It is a thick fabric to get the needle and thread through. Also, you may need to change needles often as the fabric tends to dull the needles rather quickly.

To learn more about Insul-Brite and how to use it, just continue to read our article. Getting the right information is the best way to make your sewing better and easier to do. This article has the right information.

Tip 1: You should use 2 layers of cotton with one layer of insulbrite. This helps absorb condensation but you can get away with using only 1 layer and have no heat issues.

Tip 2: The good news is that there is no right or wrong side to Insulbrite. You can use it either way shiny side or dull side out if you want.

How to Use InsulBrite Batting

One of the first ways to use insulbrite correctly is to remember that it is not heatproof. You can still get burned if the temperature of the pots, etc., you are holding gets too high. Insulbrite is heat resistant.

That means that if what you are trying to hold gets above 400 degrees, you need another layer of potholders to protect your hands. Also, while you may find that the potholders or gloves are a bit stiff, they will soften over time and a few washings.

Then pre-washing does not need to be done. This fabric does not shrink so the size you make your gloves or pot holders will be the size they remain throughout numerous washing attempts.

Tip 3: do not use insulbrite in the microwave. The two are not compatible and you may have a little trouble with both items if you do.

Which Way Does InsulBrite Go? (Which Side Up)


The good news is that it is either side that goes up. There is no right or wrong way to use insulbrite. Even though one side of the fabric may have one layer of batting and the other side has two, these differences do not indicate a good and a bad side.

Once you decide which side you want where, you should use one layer of cotton batting to absorb any condensation that may form on the pot holder, etc. Also, some instructions may say to place the Mylar away from the heat source.

If you follow that advice or ignore it, you have not committed a sewing sin. You are perfectly fine no matter which way you lay the insulbrite material.

Tip 4: It is made from 93 3/4% polyester and 6 1/4% of metalized polyester. Those properties are what make it a good fabric to use when you are trying to keep food hot, cold or protect your hands.

What Does InsulBrite Look Like?

The two materials used in creating this insulation fabric is regular polyester and metalized polyester. In its basic form, there should be a white color on both sides of the fabric.

One side will look shinier than the other which is a bit deceptive as it gives the appearance that one side is the right side and the other is the wrong side. As stated earlier, it does not matter which side you use where.

Although sewing the fabric may take some time, it is an easy material to work with. That is because you can lay it and forget about it. This characteristic saves you a little time and a little stress, allowing you to enjoy your sewing project a lot more.

Tip 5: Insulbrite reflects both hot and cold temperatures helping to keep your food hot in your cooler on cool days or remain cool on hot days.

Can You Microwave InsulBrite?


The basic answer is no you can’t. Of course that answer only applies to insulbrite that is made with metalized fabric. There are other companies out there that make their own version of this insulation fabric and they may not use metal in their construction process.

If that is the case, then you can use insulbrite in the microwave. But why chance it? Generally, metal fabrics are added to the material to make sure both hot and cold temperatures are kept away from your food items or your hands.

Just make sure to check the package to see what materials are used in constructing your brand of insulbrite. Or, it is always better to be safe than sorry and never put the fabric inside your microwave.

Tip 6: Insulbrite should not separate, bunch, shift, migrate or beard. It contains no glues or resins and it is very breathable. That makes this a good protective fabric to use.

Can You Wash InsulBrite?

Yes, you can wash Insul-Brtite. In fact, it is one of the more breathable fabrics out there. Washing should not break it down but it may help soften it up a bit. That characteristic helps make it easy on your hands without losing any of its protective nature.

Your hands should not feel the heat even after many washings. That is the kind of material you want protecting your food and your body. It's strong and retains its heat resistance for a very long time.

Tip 7: InsulBrite can come in a variety of styles. Some have the Mylar woven into its overall construction while other styles have it placed on one side only.

InsulBrite Substitute


One substitute for insulbrite may be thermal fleece. It is a bit different than some of the insulbrite products available. The Mylar is placed on one side while the fleece is placed on the other.

The instructions for this substitute is that the Mylar should be placed away from the heat source. So there may be a right and a wrong side. When you are using this thermal fleece substitute in clothing, you should have the Mylar positioned away from the body.

For curtain use, the Mylar faces the window in summer and away from the window in winter. In oven mitts or pot holders, place the Mylar facing the body. That should give you an idea of how to use all forms of insulbrite.

Tip 8: Insulbrite is available in a variety of sizes allowing you to choose how much you have around the house at any given time.

Insul Bright vs Insul Fleece

From what we can see, there is little difference between the two styles. But there are some differences. For example, insulbrite only uses 6 1/4% metalized polyester whereas Insul fleece uses about 20% of aluminum to create its heat resistant format.

Both need cotton batting to insulate it from the heat and the fleece will melt if too much heat is placed on top of it. But the fleece version may be softer and more flexible than the insulbrite version. You do not need a lot of washing to soften it up.

Where to Buy InsulBrite?


One place to buy insulbrite is through the warm company. They offer several different sizes on their website that you can choose from. Which one you buy will depend on your needs and use.

It is possible to get it in the 20 yards and 40 yards bolt size through that company. Or if you need a lot less, you can find insulbrite in 45” by 1-yard packs. If you want other locations to purchase insulbrite check with your local sewing supply stores.

InsulBrite by The Yard

Yes, you can by insulbrite by the yard and there are some economical options out there for you. If you need a lot of the fabric, then we suggest you purchase it by the bolt to give you enough fabric to handle your sewing projects.

Check the Warm Company’s website to see how they sell this fabric. You can get it delivered quickly. Or check Amazon and see the variety of lengths you can buy this top insulating fabric.

Some Final Words

Insulbrite is a good insulation fabric to use on many of your sewing projects. It reflects both hot and cold temperatures keeping you, your food and more safe. You can use it in clothing, curtains, pot holders and more places. Wherever you need some insulation help.

The good thing is that while stiff when you sew it, it will soften up after a few washes. Insulbrite is a good flexible product that has no right or wrong side to it. That fact alone makes it a good option for you.

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