Where Can I Buy Harley Davidson Fabric By The Yard?

Like Rolls Royce, the name Harley Davidson sparks vivid imagery in your head when you hear their name. The reason for that is that the Harley Davidson motorcycle has been seen as the ultimate brand for many decades.

Where can I buy Harley Davidson fabric by the yard? When you look around the internet a little bit, you will see that some Harley Davidson designs are readily available. One good place to get some fabric by the yard is eBay. There are different sellers auctioning off their supplies.

To find out more locations for Harley Davidson fabric just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need to get the fabric you want all the time.

Harley Davidson Quilt Fabric


The good news is that you can find Harley Davidson fabric if you search long enough. Amazon, eBay, and Etsy all seem to have some sizes and shapes so you can make a decent quilt out of their themes.

Not all the Harley Davidson items you will find will come in large sizes, or even by the price per yard criteria. Harley Davidson takes licensing very seriously so it is not always going to be easy or cheap to find what you are looking for.

What fabric you do pick up will depend on how you want your quilt to use. There is a wide selection of Harley Davidson motorcycles, flames and so on available at those different outlets.

Etsy does have some half yard fabric which goes for roughly $5 per half yard so you can pick up some good deals if you search hard enough. Your local sewing or fabric stores may have some on hand for you to look at. Or they may know where you can get some if they are out of stock.

Harley Davidson Fleece Fabric by The Yard


For fleece fabric with anything to do with Harley Davidson, you can try the Online Fabric Store but their selection is very limited and runs about $4.95 per yard. The Fabric.com store has a wider selection, some with motorcycles, to help you complete your sewing project.

This Amazon link has a little different fabric and selection than the one linked to above. It may be of some help to you and you should be able to get good delivery and customer service.

Unfortunately, much of the selection at a lot of those fabric outlets are mainly patches, logos, bandanas and so on. To get actual Harley Davidson fabric is not a simple task.

We did a search at their store and our results were not very favorable. At the risk of repeating ourselves, your best bet on finding the fabric you are looking for is at the outlets that have already been mentioned or your local fabric stores.

Harley Davidson is not very friendly towards those who use their logos etc.without proper authorization.

Harley Davidson Cotton Fabric


The same story applies to this section as well. There is just not much of Harley Davidson fabric, even cotton, that is available outside of the previously mentioned retailers.

The Harley Davidson store does sell cotton clothing items but they do not sell cotton fabric that can be turned into specialty clothing items. The best Alibaba can do is sell a cotton throw blanket at about $8- $10 per blanket but they have a minimum of 1000 piece sale.

We also checked Walmart but they had nothing substantial to offer anyone. Fabric.com has a good selection, as does Amazon but no other national fabric store seems to carry that item.

The only other place we can suggest would be your local fabric stores that do not have a great online presence. We can’t quote you the cost as their prices would probably range quite a bit depending on their location and if the supply is greater than the demand.

The Reason For This Difficulty


Part of the reason for the trouble locating more outlets for Harley Davidson fabric is that they are said to be very draconian in the protection of their trademark and symbols.

But this is the case for almost all major corporations that are very famous. Restaurants like McDonald’s and entertainment companies like Disney are well known for being as tough on their image use as Harley Davidson is.

This link goes back a few years but the discussion is as valid now as it was 10 years ago. Then when you click to get to page one, the top post reminds everyone that when you use these symbols, logos, and images you need a disclaimer to make sure you are treading on legal ground.

If you do not sell the items you make, then you may be okay and should not have any trouble. But as it stands, the internet is not filled with advertisements or search results from a myriad of companies.

Some Final Words

People love Harley Davidson so it stands to reason that they would like to make their own clothing or bedding items using the Harley Davidson name, images and so on. It is a nice idea but the reality is, it is a difficult task to fulfill.

One sewing forum member finally asked for help as she had been searching for years to find some Harley Davidson fabric by the yard for years. We checked just abut every link sent to her in that thread and either the companies had gone out of business or did not stock those items.

Your safest bet is going to be the few outlets we managed to find that actually had Harley Davidson fabric. Although that fabric is not by the yard, in most cases, you can stitch them together to make interesting items as long as you do not try to sell them in public places.

The disclaimer you need should say ‘for personal use only’ and then you might have some protection from Harley Davidson and their legal action.

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