6 Moderate Stretch Fabric Options for Your Sewing Project

You always need a good stretch. A good stretch is healthy for your body and muscles. It keeps you limber and makes it easier to move. Wearing a good stretch fabric is also good for you. Your fabric moves when you do give you more freedom and mobility.

Usually, the moderate stretch fabric range is between 25 to 30% but you may get away with calling up to 50% a moderate stretch. Nylon and Tricot fabrics would be classified as true moderate stretch fabrics.

To get more information on moderate stretch fabrics just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need to know so you can find the right moderate stretch fabric for your sewing project.

What is a Moderate Stretch Fabric?


To get a good moderate stretch fabric, you need to find cloth that is a blend of super-stretch knit and a stable knit. This combination makes it perfect for sportswear where you need the right amount of stretch every time you move.

When making a nice outfit out of a pattern calling for a moderate stretch fabric, it is essential to use the fabric named on the back of the pattern. That pattern was made specifically to work with the fabric it recommends.

The pattern calls for a specific amount of stretch and that fabric is the one that provides that amount. One piece of information that will help you in your sewing with stretch fabric is knowing the amount of stretch each fabric has.

This knowledge helps you modify those patterns bought in a store or if you want to create your patterns.

Moderate Stretch knit Fabric


There is a fairly large selection of moderate stretch knit fabrics to choose from. It just takes a little time to find the color and design that fits your sewing project. With the following list, you should be able to trim your search time down a little.

Here are some moderate stretch knit fabrics you can choose from. Some might be classified as light to medium.

  • 3×3 Rib Knit
  • Bamboo Jersey
  • ​Doubleknit Rayon Blend
  • ​Interlock twist jersey Double knit
  • ​Silk Mesh Knit
  • Silk Jersey

Also, knits stretch in 2 ways. There are the 2-way stretch and the 4 way. The former usually only stretches widthwise while the latter stretches both width and lengthwise.

Moderate Stretch knits


When working with moderate stretch knits, you shouldn't disrespect the fabric in any way. How you handle it, the sewing items you use and so on all play a role in how your clothing item works out.

First, the needles and pins you use play a very important role. The best needle to use when sewing with a moderate stretch knit would be a stretch or ballpoint needle. These items help part the fabric and do not leave holes.

A universal needle, on the other hand, will leave holes. A stretch-knit needle is also good when you are working on the hem of the clothing item. Also, ballpoint pins are the recommended pin to use.

Second, using the right thread is also a vital issue you must pay attention to. If you use a polyester thread, when you pull on the garment and stretch the fabric, the thread normally breaks. That is when you use a straight stitch.

The thread you want is a stretch thread that should move when the fabric does. It is also best to avoid a wooly nylon thread. While it may work, it does get tangled fairly easily.

Third, one piece of sewing equipment that has a great influence on how your knit fabric turns out is the walking foot. While not essential to use, it does help you produce better results.

The walking foot helps you to avoid stretching the fabric as you sew.

Finally, the stitch. The best one to use is, as you already, the zig-zag stitch. The "#2" is the best and most common. Then there is the #6 triple stitch but it may be a little complicated to use and needs some practice to master it.

The 11 super stretch stitch is also good and is essential in swimwear. You will probably need a little practice before attempting to use this option.

Medium Weight Moderate Stretch knit Fabric


One of the best medium-weight moderate stretch knit fabrics to use would be the ponte. It comes with a moderate cross-cut stretch that works well for some outfits and it is a very strong fabric that has a lot of stability to it.

Also, the ponte is made from polyester usually but it can be found in a polyester and spandex or a polyester and rayon blend. Made from these synthetic materials ponte has a great drape and a little weight to it.

Plus, it shouldn’t wrinkle or cling to your body. The fabric is also called ponte de Roma and it works for jackets, dresses, shirts, skirts, pants and structured garments. It has a lot of versatility and many uses.

Being made with polyester it should be stain-resistant and clean up well.

Some Final Words

When wanting to sew with stretch fabrics, the moderate version is sometimes the best. It doesn’t have too little stretch and it doesn’t have too much. This compromise should fit most of your activities.

The hardest part of your task will be deciding on the color and design you want your clothing project to have. Plus, the fabrics should be easy to work with if you use the right sewing equipment.

Making sure to use the right needle, pins, foot, thread, and stitch makes your sewing project go a little smoother. If you like sticking to firm divisions, a moderate stretch is found in the 25 to 30% range. Anything larger will have you in a different stretch class.

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